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ABC New Shows 2014/15 - First Promos

13 May 2014

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Manhattan Love Story

How to Get Away With Murder





Secrets and Lies

American Crime


The Whispers

Fresh Off The Boat


    Looks hilarious

    The Whispers looks great....sad its mid-season :(

  2. Okay, my excitement for The Whispers, Galavant, and Fresh Off the Boat just went through the roof. All three of them look fantastic. WHY ARE THEY MIDSEASON?!?!

  3. Yay for Lily Rabe in Whispers and really looking forward to seeing How To Get Away with Murder!

  4. American Crime looks like it will be gripping... but what is up with the Desperate Housewives eyes?? is she wearing contacts??

  5. Forever - I've got to be honest. The trailer ABC put together is crap (the tone, narrative choice, the editing) but I still think the show should be pretty good.

    How to Get Away With Murder - I didn't know the creepy guy from Twisted was in this. That's even more reason for me not to watch.
    Black-ish - Funny material cut into another bad trailer.
    Selfie - I want to like this but I'm starting to see that Emily Kapnek's 'vapid material girl' shtick is going to wear thin quickly. I don't want to watch another Dalia Royce with more brain cells.
    Galavant - This looks like 'Robin Hood: Men in Tights - The Series' so I'll definitely give it a shot.

  6. Galavant looks hilarious and I cannot wait to watch!

    The Whispers looks terrifying, but definitely here for it.

    Secret and Lies looks great, and I love KaDee so be will be watching.

    Fresh Off The Boat hooked me with "I Saw The Sign" and made me laugh several times. Am definitely interested in the show now.

  7. The lead actor from Galavant is Larry Bird's brother :-)

  8. I'll edit this as I watch more but Galavant looks AWESOME. Glad I wasn't excited for no reason. Haha the king's musical number cracked me up. "I want to shoot him with a crossBOW I want to shoot him in the EYE".

  9. Fresh off the boat & Cristela look amazing they made me laugh. Secret & lies, A Crime, Selfie,MLS looking good as well. ABC has some good pilots in there. thumbs up,

  10. Pablo Troncoso13 May 2014 at 22:03

    Manhatan love story seems more like a romantic movie than a tv show

  11. is it me or did abc save some of their best til midseason

  12. Gressier Morgan13 May 2014 at 22:07

    Manhattan Love Story - Might check this out, but not that sold on it yet (feels like the ABC comedy of the year with 0 promotion
    How To Get Away With Murder - Oooh boy, I'm in. Loved the project, loved the first look earlier, and this got my interest. Oh Shonda, what do you have on me ?
    Black-ish - Not a big fan of the father nor the show premise (I prefered the Kevin Hart one), I hate when I see this kind of comment (because that's how networks work), but I can't believe we lost Trophy Wife to that.
    Forever - Not a procedural fan, but this could end up like Castle watching once in a while.
    Cristela - The first look was awful, but I see some heart in it, will watch the pilot but I'm afraid that will be it.
    Selfie - Expected better but it's quite entertaining, but it's from the creator of Suburgatory so I have hopes creatively cause I don't see it working same goes for MLS
    Secrets & Lies - Interesting, I watched the australian version pilot, I kinda liked it. I will check it for Kadee Strickland.
    American Crime - This coul be a great drama, Felicity Huffman will do great things in it.
    Galavant - Big Neighbors fan so I'm in no matter what. Looks crazy but in a good way.
    The Whispers - Wasn't that much interested in it but it got my attention.
    Fresh Off The Boat - My favorite ABC comedy trailer, but I feel like this year isn't that great in the comedy department, I'm much more enthusiastic in dramas.

  13. Selfie: Karen's character kind of reminds me of Chloe from Don't Trust Ther Bitch. John Cho is so bloody cute in this.

    Galavant: Oh god this is so ridlicious. THE SONGS!!! THE DANCING!! I need it now.

    The Whispers: Ahhh like every creepy horror movie with a kid from the last few years. Better than I expected though. I like how it plays like a parents nightmare, like shit are these kids being groomed but boom its aliens

    Fresh off the Boat: Pretty funny

  14. Much better ABC! I'm in LOVE with "Forever" and "How to Get Away with Murder". (The creepy guy fron Twisted is in it, and goes gay... I'm in!)

    "Secrets and Lies" looks exactly like the Australian version (only the detective is a woman, and just as a annoying), I'll check it out.

