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The Originals - Episode 1.18 - The Big Uneasy - Sneak Peek 4

14 Apr 2014


  1. Wow 4 Sneaks for this episode!

  2. Marcel loves to soapbox and make big speeches. Unfortunately for the people around him, he really sucks at following through with any of the ideas he spouts off.

  3. I hope Elijah does kill Marcel. He's asking for it.

  4. damn...I'm so sad for Thierry biting it :(
    he's the only non TVD original character I actually like

  5. Why isn't Marcel dead yet? I don't get it. I know he's a main character but they really need some plausible explanation for this. I don't even understand why anyone would follow him at this point. I get Theirry and he have a solid friendship.... oh wait.. wasn't there that one time Marcel stuck him in the garden and even AFTER getting 100% confirmation from Klaus himself that Theirry was set up and Klaus gave him permission to release him, he LEFT him there to rot? Yeah... Marcel shouldn't have ANYONE on his side at this point.

  6. Pretty much.

  7. It's not sneak peek 4... the previous was a producer's preview... IT'S THE THIRD SNEAK PEEK!

  8. Well as a female viewer idgas about his looks. That all goes out the window when the personality makes me sick. When he's CMD i can tolerate him. When he's on screen the very sight of him turns me off. I think he bothers me more than Klaus and THAT"S saying something, cuz i can't F*ucking standddd himmmmm! lmfao


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