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The Big Bang Theory - Episode 7.19 - The Indecision Amalgamation - Review & Recap


Sheldon has to go to the bathroom and feels like he has a fish tank in his pelvis. He doesn’t want to go because he can’t decide which video game system to purchase. Sheldon tells Leonard that he found out from Mirjam Tuk, that people with full bladders make better decisions. Penny comes in to the apartment and announces that she killed the audition and she was able to cry on cue. Once Penny mentions, “here comes the waterworks”, it causes Sheldon to run to the bathroom.

Penny Plot

Penny finds out that she did not get the part she auditioned for after being optimistic. On the bright side, she tells Bernadette and Amy that part in a horror movie that she rejected is now available.

Later at Penny’s apartment, Leonard is going over what part Penny will be playing for. Showing his support, he believes she’ll be good in a bad movie. She reveals that the role that she will make less money that what she made at the Cheesecake Factory. Penny thinks her agent would prefer that she goes back to her job than take the role. Despite lower wages, he encourages her to take the part and have fun for a few weeks.

At coffee, Leonard and Penny thank Wil Wheaton for giving advice to her. He asks Wil if she should take the role or not. Wil tells her that he has taken jobs that he’s been embarrassed by. He tells her it’s tricky. He wants her to take projects that she is actually excited about but sometimes he has to pay the bills. He tells her and Leonard about the terrible movies he dad after his success with “Stand By Me”. He also lets her know that the business is brutal and he hates going to auditions to this day. He is frustrated that he doesn’t know the reason why he didn’t get the job. Based on their facial expressions, she and Leonard did not think his advice went well.

Sheldon/Amy Plot

Sheldon is having dinner with Amy at her place. He talks about whether to purchase a XBOX One or PS4. Just when Amy asks him to pass the butter, he wants her to take his dilemma seriously. He continues on the pros on cons of each game system. He keeps going back on forth on which one is better. One minute, he loves Xbox. The next minute, he loves PS4. Amy wonders how she will ever make a decision. Amy finally screams at him to please pass the butter.

Sheldon thanks Amy for dinner. She feels that he forgot something. Here's the solution: Sheldon forgot to kiss Amy and ends up kissing her. While kissing, he talks about the pros about owning a PS4.

Sheldon and Amy are at the store and he thinks he’s made the right choice of purchasing the xBOX. However, he doubts his decision of his XBOX because he had the same ffeling when he made his dad buy a Betamax instead of a VHS. He was certain that HD/DVD would win over Blu-Ray and purchased a Zune, MP3 player from the makers of XBOX. This explaination causes him to put it back. Amy offers to purchase both of them for him and an entertainment center for him. However, he doesn’t buy her offer and he doesn’t know which center she is going to really buy. She asks him to flip a coin but that doesn’t work as he throws it off the ground.

Sheldon is still at the store and can’t decide which system yet. The employee tells them that the store is closed and he has to come back tomorrow to decide. This causes Sheldon to cry and can’t even decide which food to order.

Raj/Emily plot

Raj finds Emily on her laptop at the coffee shop. He wonders if he remember her and she does. She remembers that he was a lunatic and that he was the one that asked her friend to write for him. He apologizes for being nervous. She admits that she’s not the weirdest guy that she’s met on the Internet. Now, it’s his chance to prove himself that he is the one for her.

At Leonard and Sheldon’s apartment with all of the friends there, Raj reveals how her date went with Emily. Just when things were going well, he gets an e-mail from his ex-girlfriend, Lucy. Leonard praises him from being a “playa” but Penny isn’t impressed the way he talked to Raj.

Raj can’t decide between Emily and Lucy but Howard thinks he should date both of them. Penny advises that seeing other people isn’t a big deal unless he’s sleeping with one of them. Raj is stressed out and know has to figure out what to do. His stress causes Bernadette and Howard to question each other if they were seeing other people but it turns out they overreacted.

Later on, Raj goes on his first date with Emily and tells her he looks pretty. She compliments back that she loves his jacket. He admits to her that his ex-girlfriend e-mailed him. This causes Emily to question their date and she tells him that she usually talks about music and stuff on first dates. She has a change of heart by telling him that it was adorable what he shared to her. Raj being himself causes her gives to give him another chance.

Penny is getting dressed for her part in Serial Apist 2. In a surprise twist, Wil Wheaton announces to her that they are working together. It ends with them giving each other a high-five.

My Thoughts:
- I loved it when Bernadette accidentally wrote farewell message on her co-worker, Vivian (not seen in the episode)’s get well card. 
- It was entertaining when Amy and Sheldon kissed. Amy tolerates Sheldon well despite his annoying personality. What really made them entertaining in this episode was that she wanted the butter but Sheldon opted to talk about which game system he should purchase. He could have eased Amy's pain by taking her offer.
- I did not see it coming at the end where Wil Wheaton would be working with Penny in the movie. He brings much joy to the show. It was great to see the writers have Wil Wheaton do a scene without Sheldon. It was the first time this happened if my memory serves correctly. Please let me know if this is inaccurate.
- Emily and Raj have great chemistry but I feel that Raj and Yvette, the vet who took care of Cinnamon would have been a better couple. Lucy is great for Raj but she was very nervous while Emily is more confident than her. It’ll be interesting to see where he and Emily go. 

What did you all think of this episode? Please let me know if I left anything important out.

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