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Final Adjusted TV Ratings for Friday 11th April 2014

14 Apr 2014

Remember you can view ALL Ratings and Charts for all shows/seasons in our Interactive TV Ratings Database.

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  1. Shit, Hannibal adjusted down, that's not good.

  2. Is that a series low for Hannibal?

  3. Hannibal is doing worse than Dracula.

  4. No, you can see all the historical ratings in the Ratings Database

  5. Wow, a series low in the demo for Grimm. That's not good

  6. that's not good then.

  7. Thanks , will check through it now.

  8. It really is not. They are tied. Remember, it's all about relative ratings. NBC's other dramas (The Blacklist, Grimm, Chicago Fire, Revolution) ratings are now lower than they were when Dracula was airing. Chicago PD improves the average but then again, Crisis and Believe depress it.

    If you want to go beyond numbers, you always have to take into account the fact that: 1) It's Spring so ratings are expected to be lower than Fall and Winter and 2) It's lead-in is now weaker than it was back in the fall.


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