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Last Week in TV - Week of May 18 - Season Awards and Reviews - Mega Version

Note - I am taking a 3 week hiatus from Last Week in TV so the next column will be on June 23. At that time I will be adding a new section called Marathoned Shows. Some shows I plan on marathoning include Alias, Buffy, Burn Notice, Teen Wolf, Supernatural, Arrow, and Sleepy Hollow. I would also like to include Vikings, Chuck, Scandal, and Leverage. If you have any suggested shows to marathon, add them in the nominations box. One of my favorite thing about summer is finding new shows I missed the first time around. Also in this edition, I am handing out my overall awards for the 2013-2014, which is why this addition is so long. Please add your own TV awards for this season in the comments below and why you gave them. It's a great way to encourage people to try new shows. Until June 23, happy TV viewing!

Overall Awards (2013-2014 Edition):

Best New Show (Drama) / Most Anticipated - Sleepy Hollow

I don't even have to think about this one. Sleepy Hollow was the most dynamic, fun, fast-paced show of the season. In fact it ties for best drama period for me. I have never been more shocked by a revelation in TV as I was in that finale. Best thing is that the show doesn't take itself too seriously so it remains a fun ride for the audience. I cannot wait for the new season to begin.

Best Comedy - The Goldbergs

This was a golden year for comedy for me. Granted, many of my favorites were cancelled but I've never made so many comedies weekly viewing in my life. Of all these comedy gems, The Goldbergs wins the top prize for its consistent combination of laughs and heart. These characters grew on me more in 22 minutes than almost every drama I watched this year.

Best Recurring Show (Drama) - Teen Wolf

I will say it again, if you haven't checked this show out you need to. Don't let its terrible title or network deter you. Teen Wolf has always been swift moving from its pilot. However this season ramped everything up. From the Darach and Alphas energy to Dylan O'Brien's amazing performance as Dark Stiles, everything got better this season. Season 4 starts on June 23 so you have plenty of time to catch up.

Best New Summer Show (2013) - Graceland

Graceland had a rough beginning but unlike other summer shows with more recognition (cough Under the Dome cough) it steadily got better until I was anxiously awaiting the next episode. However, Graceland would win this award based on the twists alone. Just like Sleepy Hollow, things happened on Graceland that completely blew my mind. Plus the characters, for the most part, were incredibly well-developed for as few episodes as they had.

Best Episode / Best Exit - Community - Geothermal Escapism

It's hard when writing off a main character to do both the plot and the character justice. For a comedy it is even trickier. While I had my issues with Community this season, Geothermal Escapism sticks out in my mind as one of the best comedy episodes ever. It had all the laughter a comedy needed, but where it really soared where the great character scenes. I love how Abed uses a game to show love towards his friend and an unwillingness to let him go. Troy, on the other hand, gives Abed what he needs to move on. It is a beautiful episode about the power of friendship and a fitting goodbye to a beloved character. Kudos all around for doing such a brilliant, tough job.

Worst Network / Worst Cancellation (Drama/Comedy) - FOX - Almost Human and Enlisted

Shows get cancelled. I get that and I tend not to rail against the system too much because new shows take cancelled shows' places. Inevitably some of them become new favorites. That's TV natural selection. Still FOX totally screwed up Almost Human by airing the episodes out of order so there was no continuity or character development. In sci fi shows, even procedurals, the sequencing is vital and when audiences know something is strange, you've screwed up royally. To have Almost Human cancelled in favor of The Following is a double blow, since that show is still winning my Worst Renewed Drama of the Decade. Same thing goes for Enlisted, which never had a chance given that it debuted midseason on Fridays. Every show deserves a least shot. Plus FOX also aired these episodes out of order to make matters worse. We got an episode where Derrick tries to help out his girlfriend's son before the episode when he gets the girlfriend. Bad FOX, bad! I will miss the Hill brothers more than most characters this season. They made me laugh and encouraged my heart. At least we have the final 4 episodes to look forward to starting on June 1.

