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The Musketeers - Season 2 - Filming Updates & Speculation [UPDATED 31/12/14]

With filming starting on Monday, and bits of info starting to come in already, it's about time we got our Season 2 filming and speculation thread under way. I have added the bits and pieces we have had posted in a couple of the previous threads so far below, and will update it periodically with what ever new pieces of information we get. If you would like to send me anything to add to the thread I can be contacted on Twitter or you can use the Submit Scoop button.

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31st December

This will be the last update to this thread before the show starts on Friday. It's been great meeting and chatting to you all here and across social media over the filming hiatus, it's really helped with the wait for Season 2. I hope that you all enjoy the show, and here's hoping that it will be back for a third season next year.

I will be doing previews for the episodes, in case you have missed it the first one for Keep Your Friends Close can be found by clicking here. There are also posts for each episode with the Press Release information, photos and videos in as they are released by the BBC. You can find each of them by clicking The Musketeers tag under any post, or alternatively you may want to bookmark this link here.

I'd like to wish you all a Happy New Year, and will see you all in the comments and on Twitter or in our Google Community.

Lastly, here is a round up of all the photos collected in the comments here since the previous update. They include the Paris promotional trip the cast & crew went on, Jessica's updates and the usual Instgram pictures.

Thanks to karynn, Loïc de Boudemange, Gorgeous Aramis, TeamDesF, Reetu Kabra, Camille W, Kiran Poonia, Maxime Guény, The Smart Girls Blog, Paul Englishby, Jessica Pope, the BBC, Luke Pasqualino & Howard Charles for the photos

5th December


I'm adding this update as it's quite an important one! BBC America have announced that they will airing S2 in January after all :)

BBC AMERICA’s drama series, The Musketeers, returns for season two in January. The series, which has thrilled audiences across the globe, having sold to 140 territories, is set on the streets of seventeenth century Paris, where law and order is more of an idea than a reality. Returning for season two is Luke Pasqualino (Skins, The Borgias) as D’Artagnan, Tom Burke (Great Expectations, The Hour) as Athos, Santiago Cabrera (Merlin, Heroes) as Aramis and Howard Charles (Royal Shakespeare Company) as Porthos. They are joined by Marc Warren (Hustle, Mad Dogs) as the Comte De Rochefort. Created by Adrian Hodges (My Week With Marilyn), this is a fresh and contemporary take on the classic characters in the much-loved novel by Alexandre Dumas.

The Musketeers premieres Saturday, January 17 at 9:00pm ET on BBC AMERICA.


Another quick update to the post today as there's a few pieces of news. Firstly here's a new photo and a few words from Adrian Hodges about Season 2. Click on the link to read interviews with the cast too. (Don't forget that there will be something out later tonight too!)

Some things have changed, some things remain the same - the four boys, d'Artagnan, Athos, Porthos, and Aramis are still very much at the centre of the action, but now they have a new and deadly opponent - The Comte De Rochefort, played by Marc Warren.

We're obviously thrilled to add an actor of Marc's experience and quality to our brilliant cast and we think you will enjoy the dangerous journey he takes us on. His interaction with Tom, Luke, Howard and Santiago has been a pleasure to watch for me, as I hope it will be for you.

So, what can you expect from The Musketeers this time? More stunts, more action, a little humour and wit, and some romance in the mix, as before; but I think this is a more demanding journey than before, as we've upped the serial element and taken the show in a slightly tougher and perhaps more surprising direction. It's everything you might expect but taken a degree or two further than last time. The tone remains the same but this is a darker and sexier Musketeers. I really hope you enjoy the ride.


The press screening on Wednesday went very well as I'm sure you all have heard already. In case you have missed it, my preview for the season with a few teasers and a hangman game can be found here.

Colin and Nigel are very busy working on the sound for the next few episodes. The preview I saw for episode 2 made me think that it could possibly become my favourite one yet - those who know my will now be trying to work out why that could be I'm sure, lol! Colin tweeted out this yesterday of the two of them hard at work.

Here's a round up of the latest pictures

Thanks to the BBC, Jessica Pope, RedScharlach, Jill at Redbubble, Colin Wratten and Natalie Charles for the pictures

1st December

Just a brief update this evening to let you know that the main BBC Musketeer website has been updated with images and information about the cast and crew. You can see them by clicking here and here.