  15. FOTB looks really good.

  16. Forever: The trailer was poorly edited but it looks rather interesting and i like the actor who plays the main (i forget his name).

    Galavant: when this got ordered to series i was really looking forward to it , but i didnt the look of it at all , maybe because im not a huge fan of the whole musical comedy idea.

    How to get away with murder: Will be watching this one , looks very good and viola davis is in it which is a bonus as she is an amazing actress.

    Selfie: Looks quite entertaining , but not entirely sure if i will enjoy watching it but will give it a few episodes.

  17. Fresh Off The Boat, Cristela, and Galavant were a big surprise. I was laughing the whole time through the three of them! The best one of the three was Galavant!!

    The Whispers and Secrets and Lies look very promising.

    After a great sneak peek, Manhattan Love Story looks like it should've been a movie instead of a TV series. I wanted to love Selfie so badly but it doesn't look appealing to me. Both of them won't last past season 1.

    How to Get Away with Murder and American Crime are the ones to look out for!! I loved and enjoyed both of them.

    Forever looks like it can do okay on Tuesday Nights. I'll give it a try.

  18. SO excited for The Whispers!!

  19. Galavant: OMG! I need this now!!

    The Whispers: It looks really good!

  20. Galvant is really funny, count me in!
    Other than that, The Whispers and Selfie seem good I might watch those.
    How to Get Away with Murder took me by surprise, but I don't know I haven't watched anything by Shonda since PP

  21. The Whispers, How to get away with Murder and selfie are at the top of my list!

  22. Wow after the first batch of sneak peaks I thought ABC would be a disaster but they have some great shows, perhaps the most impressive alongside FOX.

    Manhattan Love Story B+ I think this show has potential.
    How to Get Away With Murder B+ the trailer looked good
    Black-ish C This is filled with too many cliches.
    Forever B+ This looked to have potential, I hope its not too procedural.
    Cristela F This looks awful, by far the worst
    Selfie B This could be funny
    Secret and Lies A- By far one of the strongest trailers
    American Crime B- A bit too much like Crash but I will give it a chance, too many talents involved.
    Galavant - B- I do not know how this could work but its very original.
    Whispers A- This looks very promising.
    Fresh of the Boat D Pass

    Looks like a good season for ABC

  23. I'm looking forward to Forever, How to get away with murder, Selfie and Secrets & Lies.
    The trailer for Galavant made me laugh, but I'm afraid it will lose its charm quickly and becoming annoying for me.

  24. 1. (BEST) The Whispers
    2. How To Get Away With Murder
    3. Galavant
    4. Fresh off The Boat
    5. Manhattan Love Story
    6. Selfie
    -Not Watching From Here
    7. Forever
    8. Secrets and Lies
    9. American Crime
    10. Black-ish
    11. (WORST) Cristela

  25. American Crime - Looks like it could be on premium cable.... and that is a very good thing!

    The talent level of the cast is AMAZING!

    Black-ish - Trailer is pretty funny, but I think it might get old fast.

    Christela - Just not funny

    Fresh Off the Boat - Looks like the show could have a lot of heart and be quite charming, but the trailer does not make me want to watch honestly....

    Galavant - Most definitely NOT my thing, and still the best sitcom offering from ABC.

    How to Get Away with Murder - Great lead actress, sadly it has an annoying showrunner, annoying young actors, and looks like it was designed to be like the other drivel on ABC. Not a chance I will watch.

    Manhattan Love Story - Looks like a mess and the internal dialog narration is annoying, but it does have some charm. Just not enough t make me care.

    Secrets and Lies - The original Aussie series was very good, I'm not sure this will measure up.

    Selfie - Just about everything I dislike in modern society in one 30-minute package.

    The Whispers - A show centered around child actors? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

    None of the trailers really grab me. Pretty bad lot of dramas this year, but the cast of American Crime will make me at least check it out. The sitcoms are slightly better than the dramas this year, but none none of them make my preseason must watch list. I may check out Black-ish.

  26. Galavant - Didn't expect to laugh this much. Hysterical. Definitely checking it out.
    Fresh off the Boat - this has promise. Laughed a few times.
    The Whispers - Quite intriguing.
    Secrets and Lies - is this a limited event type series? Could work if it is. One mystery throughout the season.
    Manhattan Love story - Bleh!!
    How to get away with Murder - Will check it out.

