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Star-Crossed - Episode 1.09/1.10 - Some Consequence Yet Hanging in the Stars/What Storm is This That Blows So -Reviews (Updated with Poll)

Welcome back! As promised I am recapping the latest two episodes of Star-Crossed. Hopefully you all enjoyed them. As always be prepared for snark and enthusiasm as we take a look at what when down in an attempt to open the floor up for discussion. I was really enamored with episode 9 and felt the show was truly coming to terms with itself, as most shows need time to do. Unfortunately Episode 10 didn't maintain the momentum. With only three episodes left, can the show redeem itself and create a satisfying conclusion that isn't a mess? I don't know, but I know what the show is capable of, so I'm hoping those, who like me, that are in it for the long haul get the payoff we deserve.

Let's take a look at Episode 1.09 "Some Consequence Yet Hanging in the Stars"

What Happened: We open with Grayson, after having found himself last episode, working on invite for a party Taylor is throwing because of the meteor shower. Sophia, seems to think Grayson's design is great, and I can't help but to wonder if Grayson is convulsing with disgust at her presence. Taylor comes up and compliments Sophia on her hairdo and Sophia admits to never having seen a meteor shower before.(Taylor, I am also a fan of Sophia's new hairdo, much better)Taylor tells Sophia, she gets to see this meteor shower, from her parent's hot tub, and drops some knowledge on her about how Hot tubs bring out hidden desires(I'm paraphrasing). Taylor then asks Sophia to invite the rest of the Atrian seven ( I KNEW IT! STOP USING THIS GIRL TAYLOR!) and Sophia says she doubts that Teri would come. Taylor quickly brings up Drake, and Sophia says maybe. Grayson perks up and asks Sophia where is Drake, because he has something he'd like to talk about. (I'm assuming it's about that video.) Sophia tells him that Drake is probably in the Sector but that maybe she should invite Roman, who could use a little adventure.

Meanwhile, Roman is parked in the car somewhere with Emery, not making out, but reviewing what's on the Mirzan. After he sees it, Emery apologizes to him for picking it up, but he just thanks her and they try to figure out who would have left it. Roman says it must be someone who wants the truth exposed, but that even though he has watched it many times, he can't believe that Castor would murder someone or want to crash the ship. Emery tries to remind him that he told her it shows exactly what happened so it must be true, but Roman says what if they aren't getting the whole story. After all, Castor has really been there for them lately, earning his trust. Roman decides he has to talk to Castor because there has got to be an explanation for all of this. He then asks her to let him find this out on his own and Emery obliges, as long as he is safe about it. They get back to being teenagers and making out, and he tells her how good it feels to have someone he can trust.(OH, MAN. How is she about to ruin this, because this is Emery)

Drake and Saroya are walking through the Sector and while Drake is pleased to have his mother back, she is distracted by the stares everyone is giving her, She ominously tells Drake she shouldn't be out with her, because "They" were coming for her. She then claims that "he is sending his assassins" before telling Drake that it is not safe and that they must leave.

Roman does go to Castor about what he saw on the tape and Castor tells him that what he saw, was in fact the truth. He admitted to killing the pilot, but only because the pilot and Saroya were planning mutiny. According to Castor, Nox had ordered them not to land on an inhabited planet, but they were going to do so anyway. To stop the pilot, Castor killed him, but Saroya fought him and lost control of the ship and crashed them on earth. When Roman asks him why lie? Castor replies with no real reason other than that he is trying to protect the people and that is why he and Roman must trust each other and take down the Trags. (Now, I'm not crazy, but I know I heard the pilot say to alter the course because Earth was inhabited. And if I heard it then Roman should have too, so how is he buying this?)

The cracks in Romery began to show the next day, when Roman tried to explain to Emery what he learned from Castor. He calls her our for her unwillingness to believe what Castor has told them, and she calls him out for his willingness to believe him. He really believes that Castor has changed, so Emery tells him that he is right, and she won't get involved, but she does think he should talk to Saroya. Then Roman hits her with the, there are things that you will never understand about my world, about my people line. (Ouch.)

