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There are also a lot of question marks surrounding Ward, especially after the final two episodes. What was important to accomplish with him toward the end of the season?

: We wanted to represent, in our characters, the different voices factions of our audience would have. Fitz still believes that Ward has been conditioned to be this way, and that’s definitely an opinion some of our audience has. We want to play the question of, Is he redeemable? There’s still glimpses of Ward where you feel there’s more going on with him being a bad guy. And, of course, we show in Episode 21 the conditioning. But we have yet to see what Garrett pulled him out of. We saw glimpses of his family life in Episode 7, but we still don’t know how dire or how toxic that was.

: We saw in the finale it was a little bit of one step at a time with helping Garrett and now that they reached the finish line, he was looking to Garrett for answers and Garrett’s not giving them to him, which emotionally affected Ward. For the first time he’s lost, and how that will play out in Season 2 is one of the things we’re excited to explore.

MT: In a way, there’s a nice parallel between Agent Ward and Agent Coulson, two men who’ve sort of been stripped of everything they’ve believed in and are left with nothing — all of them, collectively, are searching for their purpose. What is the purpose of S.H.I.E.L.D.? How will they define themselves now? Now that Garrett is gone, what does that mean for Ward? Will he come to something on his own? That is something we hope to explore in Season 2.

: With success.