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Hart of Dixie - Episode 3.22 - Second Chance - Review: What's a few hiccups?

The finale was a nearly perfect way to cap off the third season of Hart of Dixie. In typical BlueBell fashion, the finale was big and over the top with a few plot twists, surprises, and a sweet ending. Most shows would be satisfied just having one wedding in a finale, but Hart of Dixie had to have 3. Of course there were a few, ok a lot, of hiccups along the way.

Zoe and Wade: Zoe tries to remain supportive after Wade told her he was moving to Atlanta for a job opportunity. Despite this being a great opportunity for him, Wade doesn’t seem all that excited about leaving BlueBell. Zoe babbles as she assures him he’ll love it in Atlanta. Later that night Zoe stops by to drop off a going away gift for Wade. She looks through his window to see him packing. She gets the hiccups as she the reality of him leaving finally hits her. The next day she calls Lavon who tells her to just express how she feels. At the practice Lemon finds Zoe in the midst of a hiccup spell that has lasted 14 hours from the previous night. When Zoe says she’s tried everything to get rid of them, Lemon tells her that it is caused by stress due to the fact that Wade is leaving and Zoe is in love with him. Zoe emphatically denies that she is in love with Wade. Lemon is relentless and spells it out clearly to Zoe that she has always been in love with Wade but has done everything in her power to convince herself that she isn’t because Wade hurt her. Zoe finally admits that she loves Wade just as Joel walks into the practice. No worries though. Joel is only back for his grandmother’s wedding. And in fact, he is now dating a comedy writer. Joel urges Zoe to tell Wade how she really feels before he leaves.

That night Zoe and Joel attend Meatball and Lily Anne’s wedding. The wedding is called off when Meatball breaks up with Lily Anne after realizing he doesn’t know his bride all that well when she reveals a list of men she has been with which include Sal the Shrimp Guy, Wade, and George. Zoe volunteers to speak when the wedding officiant asks if anyone has anything else to say. Zoe congratulates Wade on his success before telling him, and everyone at the Rammer Jammer, that she loves him. In answer Wade quickly leaves the Rammer Jammer. The next day, Zoe is surprised to find that Wade is packing his car and still plans on leaving without speaking to her after she told him she loved him. Wade tells her that they tried for a long time to make it work and it just didn’t. Zoe feels that they deserve a second chance now that they are ready. Sadly Wade tells her that he believed that at one time, and pauses before saying he has to go because he has a meeting with the investors before he leaves.

At his meeting he learns that not only will the job involve him working in a corporate office wearing a tie, but that the investors plan to open up a chain of Rammer Jammers that are all identical. Joel overhears and tells Wade that he see Wade as that type of guy. He reminds him that he likes making drinks and breaking up bar fights. That night Joel finds Wade packing his car to leave. He says that it isn’t too late for him to change his mind and return to his old life. Joel notices Wade looking over at Zoe leaving the carriage house and tells Wade that he sees. Wade nods and seems to acknowledge that he can’t change his mind because then he’d have deal with things with Zoe.

Zoe attends Brando and Sylvie’s wedding where they discuss finding love again and second chances which resonates with Zoe. Zoe’s face lights up and she smiles when she sees Wade walk through the door at the reception. He tells her that he turned down the job because it wasn’t for him. And for her to not read too much into it. Later on they share a dance. Zoe informs him that even though he doesn’t think they have a future she intends to prove him wrong, and she won’t give up no matter how long it takes. By Wade’s smile as she walked away, it seems like he is happy at the idea of her fighting for him. I bet it won’t take long to convince him.

Going into this episode I thought that I wouldn’t be satisfied with anything less than a full on Zoe and Wade reconciliation. Now that I’ve seen the episode, I think this season ended exactly where it should have for Wade and Zoe in regards to where they were at the time. Wade isn’t quite ready to risk his heart just yet although he isn’t closing the door either. And for the first time Zoe is completely sure of what and who she wants. I loved how she confidently told Wade that she was going to prove that they had a future and wouldn’t give up. That is exactly what Wade needed to hear that she is going to fight for him. It has also made me excited to see that in the next season. Wade has always been the pursuer. Now the show is on the other foot. It will be amusing to see him try to resist what his heart wants.

Lemon: Lemon’s life is in a shambles after Fancie’s caught fire. The insurance company refuses to pay since they feel Lemon is at fault. George still isn’t happy with her or their partnership. Granny is pressuring her to go on the singles cruise, and even offers her the money for Fancie’s if she’ll go. Granny advises Lemon to settle for anyone rather than be alone and that her time is running out before her looks begin to fade. After Zoe tells Lemon that Wade didn’t have much to say in regards to her declaration of love, Lemon fears that she should give up on true love and board the S.S. Desperation to find a new beginning or an iceberg whichever comes first. She meets a gentleman on the boat, but she starts to get the hiccups as they sail away.

AB & Davis: AB told Davis that she needed some time to think over his proposal. Davis feels that there shouldn’t be any secrets between them and reveals that he has a closet filled with the same sneakers which brings on a fit of hiccups for AB. Eventually AB comes to realize that she is still in love with Lavon, and she can’t marry Davis or his weird sneaker collection.

