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Last Week in TV - Week of April 27 - Episode Awards and Reviews

This week was overpacked for me so some of the shows I normally watch like Resurrection and Turn, I did not get to. I will include them in next week's edition. I hope you had a great viewing week. Remember that if you would liek to nominate a show, simply fill in the box below. Until next week, happy TV viewing and for all the moms out there, Happy Mothers' Day early.

Overall Awards -

Best Comedy of the Year - The Goldbergs

The Goldbergs is officially my pick for best comedy of the season. It started out rough and several characters had to grow on me, or re-grow on me in Beverly's case, but overall it has been more consistently funny than any other show. Add to it the best heart in the comedy business and it strikes gold far more than it strikes out. This episode touched on that universal heartbreak - the end of your first love. Many shows would get the heart right. Many would get the laughs right. The Goldbergs gets them both right. From Erica's inconsolable hysteria that requires a Barry translation for the adults to understand to Murray recounting his own first heartbreak and finally getting through to Erica, the situation felt earned. It spoke to the core of our own experiences. Who hasn't been there? I also thought Barry's addiction to video games was well done although I have less experience with this one. I laughed at Barry's manic search for money (worthless pennies) and the 90's intervention, but found myself awww-ing when he was visibly touched when Adam as so excited to get his Millennium Falcon back. All in all, another great episode of The Goldbergs.

Best Episode - Elementary - 2.22 - 
Paint it Black

Like Tom on The Blacklist before him, Mycroft has suddenly gotten a thousand times more interesting now that he's obviously working for some government agency and somewhat high up it appears. I love this twist, especially because Mycroft owes Sherlock a few strong kicks. Beyond that, I thought focusing on Sherlock and Mycroft's bonds without much distraction worked nicely. Their intensity sparked in their scenes together. We also got more of Joan than I expected, given that this episode was directed by Lucy Liu. I like that she is shown competent even as a kidnapping victim. Overall though this is a nice set up into the finale and I can't wait to see where this Mycroft thing goes next.

Best Character Interaction - Trophy Wife - 1.20 - There's No Guy in Team - Jackie and Hillary

Most Likely to be a Secret Serial Killer - Playing House - 1.02 - Bird Bones - Gnome Guy, who has named all his lawn gnomes and has back stories for them

Most Hilariously Over the Top - Warehouse 13 - 5.03 - A Faire to Remember - Madame Doria, who best be described as a hoot

Most Welcome Return - SHIELD - 1.20 - Nothing Personal - Maria, who kicks butt and would make one heck of a spin-off with May

Best Meta - Surviving Jack - 1.06 - She Drives Me Crazy - The wrestling coach is played by The Janitor of Scrubs (and the husband in The Middle) and he says, "Joke's on you. I'm also The Janitor." Ha!

Most Punny - The Big Bang Theory - 7.22 - The Proton Transmorgrification - It was a Star Wars pun bonanza and even Penny got them.

Best New Character - Grimm - 3.20 - My Fair Wesen - Still Teen Grimm. She kicks butt, solves crimes, and can work a dress. She's new and the most interesting character on the show.

Nominated/ New Shows -

Nominated Shows: NCIS - 11.22 - Shooter

I tend to watch one season of NCIS every summer. Obviously I am way behind though (3 seasons to be precise), since I don't know the blonde agent in the opening credits. While I generally like NCIS and looked for to watching this episode, I have to admit I did not like this one. It was way, way too preachy. Don't get me wrong. Homelessness is still a serious problem in America and veterans deserve better. However they addressed the topic far too heavy handedly for my taste. At times I felt like it was an actual PSA. Other shows have handled serious topics with far more finesse than this one did. Perhaps if we had gotten to know the victims better so they didn't just feel like a PSA plot device it would have helped. I also felt that by turning the episode into a "very special episode," I lost out of the characters which are the heart and soul of NCIS for me. Police procedurals are a dime a dozen but good characters are not. I loved the moment where Gibbs hugs Abby before telling her Blue died, but there was very little character interaction besides that. I am still going to watch NCIS over the summer like I always do, but now I know I can skip this episode.