While Romery appears to be coming apart, Drake and Taylor are in the locker room, coming together quite literally. They have some quick after-sex conversation where Drake informs Taylor that he won't be attending her party. Taylor, hurt, asks since when did he have such a busy social life in the sector, and Drake tells her it's just something he needs to keep his eye on. Taylor replies "something OR someone?" and Drake assures her it's not like that. She comments that they never said they were exclusive, and he tells her there is no one else. She then asks him why he doesn't tell her anything about himself, she knows so little. He immediately shuts her down and tells her there is nothing to tell and that his life is his life. She just says okay, and Drake then apologizes to her for not being able to make it to her party.

Grayson walks up to Drake as he is leaving and tells him he saw him dropping his body off the night of the fundraiser. Drake tells him, yeah, he did, because Grayson was blackout drunk and trying to drive off in Zoe's car. They stopped him and returned him home,and he tells him it was returning the favor for saving him from Red-Hawks at the carnival. When Grayson asks about Zoe, Drake says he hasn't seen her since she got her car back, and that Grayson should be thanking him, because if it wasn't for him he'd be dead in a lot more trouble.

Roman takes up Emery on her idea to have a talk with Saroya only to be met with a knife to the throat from Saroya herself. Luckily Drake is there to get her off of them. Too bad he can't stop the accusations from flying. She calls Castor a poisonous mouthed trag, and he calls her a traitor, that he saw the mirzan and he knows Castor was stopping her from mutiny. Saroya tells Roman that she left the mirzan in an attempt to expose Castor to Nox, because he caused the crash, he disobeyed orders. Roman doesn't want to believe it, but Drake has had enough. He takes Roman outside and is angry with him for taking Castor's side so blindly. Roman then tells him it's because Castor keeps trags like him on a leash. Drake coolly tells him it's nice to see where his loyalties lie before walking away. (Why is Roman so OOC this episode, pushing everyone away!)

Emery sees Roman the next day sporting a bandage from his brush with Saroya's knife and wants to know what happened. She apologizes to him for convincing him to see Saroya, but Roman is now glad she did, he's starting to see the cracks in Castor's story, and he must see the hwatab (Council) to tell them what he knows. Emery still doesn't want him doing it alone, but he feels it's the only way he knows who to trust. He promises to meet her at the Mud Bug immediately following and that she should focusing on finding a good spot to watch the meteor shower.

Drake and his mother receive a visitor, with knifes drawn mind you, that happens to be Teri, telling them that Vega is requesting their presence.Turns out Vega and Saroya used to be friends until Vega became a Trag. Vega reveals that Drake became a Trag, and that she is responsible for Saroya's freedom. She needs Saroya because she is the Atrian's most experienced engineer and she could help build the Suvek, a machine that will help the Trags over come the imbalance of populous between the Humans and Atrians. Even though Vega can offer Saroya and Drake protection form her enemies, Saroya refuses to help Vega and the Trags, and she obviously feels a certain way about Drake being a Trag. Drake tells her that everything he has done, down to turning his back on his best friend has been for her, and that Vega promised to get Saroya released from the Crate and she delivered. Saroya tells Drake she raised him better than this and Drake tells her she didn't raise him at all, because she was gone. (Do you need some Aloe Vera for that burn, Saroya?)

Emery is helping Taylor set up for the party while Taylor is having a meltdown about some sexy, crush-worthy, Atrian pair of heels that she just can't seem to break in. Emery tells her that it's hard to be close to someone until both sides are completely honest with each other. Their girl chat is cut short by Grayson requesting to talk to Taylor, while he is barely acknowledging Emery. Grayson wants to know about Zoe, so Taylor tells him that Drake tracked her down, and that she had moved up north because her family was in trouble. Grayson putting the pieces together tells her he thinks something else is going down and he needs her help to find out, and she agrees.