Best Action - Arrow and Agents of SHIELD

Let's face it. James Bamford is the best in the business when it comes to making action sequences dramatic, entertaining, and unique. How the man has not been nominated for an Emmy on Arrow is a complete mystery and points to the bias in the business. Even with only seeing the first ¾ of Arrow's season, Bamford has created memorable sequences. My favorite is the clock tower fight with Sarah, Oliver, and Quentin against the League of Assassins, but there are a surplus of great fight scenes to choose from. Still, nods have to be given to SHIELD as well on the strength of every single fight scene May is involved in. It's hard to believe the woman is in her 50's. She's flat out amazing and SHIELD does a great job of capitalizing on action scenes with her.

Best Character - The Blacklist - Reddington

No lie, The Blacklist frustrates me more than most shows. I hate its lack of answers, but there's no question that Reddington is fascinating. It's not all the acting, although this is James Spader at his finest. It's the way they have built the character so that it's hard to guess what he will do next. In most shows you can guess how the character will react in 98% of the situations they're in. Not so with Red. He's capable of great compassion while at the same time one of the most violent characters on TV. He's also the most manipulative. I am never quite sure what game he's playing but I know the scene will captivate me in the end.

Most Surprising - The 100 and Star-Crossed

On face value I should never have liked these shows. They were marketed poorly as teen fare with Star-Crossed having the added burden of everything showcasing the Romeo and Juliet love relationship. However, both ended up being smart, edgy, sociopolitical thrillers that went deeper than most fare on the CW. It's a step in the right direction by Mark Pedowitz. Now if they could only stop the fascination with silly love triangles on that network.

Biggest Disappointment (Drama) - Warehouse 13

More on this below in the recurring show section, but Warehouse 13 ended its series run with 6 episodes that can at best be considered poor and at worst a stain on the very legacy of the show. Instead of giving fans a great 6 episodes to tie together loose strings and send the show out on a high note, the writers decided to go for the outright bizarre and not in a good way. What a waste of 6 episodes! What a shame for a previously delightful show.

Biggest Disappointment (Comedy) - The Michael J. Fox Show

I fully admit that my upbringing in the 80's whetted my appetite for this show and caused my expectations to soar. Instead I got a very bland show with few laughs and nothing to make the characters stick out from any of the other bazillion shows that aired. I stuck around longer than I normally would because hey, that's Alex P. Keaton. Still even I couldn't withstand the general blasé feeling forever and dumped the show.

Least Expected Hit - Resurrection

Resurrection has a slow, staid pace that normally I would find boring. In one of the biggest shocks of the year, I was actually entranced by the mystery (instead of frustrated by a lack of answers - hmm, The Blacklist) and the characters. There's something about this small town being torn apart by the dead coming back to life that appeals to me. Maybe it's the way nothing about it feels campy. They might have been dead but there are no zombie references and the show respects its actors enough to let the pauses and facial expressions do the work instead of constant dialogue. One of the most powerful scenes of the season came when Henry broke down over a box of his dead son's things. No words but a lot said.

Best BBC Show - Orphan Black (2013)

I had to think about this one more than most because for the most part I really enjoyed The Musketeers and it's insane fun. In the end it was the affair between D'Artagnan and Constance that annoyed me so much that it tipped in Orphan Black's favor. (Note - I have not seen any of season 2 so this is strictly given to season 1.) While I occasionally have issues with Orphan Black's plot, the acting is superb with Tatiana Maslany leading the charge. In addition, the idea of clones and the genetics discussion has been fascinating. It's also done a great job of balancing new questions asked with old questions answered so that the show doesn't feel like it's collapsing under the weight of its own mythology. This is one of the few shows I have to make a concerted effort to find to watch but it's been worthwhile the entire time.

Best Costuming/Make-Up- Defiance

This show was runner-up for best new summer show, but what really sticks out is the elaborate costumes and make-up that sell this tale of a town trying to thrive with multiple species. I like how unique every character is and the costuming is a great physical representation of that.