Grade: C-
Ranking: 5

Best (and Most Manipulative) Scene - Abby gives the homeless lady a phone card to call her parents

Best Quote - Vance: "There but by the grace of God…"

Best Character Interaction - Gibbs tells Abby that the homeless guy she worked with dead

Best Reason to Watch - vet homelessness is a problem that deserves more attention, but…

Worst Reason to Watch - the episode was a huge PSA about homelessness and organ donation and forgiveness and…….

Most Distracting - The incredibly dark eyebrows on the new blonde agent

Best Little Moment - Abby curtseys to Director Vance when he comes into autopsy

The "How Did I Not Know That?" Award - NCIS is a civilian agency and not part of the Navy? Since when? Naval is in their name and they were forever talking to the Sec Nav.

The "You're Having Too Much Fun" Award - Tony is enjoying McGee's descent into homelessness way too much. The scent-o-rama is way too realistic and I couldn't even smell it.

Biggest Plot Twist - It starts out a case of witness tampering to the extreme and ends up being black market organ theft. Only on police procedurals.

New Shows: Playing House - 1.01 / 1.02 - Pilot / Bird Bones

Since 2 episodes aired back to back, it made sense to review them as one. Mostly I liked the second episode better than the first because it fleshed out the characters more and it made me laugh harder. Emma and Maggie feel like two best friends, which makes a good foundation for a buddy comedy. The quirky townsfolk remind me of Gilmore Girls and I look forward to watching them more too. As most pilots, it is difficult to determine what tone the show is going to take and how well the characters will come off but this is a solid start. While I'm not sure whether this will become weekly viewing for me, I like the characters enough to give it a few more episodes at the very least.

Grade: B- / B
Ranking: 4

Best Scene - Maggie gets Mark to pull over Emma to stop here from leaving / Emma and Maggie bond with Tina over her hoarding

Best Quote - Mark: "Mr. Casey, could we consider this case closed? There are currently two women in my home who may be murdering my wife, so I need to go."

Best Character Interaction - besides the main two, Emma and Mark were funny together as long as they don't end up in a shipping nonsense mess

Funniest - Joffrey takes off with a golf cart and Mark calls him a full-blown bozo, before accidentally breaking one of Mr. Casey's gnomes

Best Reason to Watch - Maggie and Emma have great chemistry for a buddy show / Mark is a fun character

Most Likely to Have a Nervous Breakdown - Tina, whose junk drawer is labeled, and whose house is immaculate

The "Most in Need of a Shut Up" Award - Emma when talking to Mark...every time

The "Most Likely to be a Secret Serial Killer - Gnome Guy, who has named all his lawn gnomes and has back stories for them

Most Patient - Mark, who is knob shopping with his wife, Tina

Most Likely to be an Excellent Tori Spelling for Halloween - Tina. It must be the bangs.

Best Physical Comedy - Mark doing his gossipy girl act

The "It Couldn't Have Happened to Nicer People" Award - While Emma and Maggie were being obnoxious about their host, they accidentally turned the shower on themselves.

Most Surprising - Tina ran the local black market cigarette ring in high school. There's more bad girl in her than meets the eye.

Weekly Shows -

Resurrection and TURN - I didn't get a chance to watch these yet so I will review them with this week's episode next time. Sorry. Schedule went crazy.

Star-Crossed - 1.11 - Give Me a Torch

Let's recap shall we. Castor is dethroned and hidden by a fickle Teri, acting out because she desperately craves a mother's love. Emery joined the Red Hawks. Taylor is pregnant with alien spawn. Julia and Eric duet for absolutely zero reason. Emery is threatened…AGAIN. Sophia is spurned in her lesbian love. Lukas appears to fulfill his contract and then flee this debacle. I laugh hysterically at what a melodrama this has all become. Please let someone get an instant drug addiction. Maybe someone can contemplate suicide before their friends rush to tell them that life is worth living and they all hug it out. Perhaps child abuse can rear its ugly head for 5.3 minutes. Or cutting? Go ahead. Throw it all in. Emoangsting for everyone! I given up on treating this as a serious drama about the sociopolitical sufferings of minorities in the hands of a scared majority. Farce it is. It's still a fun ride in either context.

Grade: C + / B

Best Quote - Emery: "Every year students come up with elaborate ways to ask each other to the Winter Blast dance." Roman: "Well that explains why I saw Frosty the Snowman at the urinal practicing his Shakespeare. You guys think our traditions are bizarre?"

