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The Newsroom - Season 3 - Only six episodes

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The final season of The Newsroom, which will air this fall on HBO, is currently filming its last 6 episodes, instead of the usual 10-episode order (season 2 was 9 episodes because of reshoots on the first 3 episodes).

Thus the show's final tally will be 25 episodes - unless Sorkin decides he wants to go for another round, in which case there wouldn't be any contract problems with the cast.

Olivia Munn said :

"It was up to Sorkin, if we were going to do another one, so we were all waiting. HBO still won't let us out of our contracts, really, because they say, “Just in case Sorkin wants to do more, we can’t let anybody go”. But Sorkin writes every single episode, and that’s exhausting and that’s very hard, to always do that. So, he made a decision to do six more and tell that story.

I’m excited, personally, for two reasons. One, it's really exciting to be able to end a show on a high note. It’s exciting because we all get to go off and do other stuff. We get to have this experience, but also go off and do other projects.

And as a friend of Aaron’s, I’m happy that he's not being forced to keep writing something when he’s just exhausted, and he’s got other things that he wants to write. It's so much better that way. I’m happy that we get to do six and end it. I’m sure other people have a different opinion, but I think it's nice."

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