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Fargo - Allison Tolman on Molly's Fate and Talk of Season Two

Allison Tolman stands out in the cast of FX’s Fargo for a number of reasons - one being that her character, Molly Solverson, is seemingly just about the only competent cop working in Minnesota. Even more unique is the fact that Tolman herself is the only fresh face in a cast full of well-known and accomplished actors. Working in Chicago as a post-production manager at a photography studio when she booked the part, Tolman told SpoilerTV what a whirlwind it’s been; “it’s kind of a quick unfolding and a really fast way for your life to change that much overnight.” In speaking to Tolman last week I got the impression that no one appreciates her rapid rise to fame more than the actress herself who spoke highly of working with veterans like Billy Bob Thornton, Keith Carradine and Martin Freeman on the series. She also teased what was to come for her character after last week’s blizzard shootout (hint: she may be down, but Molly’s not out).

Noting that clever fans of hers were quick to flock to the Fargo IMDb page to check how many episodes Allison would be present for (not to mention that she is one of just four actors named as a regular star) it’s safe to say that Solverson survived last weeks shooting at the hands Gus Grimly (Colin Hanks). That’s not to say, however, that the incident is without consequence. “I think that for sure the budding relationship that we saw between Gus and Molly is derailed a little bit by recent developments. And then in addition, it’s a major setback for her,” she told us. Having seen tonight's episode, “Who Shaves The Barber?”, I can confirm that Molly is in for a rude awakening when she realizes just how much has gone down in the case while she was recovering. “When she’s not working,” Tolman hinted, “other people are working on things.”

A former member of The Second City and lover of sketch comedy, Tollman has gelled effortlessly with her cast of heavy-weight peers, brilliantly bringing writer Noah Hawley’s darkly comedic tale to life. As for whether there may be more in store past this season, though, according to Tolman, no one really knows. “I know that they’re discussing it, and discussing if they do have a second season, or a second installment in the anthology, which actors might make it through to another season, what time it will be placed in, etc. etc.”

For now the actress is enjoying taking in the series’ current success (today Fargo was nominated for two Television Critics Association Awards, for Outstand New Program and Outstanding Achievement in Movies, Miniseries and Specials) and trying not to worry about what may come next. “Keith Carradine said something really interesting to me,” she told us of advice from her on-screen dad, “He said, ‘You have to think of it like the life of a television show is like the life of a dog. And it’s such a sweet thing to have a dog, but you know that at some point in time that dog’s not going to be with you anymore… that doesn’t make that time any less sweet. You just have to enjoy it while you have it.’”

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The full transcript from Allison Tolman's conversation with the press can be read below.