One piece of spoiler news, it seems that Anne and Louis are indeed parents now. Marguerite, played by Charlotte Salt is employed to care for the young Dauphin. There is no news on his name though, so will is be Louis XIV or another name that the young heir bears?

Below are the new shots of the cast, if you click on the thumbnails you will be taken to the full sized images. Jessica Pope isn't included in the Meet the Crew photos, but I'm sure all the fans who come to this site will join me in thanking her too for all the time she has spent on S2, especially in providing the photos and bits of information during filming.

Many thanks to the BBC for the photos

26th November

I know it's only been less than a week since the last update, but with some of the cast having been over to Johannesburg this week to promote the show there are lots of lovely photos to share, so I thought I may as well do a small one.

Paul Englishby has tweeted that he is finding the job of scoring for the show enjoyable, albeit different to Luther, which is understandable. He also shared this photo of some mixing for Episode 2.01:

Jessica didn't get to go to South Africa with the guys, she's been helping to getting the first episodes finalised and ready for broadcast. Nigel Heath, who did the sound for S1 (and many, many other shows/films) has been working on the sound remix, and it looks like things have been going well.

Channel 24 did a round table interview with the cast while they were in South Africa, here a few of the Q&A's, more can be found on the link:

Do you have any input in how you want your character to evolve in the series?

Definitely, collaboration is key. The writers and producers understand that this it is important. We are pretty much involved in everything, not at the beginning of it but once it gets to a certain point we are afforded time and opportunity to give feedback and express ideas. But we do that not just for ourselves but for each other too.

How have you made your characters different from the original characters in the novel?

The brilliant thing about having ten hours of television and then another ten hours in the second season is that you’ve got that time which you wouldn’t have in a two hour film to really introduce back story. Milady in the book is very different. She’s much more unrepentant and ruthless in the book. I think they and I wanted to introduce some of the reasons why she is like that and show elements of her fear and her griefs.

You’ve just completed filming the second series what can we look forward to?

It’s more character driven because that’s what people enjoy from the first season. We go deeper and it’s fuller for everyone. The stakes are much higher for every character in the show and there’s drama and conflict and it’s a bit darker.

Here's a round up of the photos from SA, plus one from BTS on set of Porthos that the BBC released last week. Don't forget to look out for tweets from my account next week when I will be at the screening of the first episode in London!

Thanks to BBC Entertainment SA, elbroide, Thirosha Pillay, santiago-cabrera tumblr, ELLE magazine SA, anna-marie, Kate Jones, Channel 24, Luke Pasqualino, Howard Charles, Maimie McCoy and the BBC for the photos

20th November

Post production is almost done for the first episodes. Some music was being completed over in London at the Angel Studios earlier this week and composer Paul Englishby has teased this page of music on Twitter for those of you that can read sheet music. Does this mean a new recording of the intro tune?

The Press Screening of the first episode and then a live Q & A with the cast, Adrian Hodges & Colin Wratten will be happening in a couple of weeks in London. I will be live tweeting from the event so feel free to follow me for any updates while I am there. If you have any questions you want me to try and ask them then pop them in the comments below.

The BBC have released a couple of behind the scene photos of a rainy day on set saying that Season 2 will be soon. I think we are probably looking at sometime in the next 2-3 months for sure, but not having a definite date at this point is nothing to worry about as it is usual not to have it until fairly close to broadcast. We can make out Tom, Howie and Hugo in this photo, but who is the mysterious person in the black cloak, could it be Marc Warren's Rochefort, or someone else?

There has been a rumour going round that BBC America has set a date for Season 2 of 22nd June 2015, but as this was a Monday (and is exactly the same date that Season 1 started over there) it seemed a bit odd to me. I found out that it appears to have come from this article from Variety which is worded oddly and could be misleading. It's dated from April 2014 and is actually giving the start date of Season 1 and also announcing that Season 2 has been 'greenlit'. As far as I am aware BBC America have not set a date as yet. There is nothing on their Press site to indicate that they have, at present it simply states "a second season will air in 2015"

Here's the usual round up of photos that have come in since the last update, as it was only last week there isn't a huge amount I'm afraid, although the last two are new HQ shots from the BBC, if you click on them you will be taken to our gallery where you will see them in full.
Thanks to Jessica Pope, the BBC, Farawaysite and Paul Englishby for the photos

13th November 2014

Filming has come to an end and post production work is in full swing. The music this season is being scored by award winning composer Paul Englishby and is being recorded in Prague at the Smecky Studio this week.