Roman heads to meet the Hwatab to inform them of what he knows but when he arrives at their quarters, he just finds Castor waiting. He spins a tale about how he was coming to them to tell them about Saroya's return, but that if they weren't there, he did have somewhere to be. Castor's response is to order his men to lock Roman in with him, because Castor had sent the council away because he knew Roman was going to come and tell them what he saw on the mirzan. Castor admits to shooting the pilot was a way of saving the Atrians, against Nox's orders. Castor knew that Earth was the only inhabitable planet they would find, and their only hope at saving their race, so he did what he had to do. In Castor's eyes, he is the savoir of his people and they should be thanking him for what he had done. Roman tells Castor he will never get the mirzan and that he will out what Castor has done.

Back at the Mud Bug a worried Emery asks Sophia if she's heard from Roman, before revealing to her that she is dating her brother. Em appears to be upset that she won't be able to finally spend some time alone with Roman, but then she asks Sophia for a favor.(What is it with people using poor Sophia?)Meanwhile, Taylor and Grayson are busy retracing his steps the night of his abduction because he feels there are some missing pieces to what happened, and he just doesn't trust what Drake told him, even if Taylor does. (I'm so bored with Grayson right now. I mean sure, he thinks Zoe was a human, and she is missing, but since we know otherwise, watching him search for answers is exhausting)

Emery's favor turns out to be her and Sophia, parent-trapping a guard so she can sneak into the Sector and find Roman. She sees Castor at the House of Cards and knows trouble is afoot, so she heads to Drake and Saroya's pod to ask for their help. While Saroya does not feel in the helping mood, she won't let Drake face Castor alone. Castor plans to implicate Roman of an illegal weapons crime to keep the truth from coming out, because he doesn't feel that the Atrians should be looking to integrate or dominate humans. Castor thinks the Atrians can grow with the Sector to become it's own sovereign nation, with him at the helm.

Saroya and Drake bust in and are able to deter Castor's men and cut Roman's ropes, but not before Castor turns the gun on them. Of course, Emery did not stay put as asked, and she confronts Castor and his men as they seem to be carting off his prisoners. Emery fails at bartering the mirzan for the prisoners and Castor just directs her to lead him the mirzan. Alas, it was all a trap as they discover Vega and Emery's accomplice, Teri, with Several Trags waiting for Castor. Vega, having seen the recording, trades it for the return of the hostages. Castor agrees, but tells Roman that this is only the beginning. Vega offers Saroya protection for the night, but after that, she's on her own. Drake and Roman reconcile their bromance when Roman thanks him for coming to save him. Drake tells Roman he should be thanking Em, who is busy thanking Teri, for helping her. Teri, tells her it wasn't for her while staring off at Roman.(Teri really cared for Roman, eh?)

In case you forgot, this weeks gathering-of-the-week(GAHHHHHH), the meteor party is HAPPENING!(It's the social event)Unfortunately, a smoking-hot Taylor, doesn't realize the signals she is sending Sophia until after Sophia plants one on her in the hot tub. Taylor handles it like a pro though, gently letting her know that she's been there and done that and is into someone else.

Grayson, is still on the side of the road where Taylor left him earlier and honestly I hope he and this story stay there. Apparently, he can see the tire tracks of the car Zoe was driving the night of his abduction better in the dark than he could have when it was light earlier. Anyway, said tracks provide him with a flash of what happened that night when Zoe crashed the car.

Back at the now-dead party of the year, Drake and Taylor finally get honest. Taylor wants more than sex from Drake, but he just can't give it to her. Drake responds by telling her why he's been so secretive, because his mother is back, and he's been on his own for far too long so he doesn't know how to let others in. Drake than asks her to stick it out while he learns to be with her and let her in. She then tells him about Grayson, and asks if Drake is a good guy. Drake tells her no, but that she makes him want to be one and they watch the shower together. (SWOON)

Peace can not last, as Grayson has wandered in from whatever road he was on and tells Drake he remembers the car, the fight and Drake's hands around Zoe's neck. Grayson says he knows that Drake killed Zoe, and Drake asks Grayson what does he want, and Grayson tells him he will let him know. (I know what I want, for you to fall in that pool Grayson!)