Best New Addition to a Recurring Show - Teen Grimm (Grimm) and Rebecca (White Collar)

Sometimes shows get stale and it takes a fresh new story idea or character to re-energize them. That is the case of Grimm, where adding a younger Grimm has not only ramped up the action but has also given the main character something to do. Win all the way around. On White Collar, it wasn't that things were getting stale so much as the character was just really, really cool. I like Neal having a smart nemesis this time around and one who outconned him to boot. I hope both characters show up in the next season because they made their respective shows far more interesting.

Greatest Character Death - Helix - Daniel

Now I haven't seen the Person of Interest episode where Carter dies, so I understand that my mind might change afterwards. However, Daniel's death was such a sacrifice and freaking tragedy for the show's writing that it sticks out above the rest. The best thing about Helix has always been the complicated relationship between Daniel and his adoptive father, Hatake. To say they have baggage is a major understatement. However in the end, Daniel sacrifices himself to keep his father from having to make an impossible decision. The best character on the show (and the only one who actually seemed competent at his job) left on his own terms, but man am I sad to see him go.

Worst Plot Device - Arrow

Arrow's season 2 had its fair share of the absolutely ludicrous. Moira's whole storyline is a great case in point. However, the most blatantly ridiculous thing they ever did was turn the show into a freaking episode of Maury Povitch. Having Malcolm return was bad enough. Seriously, is there any sci fi show were the dead will actually stay dead? It's become as clichéd and boring as love triangles. But then they had to top it by making Thea his child. The amount of wrong in this is staggering and it killed all the enjoyment I had for the show. Worst showrunner decision of the year. (Well until I see what joys Jeremy Carver brought to season 9 of Supernatural.)

Best Historical Drama - TURN

To be honest, as a history buff, I usually find historical dramas to be ludicrous or dull. It's a shame since there is so much out there to mine for stories. That's why TURN has been a relief. It's an actual story, not just a fictionalized documentary, but it still feels true to its time period. It's not about gratuitous sex or violence like Black Sails, but it doesn't shy away from the horrors of the time either. Plus I am learning new things every episode. Since I love spy dramas as well, TURN is a great combination of intrigue and historical relevance.

Best Characters in an Otherwise Terrible Show - Once Upon a Time in Wonderland - Red Queen and Knave

Wonderland was much of the time a suckfest for me. I hated the two main heroes and their sappy true love speeches. Still I watched every single episode based on the power of the Knave and Red Queen to steal and save every scene they were in. I have not wished for a spin-off show with secondary character more since Leverage ended. I'm not about to follow the Knave into that hot mess called Once Upon a Time, but if they do any other spin-off shows I hope he's included and he brings his love with him. They have more character and charisma together than both casts combined.

Worst Show (Drama) - Dracula

Of all the drek I watched this season, Dracula wins hands-down for the worst drama. Even the hideous bore Mind Games, where every single character yelled their lines, made more sense than this anachronistic mess. Dracula went from a cool horror character to a boring businessman, whose ranting against big business made zero sense for the time period. In fact the only thing that made sense for the time period in the entire show was the setting, which was pretty impressive.

Worst Pilot (Drama) - Black Box

Narrowly beating Killer Women, Black Box had the absolute worst writing of any pilot I've ever had the misfortune to watch. It's heavy handed preachiness wearied by the first 10 minutes. The character talking in a baby voice to all of her patients undermined the whole message that the mentally insane are adults too and should be treated as such. Add in an assortment of some of the least pleasant characters ever to be thrown together in a pilot and it's no wonder people turned it off.

Worst Pilot (Comedy and Possibly of All Time) - Mixology

Talk about a cast of unredeemable, awful characters. I was only 10 minutes into the Mixology pilot when I felt an overwhelming need to take a shower. These characters were downright repulsive. Given that the entire series was supposed to take place with these characters in this night, the idea of watching anymore than22 minutes made me nauseous.