Nuge over at Geek Syndicate spoke to Adrian Hodges last week who had this to say (more on the link):

Musketeers shooting finishes this week. It’s a deeper and more dangerous series than last time – still recognisably the same tone, but probably less jokey than last time (though still witty, I hope) and more serialised than before with one story going through the whole series as well as various stories of the week.

One piece of exciting casting news came in during the last week of filming. Peter Sullivan from The Borgias, a show that Luca appeared in, will be playing a character rumoured to be called Vargas, which is generally a Spanish or Portuguese surname.

Here is a round up of all the photos since the last update. It's lovely to see some of the people who are behind the cameras in some of these, as Peter says above they are the unsung heroes who are just as important to this show as the ones we see on screen. I'm also very glad to see that it appears as though Treville makes it to the finale as he's in a photo with Jessica at the moment when filming wraps, and the photo of Luke getting his beard shaved off made me smile, I get the feeling he was a little bit glad to get rid of it, lol. There's also a character in the background of one intriguing photo with the the stunt guys, Roman & Steve, that we've nicknamed the 'ninja monk' for now. What exactly he's up to in a room full of bunting and a set of scales has us flummoxed, can't wait until Season 2 to find out!

Thanks to Jessica Pope, the BBC, Luke Pasqualino, Howard Charles, Pete Sullivan, Evelyn, Colin Wratten and Tamla Kari for the photos

26th October 2014

Lots of news for you on this update!

Filming for Season 2 will be over in less than two weeks and then it will only be three months until it hits our screens, the long wait is almost over Musketeer fans! Well, it is if you are lucky enough to live in the UK, fans living in the USA will still have to wait until June 2015 at present for Season 2 which is a long time to go trying to dodging the inevitable spoilers. Other shows, like Doctor Who, don't have to wait for such a long time before broadcast because fans have made it clear that there is a huge demand for them. So make your voices heard and tweet/message BBC America if you would like them to know the same about The Musketeers!

Producer Jessica Pope has been tweeting with fans about how the crew will be developing plans and ideas for Season 3 once filming finishes on the 7th November. Although the go ahead hasn't been given yet news that the show has been part of the success that has driven up sales of British TV exports by 5% this year must put it in good standing I feel.

I've started a G+ Community to run along side the site which can be found here. As well as posting the photos and bits of news as the come in you can also add your fan art/videos, unrelated photos, articles, interviews, discussion, etc. There will also be links back to the comments section of this post for any of the spoilers posted over there if you would like to carry any discussions on over here too. It's only small at present, but once Season 2 starts I expect a lot more Gifs and discussion will start to come in.

Adrian Hodges answered some questions over at Live Journal this month, mostly related to S1 but with a few hints looking forward too. A few bits are below, but head over to the link to read the full article.

Q: One word only to describe each of the four Musketeers

Athos: Charismatic

Porthos: Unstoppable

Aramis: Profound

D’Artagnan: Heroic

Q: Where are the palace scenes filmed? The rooms are absolutely gorgeous. Are they part of a real location?

A: All the Louvre Palace scenes are done in a variety of locations in the Czech Republic, bar the new Queen's chambers, which you'll see in the new series which is a set at our fixed base in Doksany.

Q: Will we see d'Artagnan continue to grow and develop into the legendary character he becomes in the books?

A: In due course, but we're not in any rush. He certainly faces some really tough challenges this year, both in physical terms and romantically. But I think the "heroic journey" you mean is more for the third season. But it's always been part of our plan.

Q: Can you tell us something about each of the four main characters that hasn’t yet appeared on screen in the series (however inconsequential)?

A: Not without spoiling the next series! Suffice to say that we find out something important that we didn't know about each of the characters this time around - less so Athos and d'Artagnan perhaps, but definitely Porthos and Aramis.

Finally, here are the photos from the last couple of weeks. Porthos seems to be enjoying getting all muddy, and Constance too is hinting at becoming 'dirty' herself in one snap, perhaps she needs to take a bathe in the lake from the location of Tamla's other photo here. d'Artagnan is on set with some bears and appears to have hurt himself in the group shot. Athos is getting chummy with Milady - what do you think can be going on there?! And why do you think Aramis is looking so sad, could it be related to the possibility that someone dies in episode 9 as we speculated might happen in our last update?

