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The Blacklist - Episode 1.20 - The Kingmaker - Sneak Peek + Megan Boone Interview

OK, that Liz and Tom fight scene this week was epic… wow. How long did you have to prep for that?
Yeah, we had fun with it! It was actually a unique fight because it was not just a fight between two people – we wanted to destroy the brownstone completely, the brownstone that we lived in together, sort of symbolically destroy our home at the same time. So the choreography had to be a lot more intricate than normal fight scenes because we were using the furniture, the walls, all as props. We actually did a whole rehearsal the Friday before the week we were going to go shoot it to choreograph it and map it out, and then the day we shot it we just did it in sections.

The last thing we saw was Liz opening the envelope, presumably finding evidence that Red is also not who he says he is. What can you tease about what's in that envelope?
It's gonna ruin a relationship that's very important to her. It's yet another one of those.

She just lost Tom for real, we think, and Red is her last ally… how is she emotionally when she finds out?
In my mind, she's just completely despondent, detached, and jaded at this point. She's going to go to a darker place.

Is that kind of fun for you?
It has been… actually I've been really itching for it. I've known all along, from the beginning, that this was where we were headed with her because it was the only thing that made sense for the story. I just knew that it was going to go there, and I was a little bit impatient about it, you know? I was ready for her to stop being somewhat na├»ve and so thrown by everything and so open-hearted, because the people around her weren't deserving of that at all. Now she recognizes it, and because it's the situation she's in and what life has handed her, she's just going to go a little bit off the rails and a little bit darker.

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