Nominated / New Shows:

Nominated Show: Chuck - 1.10 - Chuck vs. the Nemesis

I already watched all of season 1 of Chuck and part of season 2 a few years back during the Best Show contest, so I kind of remember this episode. Mostly because of Matt Bomer to be honest. I also remember liking Chuck, but it seeped down lower in my to-watch list until it disappeared from memory. It's kind of nice to get re-acquainted with the show now. Since I adore Matt Bomer on White Collar, it's a little weird seeing him this young but he's always a plus. I like the complicated relationship he has with Chuck and the revelations he gives later to Chuck about why he did what he did. Still the best reason to watch this show is because it doesn't take itself too seriously, which allows the audience to have fun with it as well. I know when I watch Chuck I'm going to laugh throughout. This one is even better because it has that great action scene as well. So, Chuck rises higher on my summer watch list and I hope this time I will actually get to the rest of it.

Grade: B+
Ranking: 4

Best Scene - Buy More fight

Best Quote - Big Mike: "No, I'm talking about Black Friday, people. The biggest shopping day of the year. When regular housewives transform into a crazy mob, blinded by door prizes, sales, and the urge to get the Christmas shopping done early."

Best Reason to Watch - the show doesn't take itself too seriously and that's exactly why it is so much fun

Best Action - Sarah and Bryce tandem fighting while Casey lays down cover fire

Best Action (non-gun) - Big Mike clears the counter like a Dukes of Hazard car slide and tries to stop the mass exodus, while Morgan tries to save Anna from being trampled

Best Code Word - Pineapple

Funniest Moment - Bryce and Chuck speak Klingon

Best Stash - Casey has automatic weapons stored under the showroom table at the Buy More

Biggest Surprise - Bryce (meaning Matt Bomer) was back, which made my day the first time around

Best Cameo - Campbell from Burn Notice. Yeah, that's only a cameo for me. For everyone else, he's random fire guy #3. Love him.

The "This is NOT a Good Idea" Award - Who decided to give Morgan a bullhorn? Not smart.

Hokiest Dialogue - Sarah: "Why shouldn't I arrest you right now?" Bryce: "Because I'm not a rogue spy, because Intersect was a mission, because Sarah you're still in love with me."

Best Speech - Morgan to Jeff and Lester

New Show - Gang Related - 1.01 - Pilot

This is TV's version of a summer blockbuster. It's got all the action, explosions, and moral ambiguity that Hollywood strives for when's school's out. It's also likely to be hampered by the same issues. It seems unlikely that a gang task force would not be monitoring gang activity on a constant basis. How no one knows of Ryan's relationship with the Acosta family is a bit strange, especially if he shows up at family BBQ's. Still the idea of an undercover drug agent instead of an undercover cop is novel and I look forward to seeing where this goes. I will give it 3 episodes before I decide if it goes on the summer to-watch list. Here's hoping there will be someone in the show I can root for, although that doesn't seem the point

Grade: B
Ranking: 4

Best Scene - Ryan is revealed to be a plant from a gang

Best Reason to Watch - All the action. It's like watching a war movie.

Biggest Shock - Ryan gives Carlos up to a rival gang, instead of having him be his biggest nemesis in future episodes.

The "Now That's What I Call an Opener" Award - After the flashback we get a heist, landmine explosion, and enough gunfire to make my heart race. Nice!

The "Who are the Good Guys Again" Award - I'm not sure I can root for a guilt by association targeting. It's bound to catch up people whose biggest crime is being born into the wrong family. Planting evidence and torture are not usually the tactics I root for either.

Biggest Psycho (1990's) - Carlos Acosta, who breaks a kid's arm for no good reason

The "Warning Please" Award - If you are going to make homemade tattoos with a blowtorch, please let me know so I can leave the room. Thanks!