George & Lavon: George and Lavon are hanging out when George learns that Don Todd will be making an appearance in Tallahassee. This is the chance for George and Lavon to meet their idol. They take a road trip and camp outside of the bookstore so that they can get great seats. It turns out that they are the only 2 who are there. They are saddened to learn that Don Todd plans to retire. They are able to convince him to come to BlueBell to show him that he is revered among the BlueBellians. Everyone is in awe at the Rammer Jammer when they walk through the door. Don Todd is inspired by Zoe’s declaration to Wade to ask his ex-wife for another chance so he can heal the huge hole in his heart. George, Lavon, and Tom go along for the ride to Pensacola where things don’t exactly work out for Don Todd. His wife has already moved on, but Don Todd finally feels free to move on himself. His wisdom inspires George and Lavon to chase after their dream girl with Lavon leaving first. George arrives at the dock to find that Lemon has already boarded and is talking to a gentleman. He pounds on the window to get her attention to no avail. He looks dejected. As the crowd parts to reveal that Lavon has also gone after Lemon instead of AB which was assumed. George and Lavon are left shaking their heads no as they notice one another.

Lavon at the dock was the only thing about the finally that I disliked. It seems like Lavon’s feelings for Lemon are coming out of nowhere after all this time. Is he truly in love with Lemon, or is he just seeking closure so he can finally move on himself and find the happiness that seems to have evaded him? As for Lemon, it isn’t quite clear what she feels for George or Lavon. George has had a tough run of it lately. He really deserves some happiness whether it is with Lemon or someone else. And poor AB is in love with Lavon and realizes that she was his rebound. And to add to all of this we also have the friendship between George/Lavon and Lemon/AB to consider. This season they’ve spent a lot of time repairing the friendship between George and Lavon after the events of season 1. They were absolutely adorable bonding over their shared man crush on Don Todd. Lemon and AB have always been there for one another. No matter what I don’t want to see these friendships destroyed. We’ve also already been down the whole Lavon/Lemon/George and Lemon/Lavon/AB roads before. Is it really necessary to revisit them? I’m not happy at the prospect of a Lavon/Lemon/George triangle in the next season.

Crickett & Stanley: Crickett and Stanley are set to renew their wedding vows after 10 years of marriage when Crickett gets a case of the hiccups after Stanley reveals that he has asked his pilates instructor to be in the wedding. It seems that everyone knows that it is only a matter of time before Stanley comes out of the closet. Surely the sequined cumberbund and love of show tunes is a dead giveaway. Right? AB assures her stressed friend that everyone knows that Crickett has done everything to keep her marriage together, and that no one would blame her if she didn’t want to keep up the charade. After walking down the aisle, Crickett halts the wedding and to everyone’s surprise announces that she is gay.

This was a plot twist that I never saw coming. I actually applaud the writers for it. They’ve flirted with gay characters a bit this season with Zoe alluding to Dash being gay by saying that she didn’t think flirting with him would work. They also introduced Zoe’s aunt with her bias against New Yorkers due to her exes. For a while now I’ve wanted them to introduce a gay character on the show, but I was always afraid that they’d go the stereotypical campy route with a character much like Stanley. The fact that no one would ever expect it to be Crickett is what makes it so great. It was a nice surprise and I can’t wait to see how they proceed with Crickett’s storyline next season.

Tom & Wanda: The finale was great for Tom. He had a mind explosion when 2 of his idols, Joel Stevens and Don Todd, were in the same room. He was happy to announce that Wanda finally relented, and they are getting 3 alpacas. By the way, Wanda is also pregnant. So we will have a little Tonda baby to look forward to in the next season. I can’t wait to see how crazy and outrageous that will be.

Final Thoughts: I enjoyed 99% of the finale. It was really was a great note to end on what has been a rather disappointing season. It really only further proves that when Hart of Dixie is on, this is a great and fantastic show. The writers found a way to provide excitement to the close of the season and keep us guessing as to what is going to happen in the upcoming season. Thankfully the show was renewed and is coming back even though it won’t be until 2015 and probably for a shortened and final season. I will certainly miss these characters and the show while it is on a long hiatus. It provides a bright spot during the week when the DVR is full of shows with various supernatural being, things getting blown up, and people being murdered. It is nice to know that for an hour each week, I can check into BlueBell with its colorful characters, wacky shenanigans, and over the top town events that never fail to bring a smile to my face.

What did you think of the finale? Were you disappointed that Zoe and Wade didn’t fully reunite? Did you think that Lavon was going to go to AB? Team Lavon or Team George or Team No Triangle? Were you expecting that it would be Stanley and not Crickett who came out of the closet?

About the Author - Tracie
Tracie is a wife and stay-at-home mom of 2 residing in NJ. She likes to unwind with a good book or in front of the TV. She is an avid reader of romance books. She likes to cook and bake. She loves to exercise and is trying to live a healthier life style. She watches a wide variety of TV shows ranging from reality TV to scripted dramas. Some of her past and current favorite TV shows are Sex and the City, Charmed, The Good Wife, and Hart of Dixie.

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