Drake and Emery have a moment where he apologizes for not listening to her warnings about Castor, and how great they are together. Too bad Castor took this time to broadcast their relationship to the entire Sector, planting doubts in everyone's mind about Roamn's loyalty. Teri, disgusted by the entire thing, asks her mother why they didn't take out Castor, and Vega reveals that it's because they need alive right now. Enter Saroya, agreeing to help Vega build the Suvek, in exchange for the Trags protection. (Well, we knew that was coming)

Afterthoughts: This was a much better installment than the previous two. While episode 8 was bogged down with exposition, this episode truly benefited from it and opened up the story. The most compelling part of Star-Crossed is the social and political aspects, so an episode like this hits the right notes. Sure there was romance, but the couple, Drake and Taylor, are more tolerable than Roman and Emery were. At this point I know I want Castor exposed or dead, but I don't want Vega to kill the humans, but it seems you'll have to use one to get rid of the other. I like the conflict that presents me as a viewer. I value Roman, but his way is yielding no results, so watching the power struggle and viewpoints of Castor and Vega is way more intriguing. I know Roman thinks integration is the answer, but with these two nipping at the throne, his father's ideals are obsolete.

I'm over Grayson. He feels useless to me, I know there will be larger tie-in to his story, but the political turmoil within the sector is engaging enough without adding Grayson, the lone Red-Hawk into the mix. Once his mother was outed, he and his father should have moved to another state to save face. There are other obstacles for both couples to overcome without Grayson.

Episode MVP: Castor. This may seem surprising, but the fact that I have such a hatred for him, because I feel betrayed, means the writers have done their job. He feels like the most fully formed obstacle at the moment, willing to do whatever it takes to maintain the title of Iksen. Right now I want to see him taken down, and I also want to see the damage he causes in his wake.

Episode LVP: Grayson. To echo my above sentiment, he just feels pointless right now. Every plot not riddled with Grayson feels structured, while his storyline just feel extra and forced.

Final Grade: A-. Finally an episode that embraces almost entirely what makes this show great. More of the war within the Sector and how the Atrians should proceed and less of the romance and the Red-hawks. Save that for the outcome of the internal struggle.

Let's take a look at the next episode "What Storm is This That Blows So"

What Happened:
The episode opened with Teri, obviously on a Trag mission aboard the grounded Atrian ship. After giving a guard the night-night kiss, she messes with the ship interface before relaying a call that "It's done". (What's done? not your screen time for this week, which has been lacking as of late?)

Roman is panicking in light of what Castor has done, revealing his relationship with Emery to the entire sector, and he feels that Castor has taken away his only weapon against him, which was the support of the people. Roman feels that his secrecy will turn the people against him. Drake tells Roman that his friends will have his back and not to worry. (If only it were that easy.)Roman notices Teri wasn't on the bus and asks Drake if he has seen her. Drake said she must've left early, which must've been the case, because Roman stumbled upon her speaking Sondiv to pretty non-Atrian looking people. Roma confronts her about the attack she was talking to them about and of course Roman thinks that this all about the Trags attacking Emery, again. (They have bigger fish to fry, Ro-bro)

Roman and Emery are in the midst of discussing about why integration has to work during one of their closet make out sessions when Julia comes right on in, bearing some bad news. Everyone knows about the two of them, a SEU guard took footage of the video and leaked it online. Of course the looks and jeers they receive from their peers are far from welcoming. (How different would things like interracial dating and prejudice have been if they had happened in today's tech-savy world? The fact this show even made me think of this, makes me even sadder it's shelf-life is so short)Taylor comes to their defense in the face of some antagonistic classmates, praising their bravery and sharing love-lust looks with her own Atrian hunk of man meat, Drake.

Remember when Grayson said he'd let Drake know what he wants? Well he wants Drake to tell him about the Atrian radicals in the Sector. (I want Grayson to just disappear.)Emery is kind of thrilled she and Roman don't have to hide anymore, but you can tell the publicity of it all is making Roman uncomfortable. You know who else is uncomfortable? Teri, who creates a diversion by dropping Emery's lunch and then pours contents of a vial into Roman's drink. You know who does support the young couple? My favorite Shady Lady Gloria, and she wants them to be vigilant and to report to her any threats they may receive. Roman under the effects of whatever Teri gave him, is annoyed and resistant to what Gloria is saying. Too bad, this week's force-you-guys-together event, a hurricane is coming and the school is on lockdown forcing them to be spending a bit more time together.