The "You Did NOT Just Go There" Award - a police officer tasers a guy in his privates

The "Points for Guts, None for Brains" Award - Ryan takes on Carlos even though he's badly outnumbered

The "Does This Job Come with Health Insurance?" Award - Gang banger doesn't seem to be the best plan when it comes to safety.

Most Cocky - Tanner, who keeps scores of how everyone on the Gang Task Force is doing. I foresee pride and a fall. Wow, that was fast. 7 minutes later and you're dead.

Worst Sign - Burn Notice's Brennen is playing Internal Affairs. If he's supposed to be a good guy, I'm in trouble because he's always played the most loathsome of characters.

Most Fun - Cassius with his music and his long-lost love

The "Say What?" Award - The cop is actually a double agent for the gang? That's a switch. Unless he's a double, double agent and then my head is going to hurt.

The "Yeah, I'm Not Buying This" Award - Javier is the newer, kinder drug lord/mafia boss? Hmm.

The "Seriously?" Award - Even a drama about gangs and double agents has a love triangle? Give me a break.

Biggest Sacrilege - Hiding the murder weapon in the Bible. Not good. Not good.

Weekly Shows:

TURN - 1.07 / 1.08- Mercy Moment Murder Measure / Challenge

1.07: Taking a break from the spy business, TURN got far more personal this episode. Basically it came down to a love triangle between the crazy. It's actually the first time this year that I enjoyed the fall out of a love triangle, mostly because Simcoe cracked me up and Abraham surprised me. Seriously buddy if you miss the first shot by a country mile, you really should not insist on a second go-around. Do you have a death wish? I will say that the speeches were excellent this time around, and generally I prefer action to speechifying. Mary's plea to release Selah Strong in order to save her own marriage was touching, whereas Judge Woodhull brought the truth home by reminding Abraham of his son and ironically, his job as a spy. Even Anna's speech to Simcoe was moving in the way she played right to his pride and hope. All in all, this episode didn't move much of anything forward but it was a satisfying piece of TV. Plus next week looks like things are heating up again. Bonus points to Ensign Baker, who may be the smartest, most honorable man on the whole show.

1.08: I decided at the last minute to review this one a week early because there will be no Last Week in TV for the next 2 weeks. Kill everything about the Abraham and Anna affair and this was a great episode. The standoff between Ben and Rogers was particularly engrossing and I love how Caleb was smart enough to know it was a trap. Things are getting more intense and someone important most surely has to die soon. Here's hoping it's Simcoe, although there's no way it will be. Here's hoping even more that this show will get a second season because it's one of the best paced shows on air right now.

Grade: B-

Best Scene - the duel / Abraham tells the story of his brother's death

Best Quote - Abraham: "Emergency?" Baker: "Isn't that what you'd call it?" /

Best Reason to Watch - Abraham vs. Simcoe / Ben vs. Rogers

Best Reason to Fast Forward - Anna and Abraham

Best Save - Ensign Baker keeps Simcoe from beating Abraham

Best Interaction - Ben and Caleb

Biggest Douche - Simcoe / Rogers

Best Reveal - Abraham started the riot that killed his brother

The "I Think You Might be Crazy" Award - How Simcoe got that Anna wanted him to avenge her honor instead of that she wanted him to leave her alone, I have no idea. Insanity is the only explanation.

Worst Surprise - Abraham wakes up to see Caleb sitting next to him, ready to train him in code work

Most Disgusting - Party where everyone drinks until they puke and then drink some more / prison ship delousing and general conditions

Best Plea - The Judge tells Abraham that he can't just think about himself. If he dies in the duel, it will have consequences for his son too. / Mary asks the judge to release Selah Strong so that she can get Abraham's attention back

Best Moment - Everyone's joy that Abigail's gift to her son has come, including the British soldier who delivered it

The "Die Already" Award - every story needs its villain, but this one has plenty. Simcoe needs to die or at least be transferred to another part of the story. He was fine as a snarky captive.