Best Reason to Watch - laughter, lots and lots of laughter

The "Use Your Head" Award - Coffee shops are still coffee shops in the future. You don't go online and access anything you don't want people to hijack. Before you leave, at least wipe the browser history, folks.

Least Romantic - Eric: "Hey, you want to go to the dance, right?" Jules: "Yeah." Eric: "Cool."

Best Turnabout - Maia gets in on the plan to cause friction between Castor and Vega by distracting Castor while Drake and Roman ransack his home

Most Clueless - Sophia / Taylor/ Castor. Sophia can't take a social clue if you glued it to her hand. Taylor suddenly has lost all brain cells and doesn't understand what expecting means. Side effect of not-real pregnancy? Castor, trying to blow up an enemy the day he accuses you of being a murderer is the height of stupidity. Kind of lends credence to his story.

Biggest Brat - Teri, for 2 episodes now.

Least Welcome Return - Vartan, the militant captain of the red Hawks

The "You and Me Both" Award - Lukas: "Okay, this music is hurting my face so excuse me while I have a little come to Jesus talk with the DJ."

Most Amazingly Calm - Taylor is quite nonchalant about being pregnant in high school, much less alien baby pregnant

The "Is Everyone on Vacation?" Award - 2 bombs go off in the Sector and the guards are where exactly? Shouldn't the entire place be on lockdown by this point?

Biggest Shock - Eric is a great singer / Julia chose such an old song

The "It's So Bad It's Funny" Award - We go straight from the teen pregnancy to Emery joining the Red Hawks with Roman spying of her. It's missing the melancholy oboe thrumming in the background to officially make this a soap opera.

The "Oops" Award - Well you guys did take out Castor, but sadly that human-killing bomb attack is still on. Bummer.

Blacklist - 1.20 - The Kingmaker

The Blacklist has several powerful moments in this episode, but it still lacks any real answers and my patience is wearing thin. I'm finishing this one out for the season because we are so close to the end, but I will likely put it on hiatus for season 2 and binge watch the first half over the winter hiatus. I did that partway through this season and I found I liked The Blacklist a lot better that way. As for this episode, I really enjoyed all the Fitch scenes, especially seeing more of his collective. Hopefully they will move somewhat on that storyline too. I laughed during the first Fitch-Red scene because Red called him Alan and I wasn't sure if that was his intended name the entire time or if they decided to go with it after Alan Alda was cast. It always gives me pause when actors play characters with the same name.

Grade: B-

Best Scene - Elizabeth confronts Red about killing her father

Best Quote - Red: "You think you've come here simply to say that you can't help me but all you've done is ensure when this is all over I won't be able to help you. When the day inevitably comes that I saddle up with your little alliance, it will be you Alan alone in the dark."

Best Reason to Watch - the anticipation of who Red's enemy is and the first time Red seems unsure of himself when he finds out that the Kingmaker is dead

Best Reason to Put Blacklist on Hiatus - ZERO answers, always. If we were more than 2 episodes away from the finale, I would put it on pause and binge watch it later.

Best Character Interaction - Red and Fitch

Best Call Out - Nico throws doubt on Red's story after Red says he hasn't been in a pool since he was a lifeguard

Funniest Moment - Dembe eating ice cream with the supplies of his pot business around him

The "Are You Kidding Me?" Award - Keen and Ressler drive all the way to the senator's house and yet no one calls the cops to get out there first. Perhaps the guy would not have been dead if someone had called 911.

Fanciest Pawn Shop Ever - Other pawn shops have trinkets. This one has cigars, fancy cocktails, and impeccable dining facilities.

Biggest Fake Out - I thought Aram was going to finally get out of the bunker, but no. They just sent him the photos.

Biggest Eye Roll - Elizabeth shows up at Ressler's door for support. It looks like The Blacklist is heading towards the inevitable partner hook up. (huge sigh)

The "Say What?" Award - An assassin doesn't kill the guy he shot? That doesn't sound like a very good assassin.