  27. OMG, Galavant looks awesome! Can't wait!

  28. Katarzyna Skop13 May 2014 at 22:49

    Some of these surprisingly caught my attention:
    - Galavant - you had me at 'Alan Menken'. Will definitely check it out
    - The Whispers - might be interesting, looks promising enough
    - Selfie - not really interested so far, but will check it out for Karen and John
    - How to Get Away With Murder - the one I was waiting for, looks AMAZING, definitely going on my 'to watch' list

  29. American Crime- high quality drama that you might see on a cable channel.
    Secrets and Lies- posters on here have said the Aussie version is really good and I like the limited season format not sure about Ryan Phillipe
    Galavant- don't like musicals
    Blackish- funny
    Fresh off The Boat- a few laughs
    How to Get Away With Murder- Viola Davis is such a great actress but the show does not interest me at all
    Forever- procedural with a twist, not my thing
    Selfie- might not be all that funny but updating My Fair Lady with a modern twist seems clever
    Whispers- The trailer does kind of grab you with the girl killing her mom but doubt if I will watch

  30. Selfie - I'm definitely watching this, Karen Gillan and John Cho are awesome! Please do well in ratings.
    Galvant - Musical, Fairytales and Adevture, I'm in!
    Fresh of the Boat - must watch from the creator of Don't Trust the B in Apt 23! I loved that show.
    How to Get Away with Murder - really has cured my attention, definitely lived up to the hype.
    The Whispers - looks promising, some of the good shows are Midseason :(

    Why did Cristella test so well, it's really not that great in my opinion, I'm so confused, glad it's on Fridays.

  31. The Whispers looks good Galavant look hilarious Selfie How To Get Away With Murder Fresh Off The Boat Forever Cristela looks interest look forward to watching these shows
    Secrets & Lies don't interest me might check out American Crime

  32. Manhattan Love Story aka. How a shallow douche met a shallow chick ?
    Who am I to judge but still....

  33. Thats exactly what I thought.

  34. Will definitely watch
    How to Get Away with Murder: A mixture of legally blonde, grey's anatomy and scandal. Me likey!
    American Crime: Reminds me of the movie "Crash", where an event affects many lives and focuses on the sensitive subject of race and stereotypes.
    Fresh of the boat: A show about an american dream. I instantly liked the mother.

    Forever: I was going to skip watching the promo based on the name "Forever". I thought it was going to be something sappy. Then it turns out to be a medical sherlock that gets reborn in brooklyn water after dying overtime.
    Cristela: It did make me laugh, but I am not a fan of sitcoms.
    The Whispers: If the series has a twist that isn't supernatural, I might give it a chance.

    Manhattan Love Story: Cute, but no.
    Black-ish: I didn't find it funny.
    Selfie: I was so looking forward to Selfie based on the premise sounded good. Instead of making it funny, they went the sappy route.
    Secrets and Lies: I can't see the events of the story spanning out as a series.
    Galavant: DEFINITELY NOOOO /chorus

  35. where's milo ventimiglia

  36. Ok. Let's see:
    Manhattan Love Story: hmmmm.. really not sure. I'll give it a try though.
    HTGAWM: I love Viola Davis, like the Scandal element, but I'm not buying the whole "her 4 interns just happen to be involved in a murder"... Viola Davis + Scandal 101= it deserves a chance.
    Blackish: it looks like a nice family comedy. And it is not retro, so yay. Will be on my watchlist at least for a couple of episodes. Laurence Fishburne being funny? Oddly creepy.
    Forever: yes. Already on my watch list. Ioan Gruffudd + Sherlock-y deduction skills + crime + Ioan Gruffud + Judd Hirsch + mystery of being constantly reborn.
    Secrets and Lies:
    American Crime:
    The Whispers:
    Fresh off the boat:

  37. Pablo Troncoso14 May 2014 at 00:50

    I didn't to expect to enjoy the Fresh Off The Boat trailer, but I actually did, it made me want to tune in. Same for Galavant, it seems so silly it might be funny.
    Secrets & Lies seems like a show with no real substance but that I might watch just to follow the "is he the killer/isn't he?" dance.
    How to get away with murder is a lock for me next fall, I can feel. And The Whisperers for midseason.
    Blackish, Selfie and Manhattan Love Story will get a shot. Maaaybe Cristela too.
    Though the trailer for Forever is way better than the first look I saw before I don't feel compelled to watch it. Same for American Crime.