Poor Julia, first she hears Eric making joke about her BFF'S romance and then Ms. Benton appears demanding her presence. You see, she and Mister Burke are happy that Julia help them figure out how to grow Cyper, but the rats with Leukemia they were testing on weren't. When they gave the rats Cyper, the rats died, so they think there must have been a catalyzing agent, but the only way to know for sure is to get Julia's blood. Of course Julia wants none of it, but Ms. Benton dangled Julia parent's lives over her head, so what choice does she have but to comply?

The school being in lock down means Mister Burke can't leave to test Julia's blood, so Ms. Benton gives him access to the lab on the third floor to get it tested. You know what concerns Lukas? Not his parents being in danger, but the fact that this hurricane came out of nowhere, he confides his suspicions to Sophia and then tells her he wants to check out some satellite images, and she tags along with him, instead of heading into the cafeteria with the rest of the students.

Inside the cafeteria, Roman is acting very un-Roman like, telling Drake they should have just let Zoe kill Grayson, when they are trying to decide how best to deal with him. Roman is too busy trying to figure out what Zoe is up to, he doesn't notice Grayson walking up to Emery and telling her not to trust Roman. Grayson tells her that Roman has secrets and Emery assures Grayson that Roman doesn't have any from her. Grayson grabs her as she tries to walk away and that catches Roman's attention. He goes to attack Grayson but Drake pulls him back, but Grayson already feels validated, thinking he's shown Emery how dangerous Roman really is. Emery wants to know what's up with Roman, but all Roman can think of is finding Teri.

Out in the hallway, Taylor suggests to Drake they take advantage of the lock down and get a little busy. Taylor, not one to be upstaged, tells Drake they were doing the forbidden romance dance first and they should be acting like it. Drake mentions the attention Emery and Roman are receiving as a means to persuade her otherwise. They agree to meet later, and we see that Grayson has been hiding around the corner the whole time, watching. (Ugh, Grayson is reaching Ellis-from Smash LEVELS OF HATE). Drake finds Teri on the third floor right outside of the lab Mister Burke is using. He confronts her about Roman's strange behavior and accuses her of sending him on a vatal trip out of jealousy, which she denies.

In not so good news, Mister Burke tells Ms. Benton he has discovered that Atrian Blood is the catalyst for Cyper, but to be sure he'd need some Atrian blood. He tells her he'll need to practically bleed an Atrian dry. Ms. Benton reminds him that they have seven Atirans currently locked in with him, so just pick one. (Are there really seven? I count four. The imaginary ones we have never seen or named don't count, and the writers clearly agree because we still haven't figured out who they are 10 episodes in)

I don't know if words can describe how much I cringed when Grayson appeared while Drake was lifting weights. (LIKE WTF! To quote the late Jimmy Brooks of OTH. "THE SCHOOL'S ON LOCKDOWN! why are teachers not keeping track of the students?) Grayson really wants to know about the Atrian radicals. He threatens to tell Taylor and the cops everything he knows about Zoe if he doesn't tell him. Drake tells them that they are called Trags, and that he and Roman are trying to stop them, but Grayson can't believe those two are good guys. Grayson asks for a name of someone who knows what the Trags plan is. For a moment, I thought Drake would sell out Teri but he doesn't, He tells Drake he doesn't know a name, and Drake tells him there are six other Atrians (I only count four!!!!) in the building so he suggest he get one by the end of the day. Grayson also tells Drake to break up with Taylor.(WHAT A DOUCHE)Drake goes to Taylor who is genuinely excited to go public, so it makes it hard to watch as Drake breaks up with her, citing Roman and Emery's naysayers as the cause. He goes as far as telling her he doesn't think they are worth fighting for.