Warehouse 13 - 5.03 - A Faire to Remember

This episode was a great improvement over the last one. It felt more like the real Warehouse 13 with only a few hiccups. The plot pace is still so rapid it feels like they are determined to fit in every storyline they ever thought of into these 6 episodes. Plots are introduced and ended wily nily, leaving me spinning more than the objects around Possessed Myka. Other than that, I really enjoyed the humor in this episode and the overall hijinks. Madame Doria was delightful as the sarcastic gypsy, and Steve and Pete's opposite reaction to the Ren faire was hilarious. Still it was really the "B" story that made the night. I loved Claudia and Claire together and while it turned up the drama, at least they are trying to explain while Myka is suddenly a new character. I'm not buying the instant changes but I see where they want me to go with this now at least. Of course the real kudos go to Artie though, who managed to keep his temper over Claudia's artifact combining mishap and bring home the truth about them all being family.

Grade: B

Best Scene - Claudia and Claire having fun together

Best Quote - Myka: "This is not my first time in the dark vault, although vault is a joke. Okay, this place is about as secure as a kiosk at the mall."

Best Reason to Watch - mixing up the character interactions, aka no Pete and Myka shenanigans

Biggest Aww Scene - Artie's ending speech and Myka hugging him

Best Reaction - Claire to Claudia saying she's her sister / Madame Doria to Oswald defeating the Evil Knight

Best Character Interaction - Claudia and Claire

MVP - Artie

Most Enthusiastic - Pete, who is overly thrilled about well EVERYTHING in the Ren Faire

Most Dramatic - Claire says she has to go back into the coma in order to save Myka

Most Used Word - last time it was frakking; this time it's doofus, which just makes me laugh

Best Moment - Steve keeps Pete from sampling the burned breakfast with extra

The "So True" Award - It was Myka's choice to be alone. They would have been there for her if she had let them be.

Best Rescue - Pete keeps Steve from going ballistic on a knave

The "Welcome Back" Award - Ryan Cartwright who played squintern Nigel-Murray and Gary Bell on Alphas guest stars in this episode. FYI - Kat from Alphas was also in this one.

The "Yeah, Like There Won't Be Consequences" Award - Claudia is messing with stuff over her head by combining artifacts to save her sister.

Best Magic Trick - The wizard triplicates himself

Best Continuity - Aztec bloodstone from the pilot makes a re-appearance as well as Alice, kind of

Biggest Surprise - Artie was surprisingly calm about Claudia releasing the music box energy into Myka

Growing Up Fisher - 1.10 - First Time's the Charm

I like when Joyce and Mel are on the same page when it comes to their kids. I also liked Joyce's double talk, which made this episode a nice combination of heart and laughs. Allison, Mel's date, has really grown on me too. Still the biggest shock is that Runyen wasn't the funniest person on the show. That's a rarity.

Grade: B-

Best Scene - Mel talks to Katie after the dance

Best Quote - Mel: "Now I can't promise that I won't try to make every boy who comes to your door tremble with fear. That is my God-given right as a dad. I just hope that when you make the big decisions in life, when you look back, you feel good about yourself."

Best Double Talk - Joyce uses flavor swirling as a metaphor for sex

Best Reason to Watch - Mel and Joyce time

Best Reaction - Joyce to finding out Katie plans on having sex after the dance

The "Oh No, She Didn't" Award - Joyce goes to talk to Anthony at his work about having sex with Katie

Best Awww Message - Mel leaves a voice message telling Katie that he's proud of her and loves her, but he's not replacing her lost phone.

Worst Pep Talk - Principal Sloan, who makes Mel feel worse about not knowing how to cook for his date

The "Foul on that Play" Award - Mel cons Joyce into cooking dinner for his date

SHIELD - 1.20 - Nothing Personal

I am no fan of Skye so this Skye-focused episode was not for me. I did love that Maria came back and the reactions of the characters, especially Fitz, to finding out about Ward was excellent. The best part was when Coulson found out that he was in charge of the Tahiti project and uploaded false memories himself. I loved his reaction. Plus I love having May back. I really, really wish she and Maria Hill would team up on a regular basis though. Spin-off? In the end, I am far more excited about this week's Ward back story episode than this one, but I like how the ending episodes have all been catapulting toward one amazing season 1 story line.

Grade: C+

Best Scene - May shows Coulson the tape he made about the Tahiti project, showing that Coulson himself was in charge of it. He is the one that created false memories.

Best Quote - Coulson: "If I come out will you shoot me? 'Cause then I won't come out."