  38. Jonathan Francesco14 May 2014 at 00:53

    MLS: Haven't been interested enough to watch yet.
    Boat: Surprisingly cute.
    Forever: A procedural masquerading as something more. It's got a new edge but it's just a gimmick.
    Murder: Ouch. That was predictably in ABC's wheelhouse.
    American Crime: Could be really good or bad.
    Cristella: Seems like a remnant of ABC's TGIF lineup in the 2000's.
    Galavant: So darn stupid it might be hilarious? Kind of like a Princess Bride effect. Doesn't seem to take itself too seriously and might be the biggest surprise of the bunch.
    Whispers: Eh, it's not bad, I just am not sure I want to see it for an entire series.
    Blackish: Could be good.
    Secrets and Lies: Seems a bit like Gracepoint? Dead boy whodunnits are all the rage this season like sitcoms about boys narrated by their adult selves were last year? lol
    Selfie: I didn't finish the trailer. Let that speak for how I'd get through the pilot.

  39. In the list to watch an maybe follow the show
    -Ho w to get away with murder
    -The Whispers
    -Fresh of the boat

    And maybe Black-ish

  40. as an asian, it looks slightly racist lol

  41. lol The Whispers Galavant and FOTB are all my favorite trailers from above too with my second favorites being Selfie, THEN Murder haha

  42. Both ABC and FOX are saving their best shows for midseason, I don't get it. But whatever.

  43. Ironically this is my favorite ABC batch of pilots in at least two seasons haha. The only one I will probably come close to hating is Cristela.

  44. does anyone know the second song on the HTGAWM trailer? It got stuck in my head but I can't find it.

  45. If you watch Last Man Standing you can see the set is exactly the same in Cristela except where the front door and stairs that lead upstairs there's a window in the middle as on LMS set there is Mike's office lol

  46. Ha! Great minds think alike ;)

  47. Cristela set is the same set used on Last Man Standing except one small difference lol

  48. For some reason I just rarely like ABC shows.
    I can enjoy their comedies from time to time but rarely enough to watch week to week.

    The Goldbergs changed that last year and that's the first ABC show I watched regularly since.... LOST or the first couple seasons of Castle (which got old fast to me but the girlfriend at the time watched it). I may have left out some show but until The Goldbergs I haven't actually looked forward to an ABC series since Lost.

    I had hopes for AoS last year, but what a dud it turned out to be.

  49. First of all, just some awful trailers. Not the material but they way they are cut ... it's not good.

    As for the shows themselves:

    How To Get Away With Murder - I'll give that a shot. The actual murder part I'm not sold on, but law students competing to impress the epic Viola Davis is definitely worth a look.

    Selfie - Great leads, great chemistry between them, and the dialogue is working fine. However, here's hoping there's something more to their series than "pretty girl outside, ugly inside" because that's a character, not a TV show. Also, just the worst title. I'll give it a try in the fall, but it'll have to give me something more to keep me hooked.

    Forever - Good actors, interesting twist, but basically it's just another Sherlock procedural - he's even British. Again, it'll have to show me something different to keep me watching, but I'll check it out.

    The Whispers - Could be really great, but I'll have to see more. The concept is interesting, but for some reason I'm not completely sold. But again, that could just be the really bad trailers.

    Galavant - This is either going to be supremely awesome or supremely awful, but Timothy Omundson is in it, so it gets a watch in the hopes that it lands on the awesome side.

    Black-ish/Fresh Off the Boat - Both cool attempts at trying to branch out from typical white family comedy. I want both to be good, but I'm not sure either is worth a fall spot. They spend a little too much talking about what makes them different than doing anything interesting for their characters. Still, I wouldn't be too surprised if one of these makes it onto my viewing schedule next year.

    Christela - Nope.

    Manhattan Love Story - Also nope; I'm not into the gimmick.

    American Crime - Once again, it could be the bad editing, but this seems more like it wants to be profound than it actually is. Good cast, but it'll have show something more to get a watch.

    Secrets and Lies - Boring. Nope.

    Verdict: ABC shows are ranging from "okay" to "dull," and are suffering in comparison to the much stronger FOX show trailers, although the terrible ABC trailer editing doesn't help any. There are some that I'll probably watch, but nothing that right now stands out as something I'll definitely keep watching next year. Of course, there isn't a trailer for Agent Carter yet, so that's something to look forward to.