Roman is all turned around thanks to the vatal trip, he wants to stop Zoe but he can't leave Emery for fear something will happen to her. Emery pulls him into their closet to figure out what's happening, and Roman gets forceful, trying to kiss her and she excuses herself for some air. Eric approaches Emery in the hallway, worried about Julia since she's been avoiding him all day. Emery heads off to find her and she does, Julia is in a hallway clutching her arm. Em takes one look and knows its a needle mark and soon Julia is telling Em all about Miss Benton and her quest for the Cyper cure and how she has threatened to kill Julia's parents.

Turns out Lukas was right to be suspicious, he and Sophia discover that the hurricane was actually formed right above the Atrian ship. Sophia reveals that the artificial gravity generators could have in fact caused this, but it must be a malfunction. Too bad, it wasn't. Teri obviously activated the generators to crate a hurricane so her fellow undercover Trags could carry out some sort of covert mission.

Emery goes to Roman and tells him about Julia and he gets upset and blames her. He says he saved Julia for her, and now the secret is out. He then blames her presence in his life for all his recent shortcomings with Castor and his people, he calls her his weakness. Emery tells him she'll handle the situation herself and walks away from him, while Teri listens in from around the corner. (What is with people listening in around corners?)While Emery and Julia make a play to contaminate the blood sample she gave Mister Burke, Teri is in the closet with Roman making a play for his affections. Of course Roman thinks it's Emery he's getting frisky and doesn't realize it's Teri until it's too late. Emery and Julia walk in on them both partially undressed while looking for a flashlight. Em runs off and Roman tells Teri he could never be with her. Roman runs out to find Emery, but Drake stops him and clues him in about the vatal trip he is on thanks to Teri. Drake suggests he lay low, but Roman thinks that is just what Teri wants so she can attack Em. Drake promises him that he will look our for Em, but Roman needs to lay low.

Emery and Julia get to the lab, but the door opens and they hide. It was just Teri, sneaking in steal something that she needed, and in doing so she just doesn't notice Mister Burke coming in. He drugs her and lays her on the table and whistles as he starts draining her blood, all while Julia and Em lurk in the corner watching. They try to take advantage of a moment when he steps out to use the phone to get Teri out, but are caught as soon as they get her off the table. Em throws a microscope at a vulnerable window, creating a distraction so they could escape. Burke catches up to them on the stairwell and throws Em against the wall choking her. Luckily, Roman is near and throws Burke into the wall beating him until his hands are covered with Burke's blood.

Julia is confronted by Ms. Benton , who is not happy that Burke is missing or the lab destroyed. Julia tells her she's not helping her any longer, but Ms. Benton disagrees, she starts to threaten Julia when Gloria, Emery and guards enter the room to take away Ms. Benton for her crimes. Teri, thanks Roman for saving her, but Roman has nothing but disdain for her for drugging him. Teri, fresh off her rejection at his hands returns to the lab and finishes taking what she came for.

Grayson is creating his own Red-Hawks, the new Red-hawks and Eric has heard about it. Eric calls out Grayson for being a hypocrite, but Grayson is so focused on whatever it is that is driving him right now, that he doesn't want to hear it. Later, when Grayson sees Drake, he asks Drake for a name. Drake, obviously as tired of Grayson as I am, names himself.

Roman catches up to Emery and explains that Teri had drugged him with vatal and everything he said, he hadn't meant to, that the drug had made him impulsive. While she believes him, she knows that what he said was still true, and he still felt it, that the vatal just gave him the opportunity to express it. Emery tells him that she is his weakness, and that they can't be together. She says maybe someday the world will change but this is how it has to be. Roman tells her that is not letting go, but Emery tells him she has already made the choice.

Roman doesn't get to stew for long because Sophia tells him what she knows about the hurricane. Roman doesn't put it past the Trags to do something so reckless, he goes to Drake and they both watch as Teri and the guys she was with earlier unload things from the back of the pickup. Roman tells Drake they used the hurricane as cover to smuggle things into the sector, but he didn't understand why. Drake then explains to Roman that Vega had wanted his mother to build something called a Suvek, something that would kick off the war with the humans. According to Roman, Suvek means flash or blast, and that they must be talking about a bomb, a bomb they must stop the Trags from making.