Best History - The Star-Spangled Banner as an English drinking song

The "Doesn't Anyone Else Think This is a Trap?" Award - Caleb merrily heads to pick up Ben's brother in prisoner exchange. Perhaps people were more honorable back then but this screams trap to me.

Biggest Hmmm - Why would you have a duel where one person gets to shoot first and then the other shoots second? If the first person hits, then there's really no second. This is very bizarre.

Worst Plan - Anna goes undercover as a prostitute.

24: LAD - 9.04 - (2-3 pm)

One of the best compliments I can give to any show is that I didn't notice the time going by. That's exactly what happened with this episode. I was on the edge of my seat for nearly the entire time and was actually shocked when it ended so soon. The stakes are now higher for everyone. Between the phone call with President Heller and Momma Terrorist having her own daughter's finger removed, the adrenaline was pumping throughout. I am so glad that I gave this show a shot after dumping 24 years ago.

Grade: A

Best Scene - How to choose? I guess when Kate drops in on Jack from the ceiling and says she believes him. I'm glad someone finally does.

Best Quote - Heller: "To be honest with you Jack, I never thought I'd have to hear your voice again. I liked it that way."

Best Reason to Watch - constant action and all the little climaxes in plot

Smartest Move - President Heller demands to talk directly to Jack to figure out what's going on. First good move by anyone in the series. Then he follows it up with the dumbest move, but hey, he started well.

The "I Smell Double Cross" Award - My reigning theory is that Adrian is involved in the drone program as well and that is why he wanted Jack to be caught

The "No, I Don't Think You Understand" Award - Chloe, it's not over. He still has 20+ hours left and he's Jack Bauer.

The "This Won't End Well" Award - Naveed plans to flee but there's no way his wife is really going to run off with him. She's been trained too well by Momma Terrorist.

Best Turn Around - President Heller takes a very hostile crowd and gets them to applaud for him at the end. That must have been one heck of a speech.

Worst Mother Ever - Margot has her goons cut off her daughter's finger to convince her husband to fly the drones

Warehouse 13 - 5.06 - Endless

The more I watch this episode, the more disappointed I am. This may be the worst series finale, when the writers knew it was ending, I've ever seen. I dropped LOST and never watched The Sopranos, Newhart, or St. Elsewhere so I realize there is stiff competition to the title. Still there's no excuse for this paltry season as a whole, which damaged my overall feelings toward the show. The plot contained everything the writers wanted as a pet project but didn't get to do in previous seasons, causing the entire season to feel rushed, illogical, and overly packed. I get that they only had 6 episodes, probably more than the writers did. That's why they should have simplified instead of made this season a tribute to writer fan fic. It was like someone said, "Hey you all get to do that 1 episode you really wanted to tell and you have 15 minutes in which to do it." That's not a successful plan and not worthy of the Warehouse 13 legacy. Far better to keep Paracelsus as the Big Bad (even as much as I adore Mark Sheppard) and let it carry through all 6 episodes, culminating with his defeat. Better yet, have Paracelsus and Valda work together so we get both Anthony Stewart Head and Mark Sheppard. Win-win all the way around. It would help story cohesiveness and could incorporate the Claire saga left hanging last season. Instead we got Paracelsus is defeated in one episode so he didn't feel threatening at all, a second episode that completely sucked out loud, wacky Ren Faire and telenovela shenanigans, Valda rising to power and defeated in the same episode in the most contrived manner, and an emoangsty clip show. Sadly, I wish Warehouse 13 had ended at season 4 when it could still go out on top.

Grade: D (and that's generous)

Best Scene - Artie breaks down while talking to the warehouse and it refreshes him and gives
him an apple

Best Awww Scene / Best Character Interaction - Artie tells Claudia that it's okay to be a little selfish and be your own self

Best Quote - Pete: "Okay I've got an idea. How about instead of sitting around the mystical table of kumbaya, we do something crazy like, I don't know, stop it from moving, right?"

Best Reason to Watch - It's the finale. If you need a reason, it's not worth watching.