  50. Ok, so I have a dilemma. I love Viola Davis. But I hate this show's concept so much... and honestly I'm not crazy for yet another insane Shonda show. There's enough craziness in Scandal for the entire week. Help?

  51. Gotta love the logic behind "this is Robin Hood in tights, therefore I'll definitely watch it". But seriously, it's about time we had a show that embraces the crazy in fairytales.

  52. I'm a sucker for Mel Brooks. Even the bad stuff.

  53. MLS looks too cute! im gonna watch it!
    How to get away with Murder.. BRING ON THE DRAMA, the sex, the lies everything.... I'm on board, cant wait to see which one of those kids die first.
    Selfie: another one on my list!

  54. Will definitely try Fresh off the Boat and Selfie -- both trailers were honestly a lot more fun than I expected, and with Selfie's leads, I'd have given them a chance regardless.
    Forever: could go either way. We'll see.
    Galavant: could turn out to be pretty awesome! Fingers crossed.
    American Crime: not usually my genre, but that's a cast I can't pass up! I'll check it out, for sure.

  55. First thing I thought after watching the promo for The Whispers, "Why TF is the tree house so high?"

  56. Selling my soul to Shonda Rhimes yet again with How to Get Away With Murder

  57. Similar to Fox, ABC is holding off too many of the better looking series till mid season.

    The BAD: Cristela looks outright terrible.The multicam-ness isn't encouraging and I didn't crack a smile watching that promo. I'm not at all sold on Manhattan Love Story (douche meets air head, seen many times before), Secrets and Lies (yawn) and to my disappointment, American Crime (talented cast, overdone premise) or Forever (this is the least bad bad one, but it's still been done before). They all look mediocre/derivative. Not even worth talking about.

    The WTF/Crazy enough to try: That Galavant promo is probably the most bewildering trailer I've seen for a tv show in recent memory. Like, wow. You just have to love those neighbors creators- I will definitely be watching. That's a crazy bet ABC is taking there- but I like the plan of using it to bridge OUaT's hiatus (what they should have done with OUaTiW). I really like Fresh off the Boat's creator, and it's cool to see ABC adding diversity to its line up but I worry this attempt to diversify will just result in too many stereotypes that put people off. The casting for the mum is quite good though. I don't know, it doesn't actually look too bad to me, and it seems like it could eventually become quite funny, but I'm not sure how it could be a ratings success. I was ready to write off Whispers as yet another boring procedural but it looks surprisingly high concept. Lily Rabe is crazily talented and as long as it's not boring, I'm willing to try. Selfie doesn't look particularly funny yet but I really like the cast and showrunner. The Mindy Project has gotten me into tv-shows-as-rom-coms, so I'm pretty interested in seeing what it could evolve into. Although the premise (and Karen's accent) is kind of dodgy, she and John Cho (who looks adorable in this role) look like they have good chemistry.

    The GOOD: Even if I try to resist, I know I'm going to watch How to Get Away with Murder. So far, it doesn't look as good as I'd hoped it to be, but it still has a more original premise than 80% of what's on the air right now. I had thought the sneak peek of Black-ish (what an awful awful title) showed promise, and now I'm surprisingly sold on it? Unlike many of the other comedy promos so far, it looks actually pretty funny. It's still so weird to see Laurence Fishburne in a comedy that has to do with race because Hannibal is very dark drama and race neutral. Still though, that title.

  58. Secrets and Lies looks good, will also try How To Get Away With Murder and The Whispers.

  59. Nothing for me. As I thought, Secrets and lies look like a cheap ripoff of Australian original series, which honestly wasn't a masterpiece.

  60. I'll definitely watch: The Whispers and How To Get Away with Murder.
    Probably: Selfie, Secrets and Lies.
    Maybe: Forever and Black-ish
    No: The rest.

  61. HTGAWM and Secrets & Lies look pretty good =]

  62. When I first heard about Fresh Off the Boat, I cringed so hard at the title but the promo was hilarious!! Mainly because I can relate to it (being Chinese), I just hope that they find a audience for the show in the US.