Best Character Interaction - Coulson and Maria

Best Reason to Watch - it's building to the climax of the season

Best Twist - Mike stops Ward's heart to get Skye to decrypt the hard drive

Best Action - Maria and Coulson take down Talbot's men

The "Are You Kidding Me?" Award - Coulson and Skye leave by Lola out of a plane and then Coulson grabs Skye by the hand as she's falling out of the car, which is also freefalling. That is so beyond ludicrous I don't know where to start. This is the superhero part of Agents of SHIELD, the one I love that they typically avoid.

Most Kick Butt - May takes out all of Maria's surveillance without her even seeing them

Best Reaction - The guy visiting a gravesite who sees May climbing out of Coulson's casket / the valet who asks for $20 to park Lola

The "Hmm" Award - Trip knows the cable is in the shut drawer. Either he spent a lot of time going through people's drawers or I am overly suspicious of everyone SHIELD these days.

Best Plan - Skye puts a BOLO out on Ward

Best Character Growth - Simmons tells off Talbot about not going after Ward

The "I Hope You're Right" Award - Fitz refuses to believe that Ward is Hydra. I hope you're right because that would make for an even better twist.

Mary Sue Award - Skye has officially made Mary Sue status. She is the young ingĂ©nue who outwits a superior officer. She is the character that everyone thinks is clever and important. People acclaim her virtues in every single episode. She…is annoying.

Most Welcome Return - Maria, who kicks butt and would make one heck of a spin-off with May

Least Welcome Return - Colonel Talbot, the pencil moustache douche

The Goldbergs - 1.21 - The Age of Darkness

Grade: A

Best Scene - Murray tells Erica that time will heal her

Best Aww Scene - Barry buys back Adam's Millennium Falcon and his face when he sees Adam's glee

Best Quote - Erica: "I'm not better. My mood ring's been black for 3 days."

Best Reason to Watch - no other comedy packs as much heart into an episode as The Goldbergs.

Funniest Moment - Beverly's glee at Erica throwing a

Best Present - Pops gets Barry a boxing bag and it ends up helping Barry and Adam bond again

The "Poor Baby" Award - I should probably send this one to Erica, but honestly I think Murray is getting the worst end of this breakup.

Best Nostalgia - The giving of the letterman jacket or class ring was a huge deal. That showed real, temporary love in the high school halls. Or just who pitched the best fit.

Best Interpreter - Barry, who understands teen girl sobs

The "Huh?" Award - I've never heard of Zaxxon and I lived most of my childhood in the 80's.

The "Yeah, Didn't Get This Either" Award - I had never heard of an intervention in the 80's. We basically had tough love and Nancy Reagan. Now by the 90's, interventions were the decade's fad. Everyone was doing them.

Best Reason to Back Away Slowly - When your teenage daughter hisses at you, it's time to back away and possibly consult an exorcist.

Best Soundtrack - The Japanese chef making heart beat thumps out of chicken fried rice

Trophy Wife - 1.20 - There's No Guy in Team

I never really thought about Jackie and Hillary sharing screen time together, but it was surprisingly poignant. I adored how touched Hillary was when Jackie brought out all the artwork Hillary made as a kid. It was a sweet moment and then followed by the total fun of day-glo painting. I want to make art at Jackie's house one day. Sadly the awesomeness of these two was marred by Bert the big brat and Pete's ineffectual parenting skills as well as Kate butting into Warren's blissfully unaware life. I think I would have rather watch Hillary and Jackie paint all day, minus the people screaming soundtrack of course.

Grade: C

Best Scene - Jackie shows Hilary all of the artwork she made as a kid

Best Quote - Jackie: "Hilary these were made by a very creative little girl. You see you don't have to try to turn yourself into an artist because sweet pea, you already art one. Already art one?" Hilary: "That was pretty punny."

Most in Need of a Therapist - Warren, whose sleepover friend is his mom

Most Fun - Day-glo painting with Jackie

Best Question - Warren to Kate: "Why are you so obsessed with me making friends?"