Most Surprising Cameo - Lena

Best Tagline - Endless Wonder

Best Action - Ninja cat burglar kung fu fighting

Most Way Out There - Steve's heart epiphany

Biggest Shock - Artie has a son

Funniest Scene - the entire cast tap dancing to 42nd Street

The "I Wish I Were You" Award - Steve, who gets to see a lot of great warehouse moments we don't get to see. Not fair! He even got to see Mr. Frederic.

Bittersweet Moment - all of them shouting, "Best job ever."

The "You've Thought Too Much on This" Award - Steve knows exactly which one of the Munsters each of them are

Best Surprise - Kipling was a Warehouse agent as well

Biggest Hypocrite - Artie

The "What the Heck?" Award - the flash forward at the end that pretty much negates much of what happens in the episode

The "Say What?" Award - With all the times that Claudia has said that she wants to be caretaker, how did Steve not call her out for lying if she really did not want to be one? He seems as surprised as everyone else. This makes very little sense and in light of the flash forward, it serves no purpose except to get Artie to reveal his son. Foul on that play.

Playing House - 1.05 - Drumline

Usually it is Emma being the crazy one and Maggie doling out good advice. It's nice to see such a complete role reversal here. This is one of the best portrayed female friendships on TV and it is a refreshing change. Plus it makes me laugh. What more can you ask out of a comedy?

Grade: B

Best Scene - Emma reassuring Maggie in the police station

Best Quote - Emma: "Listen you do not make it to this very young age we're at without having made some major league mistakes. And guess what? You would not be the interesting, amazing women that you are without having made those mistakes."

Best Reason to Watch - still Emma and Maggie's relationship. They have great relationship.

Most Supportive - Emma, who talks Maggie down from so many ledges this week

Most Shocking (pun intended) - Rodney gets himself tased for Emma

The "Say What?" Award - What's up with people on this show quoting the 80's and not knowing it. CJ quotes Dirty Dancing in this one. Emma's mom goes by Phylicia Rashad in a previous episode. Were all these people high during the 80's?

The "Bail Now" Award - If I were Emma, I would say goodnight and make sure that Maggie has a cell phone to call me.

Funniest Moment - Maggie tries to flip the table but the cop nonchalantly says it's nailed to the floor

Most Ridiculous - Maggie's band uniform

Biggest Surprise - Rodney, who would be nice to see again

The "Really?" Award - Do adults actually go skinny dipping? I mean anyone after college age? I can't imagine.

Best 80's Reference - Rodney says, "As you wish." Can't go wrong with The Princess Bride.

Motive - 2.01 - Raw Deal

Motive and Graceland were my two summer surprises last year. I was getting weary of police procedurals and I didn't think knowing who the killer and victim were at the beginning would be a big enough change to keep my interest. I was wrong. Let's face it. Generally it only takes about 15-20 minutes in any crime procedural to know who did it. The victim often appears before the title card. So it's not that different to get them right from the beginning. However I've found that it takes longer to guess a motive and a couple of times I didn't figure it out until right before the police did. Because of the twist, I pay more attention and get more out of it. This season opener was no exception. While this motive was easier to guess than many, it was a fun, twisty episode. I like the redemption arc although I am very skeptical about the new character, Mark Cross. At least they aren't trying to pair off Vega and Flynn, because I am so sick of that cliché.

Grade: B

Best Scene - Bloom and Flynn have drinks and talk about Cross

Best Quote - Lucas: "Kevin didn't call the Keaton residence from any of the motel's phones." Flynn: "What, so you decided to punish me with vegetarian food?" / Cross: "So where are we on the suicide that wasn't." Flynn: "You know we try not to make our cases sound like Hardy Boys mysteries."

Best Reason to Watch - Angie Flynn, who is a sharp, sassy investigator with multiple great quotes this episode

Best Character Interaction - Flynn and Vegas, who make great, sympathetic, platonic partners. They make me laugh during the exposition as well, which is hard to do.