Odds and Ends*

Lukas knows one of the four seven is a terrorist and thinks that they should tell someone. Sophia convinces him to stay quiet for now, but I doubt he will for long.

Taylor, upset about her break up with Drake, asks Sophia if she thinks that she is the kind of girl worth fighting for. Sophia tells her she's the kind of girl people go to war over, and Taylor kisses her as Drake watches.(That was kinda cute, I mean it's terrible Sophia is getting used again, but cute)

Eric apologizes to Julia for his nasty remark and realizes the error of his ways, and Julia sees the path to his lips. These two are a thing now.

Grayson holds a new Red-Hawks meeting where he vows to take out the Trags and all Atrians intent on harming humans.

Afterthoughts: I don't know what it is with this show but it really seems to skate all over the place. After the high of episode 9, this episode felt like a come down to me. Maybe because unlike the previous entry which focused on the political aspect, this episode was more romance-heavy and focus lacking. It touched on interracial dating, but briefly. In fact the most damage that plot had was to create an excuse for Drake to dump Taylor. We seemed to have wrapped up the Cyper cure storyline and that was fine. I was wondering how they were going to get out of it and it got wrapped up nicely.

Lukas learning of the Trags felt out of place, like something that should have happened a few weeks ago, but now that he's in the fold what happens? I feel like he will end up joining the new Red-hawks. The season seems to be building to this war and I feel like people are going to start picking sides. I'm not sure if Grayson will be redeemed when that time comes, but we will cross that bridge when we come to it. Grayson has really just alienated me, I started off rooting for him, not I just want him to disappear, I don't love to hate him, I just hate him. His motivation just feels muddled.

I was annoyed at Teri at first, I just felt she was being used a filler and I though this whole episode would be waste. Thankfully everything she did is tying back into the bigger picture with the Suvek, so that was a step in the right direction. Well, almost everything.

Now to the tomato in the room. Two couples went it and one came out, but it was not the two that went in. I'm sorry but Roman and Emery got together three episodes ago, so I was not moved by it. Aside from a few cute moments the depth of their relationship was lacking, and I called from the start of this episode that this was happening but it didn't make it any less pointless. Roman wanted to wait to do the whole relationship thing until the world was ready, but Emery pushed it, and now that she has it, she wants to wait, for the sake his people, until the world is ready. What? Now she sees that? I feel the writers broke them up, just to break them up, so it would make their journey back to each other justify the end and feel epic. Well they should have just waited because I felt nothing for their split. A slow burn would have sufficed much more than a whirlwind relationship. It's like they can't write a fulfilling love story, and that's why the romance aspect is the weakest. The only bright spot being Drake and Taylor, their bumps feel more organic, but it's like because they aren't the couple, it's less pressure they have to write for them which creates a better result. Here's hoping that the final three episodes step up and deliver the quality we know the show can deliver.

Episode MVP: Mister Burke. How creepy was that guy? In a murky episode that felt like everyone was draining me, he stood out. Maybe it was because he had so few lines.

Episode LVP: Grayson. I just can't get behind him. He's the Ellis of Star-Crossed, with his snooping and black mail. He feels so forced into the story and it's making wanting to fast-forward through his scenes.

Final Grade: D+
It felt like a long bloated mess. I was watching it at work and it felt like forever. The quality of the show is yo-yo-ing and I'm hoping the final three episodes follow one coherent, cohesive plot that is equal parts engaging and satisfying without making me hate very single character like I almost did with this one.

So what did you think? Are you tired of Grayson as well? Are you heartbroken over Emery's choice? Are you glad that the Cyper storyline is done? What do you want to see leading up to the finale? Was Taylor wrong for that kiss? Discuss below and tell me what you thought.

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New items will be added to the top of the list as well as the post being re-posted back to the top of the homepage when a new item is added. We will additionally send out a fresh tweet alerting you of the new information.

This will allow you to bookmark this page so that you can return to it whenever you like. It will also help consolidate all the discussion on this movie in a central place and make it less likely that you'll miss some key information.

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