Best Reason to Worry - children getting credit cards and no one realizes it's a child

Biggest Cheerleader - Warren, who sucks as a player but is constantly complimenting and motivating the others

Biggest Capitalist / Biggest Brat - Bert, who has become a monster

Least Effective Punishment - Go to your room

Best Reason to Watch - Jackie and Hillary hanging out together

Most Awkward - Kate apologizes to Warren with the entire field hockey team hovering over her

Best Music - montage to Kelly Clarkson's Stronger

The 100 - 1.07 - Contents Under Pressure

This episode was unique in that almost every single character cried their way through at least one scene. It was waterworks for everyone. They didn't even need the cheesy hurricane for added dramatic effect. In fact, I have no idea why they added it in. The radio could have been spotty for a number of normal reasons and who knows how close the grounders really are? That said there were some great character moments and the issue of Clarke knowing her mom ratted her dad out is now in the open so they can deal with it.

Grade: B

Best Scene - Hmm, this one's tough. I am going to go with Kane second guessing himself because it was a major leap in his character development.

Best Quote - Bellamy: "We'll get it cleaned up." Clarke: "I wish this was our only mess." Bellamy: "Clarke, who we are and who we need to be to survive are very different things."

Best Reason to Watch - the ground and Ark are starting to communicate so things should move quickly now

Worst Timing - Doesn't that hurricane know they are doing delicate surgery here? Can't it wait a day or two?

The "Hey, You Stole My Line" Award - I knew that Titanic reference was coming, Chancellor.

Least Surprising - Octavia cuts herself with the poisoned knife to get the grounder to say which one is the antidote. I was listing scenes the first time I watched it and I typed that out as one of the scenes before it happened. The only surprise was how long it took to happen.

Most Interesting Addition - Diana, who is going to end up being a whole lot of trouble. I hope she's the one who had Shumway offer Bellamy passage on the drop ship for killing Jaha. That would make her quite the scheming villain.

Elementary - 2.22 - Paint it Black

Grade: B+

Best Scene - Sherlock loses it when he finds out Watson is kidnapped

Best Quote - Mycroft: "Well I…I just wanted to let you know I'm sorry. If anything happened to Joan, I'd never forgive myself." Sherlock: "Well that won't be an issue. If anything happens to Joan, I will murder you."

Best Reason to Watch - the Holmes brothers working together

Harshest Line - Sherlock tells Mycroft that he wishes the leukemia had called him. I know you're angry, but he's your brother, man.

The "Oh It's Him Again" Award - Dear NSA guy, you could gladly disappear into your shady business and never see the light of day again. I'd be good with that.

The "Way to Underestimate" Award - Sherlock brags about having no peer but Mycroft sometimes leads Sherlock in this episode. He's the one who suggests they go to the bank as themselves and not a complicated machination using air ducts. He's also the big twist.

The "Say What?" Award - How is it that Sherlock Holmes doesn't know The Lord of the Rings? Legolas was the first thing I thought of.

The "Ha! I Don't Feel Sorry for You 1 Jot" Award - Mycroft tasers a smug, obnoxious Sherlock. I cheer.

Worst Way to Get Someone to Call You Back - leave them a message telling them that they have no doubt realized that you are right and that you deserve their thanks. On second thought, that might be exactly the kind of message I would respond to…in order to tell the person off.

Best Kidnappee Ever- Watson, who offers her medical services to one of the kidnapper's wounded co-horts. The things that woman can do with a box cutter and vodka.

Most Disgusting - Coffee table autopsy

The "Hey Dude, It's Called Personal Space" Award - that kidnapper is way too far into Watson's personal bubble. Even I was leaning back when he was leaning in.

Funniest Moment - Sherlock destroys his phone mid-conversation with Bell and then calmly asks for Mycroft's

Biggest twist - Mycroft has been working for some sort of government agency all this time, and Sherlock had no idea.

Surviving Jack - 1.06 - She Drives Me Crazy

In a bid for earnestness, this episode was not as funny as the previous ones wee. I still laughed but not as often or as hard as I usually do. I think part of it was that I found the B and C plotlines creepy. Maybe it was that it even had a C plot line in 22 minutes. Overall the new understanding between Rachel and Jack was good and quite honestly we haven't seen them spend much time together so that was nice. Other than that, the episode was kind of a bust compared to what I am used to. True that still means it was better than most comedies around.

Grade: B-

Best Scene - Jack and Rachel hug and decide to spend more time together

Best Quote - Jack: "Oh yeah, I'm the President of FABS, Fathers Against BS."