Thanks to Jessica Pope, the BBC, Luke Pasqualino, Natalie Douglas, Maimie McCoy, Howard Charles and Tamla Kari for the photos

12th October 2014

The cast and crew started filming for the final two episodes this week and it looks like we will have to brace ourselves for some sad news in at least one of those as Jessica tweeted this on Thursday

She was asked if this meant that Athos would be dying and this was her cryptic reply

As you can imagine, this has caused quite a stir in the comments below as we have been speculating what this could mean. We're pretty sure that the main four Musketeers will be safe but have concerns for Treville, Milady, Constance, Marguerite and young Louis XIV. Who do you think it could be, or do you have any other theory as to what the tweets could mean? We'd love to hear from you in the comments below.

The site is currently running a poll to see which shows to set up dedicated twitter accounts for, and The Musketeers is one of the options. If you click here you will be taken to the page if you would like to vote. It would be helpful to have a twitter account for the show for when Season 2 comes back so that we can spread the word when new clips, previews, photos, etc go live quickly to all the fans. Last season was great fun as we all got together to discuss and speculate on any new information as it came out.

Jessica was asked last week by a fan when Season 2 would be starting, here is her reply

So it appears that we are still looking around February 2015 is my guess, probably after Atlantis finishes its run.

Here are the photos from the last couple of weeks, not as many as last time I'm afraid, but there are couple of nice ones of Rochefort this time round. In one it looks like he is with a priest or Cardinal of some kind, which has made me wonder if he could possibly be working for the Pope, what do you think? In another d'Artagnan's beard is coming on nicely so this must be from the latest episodes, and he doesn't look happy at all, what do you think has upset him?

Thanks to Jessica Pope, the BBC, Howard Charles and Tamla Kari for the photos

28th September 2014

Only 5 and a half weeks left of filming to go Musketeer fans, and it's been a busy couple of weeks on set as the press have visited so we should be expected to see some interviews and reports coming out later this autumn I hope! It seems much of the recent guest cast have finished filming for episodes 7 & 8; Phoebe Dynevor tweeted yesterday that she was on her last day of filming, and sent this intriguing tweet on Thursday:

Here's a round up of all the photos we've been discussing in the comments since the last update. They include a possible dishevelled Rochefort in one of Aramis' photos, Luca standing up for Emma Watson's #HeforShe campaign, Marguerite & Anne looking rather scared/surprised and some BTS shots on set of the cast and some of the press that visited the set a couple of weeks ago.

Thanks to Jessica Pope, the BBC, Luke Pasqualino, Howard Charles, TV Choice, Digital Spy, Catherine Moor, TV Times & TheMusketeers Italia for the photos

14th September 2014

The ever resourceful Scoobie has found out some casting news, Liam Cunningham (Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, Merlin), Perdita Weeks, Emma Hamilton and Ben Starr have been tweeting that they have joined the crew out in Prague for the current block of filming this past week. Phoebe Dynevor and Amanda Wass have also tweeted that they have been filming too, so it looks like episode 7 or 8 will have a lot of guest stars in!

Maimie confirmed that Season 2 will be returning to BBC 1 in February 2015 while at the TV Choice Awards. My guess is that we are possibly looking at the 15th Feb, Valentine weekend, what do you think? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below :)

Here's a round up of all the videos and photos we've been discussing in the comments since the last update a couple of weeks ago.

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge from Tamla on Vimeo.

Thanks to Jessica Pope, the BBC, Ryan Gage, Tamla Kari, Luke Pasqualino & Howard Charles for the photos

29th August 2014

Here's Luke and Maimie's Ice Bucket videos, and a round up of all this months photos so far.

IMG 6224 from Maimie McCoy on Vimeo.

Thanks to Jessica Pope, the BBC, Luke Pasqualino & Howard Charles for the photos

3rd August 2014

The British Blacklist have announced that Charles Venn (Eastenders, Footballer's Wives, Dream Team) and Chris Ryman (Casualty, Count Arthur Strong) have been cast. Cheers to Scoobie for the heads up. Source

Here's a round up of all the photos since the last update.