Best Wedding Proposal - Yes, the guy is a killer, but you have to give him props for the splashy public wedding proposal.

Least Welcoming - the grandfather, who while having great instincts, is a complete douche

Funniest Moment - Rogers ogles Cross, but Angie pulls the blinds shut and says he's not delicious

The "Say What?" Award - Vega purposely throws the interview to keep from getting a promotion. While I am happy he is still partners with Flynn, it does seem strange.

The "Poor Baby" Award - Robin, who falls in love with the man who accidentally killed her boyfriend. Ouch!

The 100 - 1.10 - I am become Death

I want to follow Lincoln. He's off exploring the world and can give me answers about the grounders and other tribes. Plus he's more interesting than 99% of the 100. Since that is not going to happen, I have to pin my hopes on the Grounder Queen next time. As for this episode, we get 2 explosions, some gunfire, and biological warfare. Plus half a dozen relationships in different stages of life. That's a lot for one episode. Probably the most far-reaching is the return of Murphy, whom I couldn't wait to die in the second episode. He's going to drive me nuts but I am anxious to see how long he can hide his true nature. If they are going to discover his treachery in the next episode, they should kill him off and move on. However, if he plays a double game for awhile, that could be interesting. Even better would be if he were a spy for the grounders. I don’t think that will happen but I would love if it did. Note - for here on out, The 100 will get the CW treatment, meaning one grade for the episode as a whole and 1 grade for the episode minus shipping issues.

Grade: B / A

Best Scene - Octavia nurses a sick Bellamy / Monty encourages Jasper to get it right

Best Quote - Octavia: "Hey, big brother." Bellamy: "I'm scared, O." Octavia: "I won't let anything happen to you. I promise." Bellamy: "That's what I said to you the day you were born." Octavia: "I know. You've told me that like a thousand times." Bellamy: "I'm glad you're here." Octavia: "Just get some rest now, okay?"

Best Reason to Watch….Next Week - Grounder Queen is back! Woo hoo!

Biggest Awww Moment - Octavia nurses a sick Bellamy

The "Oh Great, It's Him Again" Award - Murphy returns and I roll my eyes. Time for him to go. Again.

Biggest Douche - Jasper

The "Well There Goes that Theory" Award - It was definitely NOT a piece of the Ark that crash landed. Bye Diana. See where your lack of planning got you.

The "I'm with Him" Award - I'm am 100% with Finn on this one. The Grounders have every right to retaliate and when they do, it will completely be Bellamy, Clarke, and Jasper's faults. You screwed everyone.

The Least Surprising - They use the flammable fluid (hydrazine) to create a bomb against the grounders. Called it from the second Raven said it was unstable. 30 minutes later - boom!

Best Save - Monty, who helped Jasper take the shot

Best Revelation - The earth is inhabited in other places as well and they are in organized clans too

Biggest Morons - Bellamy and Clarke for giving all these idiots guns. Panicked people with guns spell disaster. Either train them up right or give guns only to those who aren't likely to shoot you by accident.

Most Brutal - Murphy kills Connor gleefully and smiles afterward

Bye Red Shirt - Derek, who just died, also just got a name. Nice not knowing you.

The "If I Have to Have Love Dynamics, I Choose You" Award - If you are going to cram love relationships down my throat, then I pick Lincoln and Octavia. Please let them run away together and please let me watch them instead. They aren't in a triangle. They guarantee that I learn more about the grounders, who are by far the most interesting part of the show right now. They will allow me to see more of the earth than just the camp. Call it a winning trifecta and the best I can expect from a CW romance.

Best Plan - Clarke has Octavia sneak out to see if Lincoln has a cure

The "Say What?" Award - Why are they using such a complicated plan to blow up the bridge? Why not just spread the fuel over the bridge and throw a flame on it? All Raven had to do before was toss a little bit of it into the fire. They wasted all their gun powder for nothing.

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