Best Reason to Watch - Jack's quips as always

The "You're Lucky You Weren't Shot" Award - Walking into someone's house unannounced is grounds to be shot in some states. George and Mikey ought to be careful.

The "That's Not Creepy at All" Award - Frankie and his mom have a yearly hotel retreat and spa day. I'm all for mother-son bonding but yikes!

The "You're Not as Young as You Think" Award - One wrestling move and Jack is laid out. Not from being pinned but from his back giving out.

Best Moment - an eyebrow-less Mikey and George click spoons together in solidarity

Most Clueless - Joanne tries to plead her case in front of Frankie's friends. Why would anyone ever think that was a good idea?

TBBT - 7.22 - The Proton Transmorgrification

I'm not as big a fan of Professor Proton as many , but I thought this was a touching episode. Seeing how Sheldon reacted to death was an interesting aspect of his character. All the Star Wars jokes/puns were fun. I wish there was more Bernadette and Amy time, but I can't begrudge Sheldon saying goodbye to his mentor.

Grade: B

Best Scene - Arthur Kenobi tells Sheldon to appreciate those who are still living

Best Quote - Sheldon: "What are you doing?" Leonard: "Comforting you." Sheldon: "You're heart might be in the right place, but your head, chest, and arms certainly aren't."

Best Reason to Watch - seeing how Sheldon reacts to death

Biggest Laugh - Professor Proton doesn't get any Sheldon's references

Most Awkward Hug - Leonard tries to comfort Sheldon after Professor Proton dies

The "Welcome to the Dark Side" Award - Penny gets every Star Wars pun Raj and Howard can throw out

Biggest Surprise - Penny has never been to a funeral before. That's strange to me that someone her age could get that far without knowing anyone who died

Best Return - Bob Newhart as Professor Proton…and Obi Wan

The "Well Duh" Award - Penny tells Leonard that a funeral is no time to propose. That should be a given.

Biggest Surprise - Sheldon hugs Leonard

The "You Totally Got Screwed" Award - After spending all that time making the cake, Bernadette and Amy didn't even get out of Jar Jar. That's Star Wars punishment.

Grimm - 3.20 - My Fair Wesen

I continue to find Teen Grimm a great addition to the story line. She not only kicks butt more than Nick, but she seems to do a better job as detective as well. He's going to need to watch his back or start looking for other work. Mostly though I am tremendously happy to see the Grimm keys return. I feared that this was a dropped plot point since they haven't been seen all season. I'm glad to know that is not the case. Since they were powerful and important enough for all the big gangs to want them, it should bring more drama and hopefully answers this time. I am all for season 4 being a huge, worldwide treasure hunt.

Grade: B+

Best Quote - Nick: "This is a crime scene. This might not have anything to do with Wesen." Hank: "Don't I wish."

Best Scene / Best Action - Teen Grimm takes on the Wesen, doing just fine on her own

Best Reason to Watch / MVP - Teen Grimm. She rocks! In fact, I'm not adverse to having her become the main Grimm if Adalind takes Nick's powers away. Not that I have clue what Nick's powers are beside monster-seeing and come and go super hearing.

Most Bizarre/Creepiest - The Wesen sister-wives family thing

The "What the Heck!" Award - Nick takes Teen Grimm to the police station, where presumably a bunch of police are looking for her since they have her face in the drive through surveillance . Not to mention, she was arrested and placed in jail at that precinct. And she's wearing the same jacket. What the heck! Portland cops are beyond incapable.

Biggest Filler Annoyance - What's up with all the recapitations these days? There were 4 this time. I don't think anyone forgot last episode when Monroe called Teen Grimm a Grimm. Then they have to show Wu freaking out over the Aswang again and it ticks me off all over again.

Most Needing to Worry About Job Security - Nick. Not only is Teen Grimm a superior Grimm to him, but she proved to be a better detective in this episode too. If Nick and Juliette ever decide to leave Portland, Teen Grimm will have the city shaped up in no time.

Best Reference - Modern day Pygmalion

The "I Completely Empathize" Award - Juliette is not so sure about Nick's new habit of taking in murder suspect strays. It's the first time I've completely understood and supported Juliette's position in a long time.

Best Return - the Grimm key storyline which had been missing for so long that I figured it died in the Cave of Dropped Plot Points.

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