Thanks to Jessica Pope, the BBC, Luke Pasqualino & Howard Charles for the photos

18th June 2014

The Geek Syndicate Interview with Adrian Hodges can be found here.

Here is Santiago's World Cup Seat video followed by the latest photos since the last update.

Thanks to Jessica Pope, the BBC & Luke Pasqualino for the photos

14th June 2014

The Press Release about Colin Salmon and Antonia Thomas casting can be found here.

Here's some short videos from the BBC Instagram from the set, followed by a round up of the latest photos since the last update.

Thanks to the BBC and Jessica Pope for the photos

29th May 2014

Two casting updates thanks to Scoobie, firstly Marianne Oldham (The Crimson Field, WPC 56) announced via her twitter account that she would be appearing in Season 2.

Secondly, Colin Salmon (Arrow, 24, Bond, Spooks, Doctor Who....let's face it, the list is practically endless) mentioned he would also be guesting during an interview on ITV's Loose Women.

Any guesses to the roles either of these two could be taking on?

Here's a round up of the latest photos from the last few weeks.

Thanks to the BBC, Luke Pasqualino, Howard Charles & Jessica Pope for the photos

7th May 2014
Here's the photos from Jessica & the BBC from the past week

30th April 2014
It looks like King Louis, Milady and D'Artagnan have filmed a scene together which is intriguing. (Scoobie sent an email on this)

Here's some photos of Luke & Howard with some hunting birds from a couple of days ago, I wonder what their characters have been up to?

Thanks to Luke Pasqualino & Howard Charles for the photos

22nd April 2014
It's been confirmed, the Cardinal will not be returning at all next season:

"Come the next series the Cardinal will be dead. He'll just be gone," Tom Burke (who plays Athos) told Radio Times.

We're all like, 'Where's the Cardinal? Oh he's dead'" he continued. "It's a great example of economic storytelling. Their new nemesis will be Rochefort, who's played by Marc Warren."

Thanks to Jessica Pope and Howard Charles for the photos

13th April 2014
Marc Warren has been cast as Rochefort, the main post for this can be found by clicking here

Richard Mulholland has been on set filming this week, looks to be only 3 days.

Charlotte Salt's Agent has confirmed that her character is called 'Marguerite', and she has tweeted that she has been taught how to lace up a corset, maybe her character will be a maid or lady in waiting? (Cheers to Scoobie for the heads up on this information)

After the flurry of photos from day one it's been a relatively quiet week from the set. Below are a collection of photos some of the cast & crew have tweeted, a couple do include a glimpse of costumes. No mourning get up for Louis I notice, and some very posh material for Constance (alongside Tamla's snug boots).

Thanks to Jessica Pope, Ryan Gage, Tamla Kari & the BBC for the photos

7th April 2014
New Cast member Charlotte Salt from Casualty and Bedlam has been confirmed this afternoon

Here's some photos from set today, including a very non-pregnant Anne who could be dressed in mourning black??

Thanks to Jessica Pope and TheMusketeers Italia for the photos

5th April 2014
Some photos from Luke and Howard's Instagram accounts: the first day at boot camp, and a tongue-in-cheek one of the team effort of tackling Howard's hiatus hair growth in make up this weekend! (click on thumbnails)

Some photos from the first read through, which seemed to be of episodes 2.01 & 2.02 only.

Thanks to Jessica Pope and TheMusketeers Italia for the photos

A video from CMS TV which shows some of the cast on boot camp. Many thanks to Maki for finding this for us, and providing the following translation:
They talk about the special horses, sword fighting techniques and localities where they're going to film. They explained how they prepare the horses for gunshots, smoke, etc...and they also had to buy a new horse for Luke because the one he had during the first season was very lively and restless and caused Luke too much trouble :)

They are definitely training hard..the trainer said for example that they have to spend at least 30 minutes on the horseback (for the horses to adjust) before the real training starts.

Concerning the sword training, Roman said that every character has their special personal sword that fits them and at the end of the video he praises the actors: "Their fighting skills really improved since the last season. They aren't 100% perfect, but that can be forgiven since the camera is merciful.":D

The leader of the stuntmen mentioned that there are always some accidents during the training (he didn't give us any specific story, though), but never when they're finally filming.

The filming starts 7th April 2014 and ends at the end of November. That's probably everything they said about the cast and the series at all.

Update - The video has since been removed :(

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