  63. I agree that Black-ish is a really bad title.

  64. Freakin' US Only14 May 2014 at 16:06

    Definitly watching: The Whispers, HTGAWM, Selfie
    maybe: Forever, Secrets and Lies, Galavant

  65. Manhattan Love Story: Not entirely sure about this one yet.
    How To Get Away With Murder: I'm not really liking how the premise turned out but I've liked everything Shonda Rhimes has put out, so I'll give it a try.
    Forever: Why do I have this nagging feeling the leads will end up together?
    Secrets And Lies: I like it. I know this is pulled out of thin air but I feel like the lead detective is behind it all. The premise reminds me of Rectify.
    American Crime:
    Gavalant: This looks so campy and over-the-top, count me in.
    The Whispers: It looks better than I thought. too bad it was saved for mid-season.
    Fresh Off The Boat: I adore the mom. I loved how she takes the entire basket of chips and then gestures with her hands "Whatever". Looking forward to it.

  66. Wiwardz Of Oz - Welcome To The Night

  67. Manahtten Love Story - first time in my life I want to check out a comedy
    Forever - like the cast - the show painfully remindes me of New Amsterdam (loved it) - maybe I will check it out.
    The Whisper - hoping they are going to broadcast it in our country - serialized Shows hardly work though.

  68. Well its written by an asian so.

  69. Helena Chester14 May 2014 at 21:02

    How to get away with murder looks good!

  70. After watching these promos, I'm going to check out a few more than I originally thought. I'll be watching...

    First few episodes: Fresh of the Boat (looks surprisingly hilarious), The Whispers (wasn't interested before seeing the promo).

    The Pilot: Manhattan Love Story, How to Get Away With Murder, Forever, Selfie, Galavant.

    Not interested: Black-ish, Cristela (worst), Secret and Lies, American Crime.

  71. The Whispers and Galavant stand out to me as far and away the best. Gala any has to be one of the most original comedies in years and it looks funny! The Whispers is definitely intriguing. Other than that, I also really enjoyed the Selfie trailer and How to Get Away With Murder looks good too. American Crime I'm not so sure about. It looks like it could be good but it seems more like a cable show. Forever is just another procedural with a slight twist but not enough for me to care to watch it. Blackish looks OK. It could go either way but I don't think I'll watch it. The other 3 comedies look really bad.

  72. Except for Gotham.

  73. They used the same set to shoot the pilot as ABC didn't initially give it a pilot order and everything was last minute.

  74. I think my original assessments were astute.

    Manhattan Love Story, Forever and Selfie are definitely on my to watch list.

    I like how American Crime and The Whispers are looking, however I feel they might be a bit too high concept and ambitious, and I think their chances of survival are quite low (especially The Whispers seeing as it's midseason). I hope I'm wrong, because as I said they do look good.

    "Meh" on Cristela, Fresh of The Boat and Black-ish. They don't look bad or unwatchable, but they don't particularly pop out either...

    How To Get Away with Murder reeks of being a Shonda show. I'm over Shonda shows. They do nothing for me. And it sucks cause there are actors in there who I do really like and/or love.

    I really don't know what to make of Galavant. It looks ridiculous... and that can be either AMAZING or a complete and utter disaster. No middle ground... Wait and see over that one I guess.

  75. Black-ish just looks bad, and what an awful, title.
    American Crime maybe too gritty for broadcast television, would have done better on FX.
    Forever looks decent with it's comedic side.
    The Whispers looks intriguing but why no Milo in the promo?
    Cristela was kinda funny, I wanna watch to see why it tested off the roof.
    Manhattan Love Story looks cute.
    Galavant could be a hit or miss, same as The Neighbors, the premise is too "out there".
    I didn't expect it but Fresh Off the Boat surprised me.

  76. Thanks for the info. Man wat a money saver lol

  77. Reaaaaally hope Selfie will work out for Karen. I gotta say I've had pretty gigantic doubts from the second I learned her show would be named 'Selfie' but based on the trailer it won't be that bad at all, I'm actually looking forward to it. Seeing her without the scottish accent is a total shock, though.

  78. I'm from Belgium, so I'm not sure what you mean by midseason, what's so bad about it?

  79. It means it will premiere in 2015.

  80. Dexter Moregan16 May 2014 at 16:35

    to make Caucasian enjoy because they are seen what they want to see

  81. Bangkhanh Nguyen16 May 2014 at 19:29

    so excited, the hot carlos ponce, nvr seen him in an american tv show before,

  82. Hmmm...American Crime, Forever, Secrets & Lies nd Warriors are on my to-watch-list ;-)

  83. really? i think it charming to have Sloane's accent there. gives the alien series a touch of reality. makes it more believable IMO.

  84. I usually love accents! British, Australian everything works for me! But Sloane has the worst accent ever, can't stand it at all.


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