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Hart of Dixie - Episode 3.20 - Together Again - Review

On Friday's new Hart of Dixie, the show continued its somewhat more proactive mode of storytelling that seemed to take over the past couple of weeks as the season began to approach its end.  While Zoe and Wade only had fleeting moments together in this episode, the scene is being set rather clearly for their reunion - and even Lemon can appreciate that!  Let's discuss what happened most recently in Bluebell.

Zoe, dear thing, actually felt guilty for her role in Wade's heartbreak over Vivian, even though it's no one's fault but Viv's.  Wade kept stepping in a hole that Joel left in their yard, which is a nice bit of symbolism.  He can't stay out of Zoe's way, and the hole left in her heart by Joel's departure is destined to be filled by the same man who's been in her heart for real all along...Wade!  His resentful attitude towards Zoe caused her to seek out any crazy solution to show him that she really cares about him (which he ought to know after she spent the previous episode bending over backwards trying to preserve his feelings).  Wade's a good enough guy that it's easy to forgive his misplaced lashing out at Zoe, especially since that in and of itself represents the way he's avoiding his true emotions towards her.  Now that the security of his relationship with Vivian is gone, he's left with the same love for Zoe he started out the season with, and that's not something he really wants to face right now.

Fortuitously for this week's wacky hijinks, Zoe ran into George, who was concocting his own scheme to make up for his whipped cream shenanigans in the kitchen at Fancie's that cost Lemon her high health inspection review score.  When George decided to track down an elusive food blogger and tempt him to review Fancie's, Zoe went right ahead and stole his plan, following him to try and snag the reviewer and get him to eat at the Rammer Jammer to please Wade.  Of course, Zoe and George's similarly frantic approach to the situation led to them messing things up entirely, first running smack into each other in a slapstick moment of pure H.O.D. silliness, and then misidentifying some random dude as the famed blogger.  Said random guy then stole George's truck and left him and Zoe stranded in the woods.  Luckily enough, one of the Truitt brothers showed up...nope, that's only lucky if you're in the mood for a backwoods horror comedy.  Once held humorously captive while the Truitts poured out their grievances for George hurting Tansy and Zoe driving "Joelle" off (he was their muse, haha), the only recourse was for Zoe to grab George and kiss him during their "trial."  Convincing the brothers that they had found love and happiness again in each other, somehow solving all of the trouble, George and Zoe then fled before they could be swept into the celebration the Truitts proposed that included a truly questionable cocktail recipe.

Once back in Bluebell, and after discussing the fact that they do still have chemistry, George and Zoe decided that it would be too easy to simply date now just because they are both single.  They seem to have determined that "Zeorge" was never meant to be, and while I agree, it's very interesting that the writers keep raising the issue of Zoe/George just to drop it again without ever having them try for a relationship.  Surely Zoe must also sense, however, that her feelings for Wade are rekindling...and George's state of mind about Lemon still feels conflicted.  So ultimately, it was wise of Zoe and George to make this decision not to pursue something together after their kiss.
Wade and Lemon decided to play "Ferris Bueller" and ran into the real food blogger at a taxidermy / diner (typical H.O.D.!).  Working together more efficiently than George and Zoe, Wade and Lemon got the writer to try Fancie's and the Rammer Jammer, showing him a good time and cheering Wade up along the way, circuitously fulfilling Zoe's own intentions.  I love the Wade/Lemon friendship and how they are able to bond, understand, and comfort one another even though they are polar opposites...and all this without there ever being a suggestion of romance between them.  This is definitely one of the more surprising and well-nuanced relationships on the show, and it's a continual delight.

My favorite scene in this segment of the episode was when Lemon told Wade the real reason for his angry feelings towards Zoe, informing him that Vivian's breaking Wade's heart was in no way Zoe's fault.  Quickly cutting to the chase and seeing right through every facade Wade has put up with regard to his true feelings about Zoe, Lemon pointed out that the reason why Wade is directing so much negative energy towards Zoe is that her role in this breakup makes him hyperaware of another factor:

 "It just reminds you how much control Zoe has over your heart."  -Lemon

Amazing.  And so true.

The ending with Zoe coming home worn out and impatient with Wade's attitude was awesome.  It's about time Zoe showed a little of her own spunk at Wade's treatment of her of late, despite her every overture of supportive friendship.  So yes, Wade can learn to step around that hole in the yard, but he obviously doesn't really want to.  And Zoe opted not to tell him the full story of what she tried to do for him, shocked that he and Lemon made the same plan work in her absence.  I'd say her flop into bed at that point was well-earned!
Lavon and AB - While this had some cute moments, it was probably the weakest part of the episode, with Davis seeming increasingly pointless despite Barry Watson's sincere performance.  AnnaBeth's parents were more interested in spending time with Lavon than getting to know Davis, much to their daughter's chagrin, though Lavon did redirect them and got them to make more of an effort with Davis.  Every time I think the writers are done with the Lavon/AB relationship, subplots like this come along to raise all of the old issues again.  Where is this all going by the end of the season?  I have no idea, but it will feel a bit redundant if Lavon and AnnaBeth just get back together...I wonder, though, if they will and if he will propose to resolve his previous commitment issues.

Brick, Shelby, Tom, and Wanda - A further tangential sub-subplot was found in this part of the hour, with Shelby rolling back into town with her beyond adorable baby.  Since Wanda was vacillating about her own plans to have a baby with Tom, Brick arranged for them to babysit the little one while he and Shelby went out for dinner.  Shelby is always a fun character to have around as she inevitably brings the possibility for chaos wherever she goes.  But this time, Brick wasn't so willing to get drawn back into her web.  Shelby really just seemed bored with her new life and was looking for some kind of distraction.  The timing of Lemon seeing her father and Shelby eating together at Fancie's right when she and Wade arrived with the food critic was too funny, as Lemon had to suppress her outraged response to this seeming-reunion.  The scene of Tom and Wanda babysitting was really adorable, and I also enjoyed Wanda pushing a baby goat around in a stroller earlier, because who doesn't love a baby goat in a stroller, especially when it's dressed up?

What did you think of this week's episode?  Share your thoughts in the comments!

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