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All Comments from Non-Verified Accounts will be moderated

Hey All,

As SpoilerTV has grown over the years, like most sites, we get our fair share of Spam and Trolls and other generally unpleasant folk :)

We catch 99% of these but occasionally a few get through.

In order to improve the quality of the comments and to ensure that everyone's experience is a good one, we have today turned on extra levels of protection. The main part of this is that only Disqus Accounts with a verified email will be guaranteed to have their comments posted immediately. Non-Verified Accounts might see a delay in their comments being posted.

95% of people on SpoilerTV have already verified their accounts but there are still a few of you who have not.

Now, you don't need to Verify your email through Disqus, however if you do it will provide some benefits.

Why is verification important?

1) No impersonators - Verifying your email prevents others from using your email address when posting on sites using Disqus Comments.

2) Your comments won't get stuck - With a verified profile, your comments will be less likely to get stuck in moderation or in the spam filter.

3) Access to more sites - Many sites using Disqus Comments require a verified profile to comment. By verifying once, you'll be able to join more communities more quickly and more easily.

Note: All comments that contain links will now be moderated to protect our readers.

You can Verify your Email with Disqus here

As mentioned you don't need to do this, but if you don't your comments may get stuck in the moderation queue longer. Verified Accounts will have comments posted immediately.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate in asking below in the comments or you can contact Disqus directly here.

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