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The Walking Dead - Season 4 - Top Five Moments in Review

The Walking Dead’s fourth season has come to a close, and so I’ve picked out my top five moments from the season. See if you agree.

5. Michonne tells Carl what happened to her son (A)

The development that she had a son in ‘After’ had been coming for a while – there had been signs of a past connection to kids in season three. Flashbacks in ‘After’ let us devise our own theories about what happened, none of them positive. Carl did the same, and was proven right. This was nice development on the Michonne front (it was also good to learn who those chained walkers were), however it also led to a better connection between her and Carl. The back half of the season had presented her as more of a motherly figure for Carl, and this development helped move that along.

4. The Governor plays chess with Meghan (Live Bait)

As the third season went on, it became easy to forget that The Governor (to quote Mika) probably wasn’t like that before. We saw signs earlier in the season that he did actually care for other people, despite his concurrent portrayal as a psychopath. This was seen particularly with his despair over Michonne’s ‘killing’ of his daughter (which led to the mass killing in the third season finale). Upon his return in ‘Live Bait’, he was shown as someone who just didn’t care anymore. Yet, finding the Chamblers, particularly finding his connection with Meghan really brought out a new side to him (this was of course followed by a brutal killing of her zombified grandfather – but even that was to save the family). The chess game gave us great insight into The Governor’s former life, which I felt was crucial character development.

3. Rick kills Joe’s group (A)

Rick had been struggling with his anger issues for a long time now. Flashbacks to the time at the prison helped spur us on towards the moment when he finally let his anger out upon Joe’s group. It was the only real violent scene we had in the episode, so that was good in itself. But what was even better is the way that Rick went from hostage to psycho. That gunshot was the turning point, and I loved the way that Rick did what he did in order to protect those close to him.

2. Carol kills Lizzie (The Grove)

It seemed obvious. The choice to kill Lizzie in favour of protecting everyone from her psychotic mind. Yet, when Carol actually pulled that trigger, it came as a shock to everyone watching. ‘Did she really just do that?’ we thought. Killing a child is seldom seen on TV shows, yet The Walking Dead has done this on multiple occasions (see Sophia, Patrick). Even so, killing Lizzie (and Lizzie killing her own sister) came as a brutal shock to viewers.

1. The Governor attempts to take the prison (Too Far Gone)

This is a scene that we had been anticipating for a long time. Sure, we got The Governor’s failed attempt at overtaking the prison in the season 3 finale, but it wasn’t anywhere near the magnitude of what we witnessed here. Killing Hershel was a bold move, and it was followed by 12 (yes, 12) minutes of utter chaos. It was one of those ‘no one is safe’ moments, where anyone could be caught in the gunfire. Even Rick got shot in the leg. It resulted in the group being split apart, a spilt that formed the latter half of the season. But nothing compared to the brilliance on display in this scene.

What were your top five moments? Sound off in the comments!

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