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Star-Crossed- Episode 1.07/1.08 - To Seek A Foe/An Old Accustom'd Feast -Reviews

Welcome back to this long, strange trip this is Star-Crossed fans. I apologize for the lack of reviews, sometimes the real world comes in and you get a bit off course. Hopefully the core fans that are still watching are enjoying the show. If you find yourself being vocal about the show despite it's dwindling chances of survival, don't feel ashamed, you love the show, you're allowed to, be proud of it. With that being said this post is rather long, and sprinkled with snark, but hopefully we can open a discussion about what went down in these two episodes. "To seek a Foe" and "An old Accustom'd Feast"

So here's what went down in 1.07"To Seek a Foe"

What Happened:
Poor Em, she starts this episode replaying the sweet words that Roman told her in her head before heading downstairs to talk to Grayson, who is watching reporters talk about his family. Em's parents tell Grayson he can stay as long as he needs(Um, what? He is a teenage male, you have teenage daughter, are you crazy?) and they then proceed to get going to Em's grandparents house(How convenient). Grayson then goes on about how he feels so betrayed by his parents but is standing by his decision. When he asks how could someone look you in the eyes and lie, Em says sometimes it's easier)As she squirms internally from her guilt). Grayson says he has questions, so he is seeing his mom and wants Em there as support. In the Sector, Drake and Roman decide they need to find Zoe before she finds a way to tell Vega that they ruined the Grayson kidnapping plot. Roman thinks that Zoe's inability to come into the sector(Thanks to looking human) saves them, but Drake thinks she'll find a way in, or kill them herself. Of course, they don't notice Zoe watching them. (Ruh-Roh)

Em is talking with Julia and tells her that she is basically staying with Grayson out of guilt. Julia advises her this is unwise, but EM feels that she caused this mess so after all the sticking by her side Grayson has done, it's her turn to stick by his. Drake asks Roman if he saw Emery last night, and Roman tells him when he got there, he saw Grayson and turned around.(Don't remind me! #PoorRoman) Eric, (Formally Blonde DoucheBag Human) and Grayson sit down with Julia and Emery and Eric brings up the incident with Grayson's Mother. Grayson asks to change the subject, and Eric mentions he is failing Trig. Julia offers to tutor him, because she knows math, she may not know everything but she knows math. The subject then turns to Bruce, Julia's car that has been in her family for generations that is currently showing signs of use. Em teases she should just get a new one, but Grayson feels she should stick with Bruce, and show some loyalty, because nothing is more important.(Em squirms internally some more) Eric seems to know what is wrong with the car, and I am feeling very... well I don't know. This is obviously headed to a Julia and Eric hook up and I have mixed feelings on this.

Ms. Benton makes another random appearance and tells Grayson she is sorry about his parents but if he needs to talk, her door is always open. (I hope she is talking about her classroom door, and not like her bedroom door, because she wasn't at school when she said this. Maybe in the future, students are less awkward about seeing teachers outside of class, but it's been five years for me and I still don't want to see my teachers not in the classroom) Ms. Benton then takes two cups from the bus bin.(Maybe she just needs some cups...no? okay.)

Taylor, is too busy shopping and trying to find Zoe, that she forgot to show up and meet Sophia. Taylor is trying to call Zoe to figure out what happened at the party, but Zoe doesn't answer. Little does she know that Zoe is parked just a few feet away, watching as Taylor drops her bags on the ground on her way to her car. Lukas runs up to help Taylor and she asks him to pop the trunk for her. Lukas opens the car door, where there happens to be Black Cyper, and begins to cough and wheeze and falls to the ground. Taylor is panicking and calling for help, Em and Roman are rushing to the scene and Zoe is laughing gleefully(Girl is nuts). While down on the ground with Lukas, Em seems to be the only one to notice the Black Cyper in the door frame.

Roman interrupts Drake gazing on at Taylor post accident, to inform him that Em found Black Cyper in the car and that they need to talk to Castor, he'll know what to do. Drake tells Roman that Lukas wasn't the target, that she must have wanted to test the Cyper and she did hate Taylor. Drake tells Roman about the Black Cyper he and Zoe have already planted in Beaumont's body. Roman tells him they need to destroy it. Castor explains to Roman and Drake that the it's not the leaf that kills but the spores. One leaf's spores can kill a human, so imagine what a bush can do. He tells them the only way to stop it is to mix freshly caught Black Cyper with Atrian Blood. He then hands Roman a bomb to use to destroy the bush, because 8 days is the life cycle of the plants and it's been... 8 days(Really? Talk about convenient)and if they don't destroy the bush today it's goodbye Humans. They head to the site of the body only to discover Zoe has moved it.(How creepy did that Cyper look) At the hospital it's nothing but bad news for Lukas' mother. Her son's lungs are burned and airways swollen and if they can't get the swelling down he won't be able to breathe through his lungs. Emery happens on Colleen, a nurse from the hospital she knows, and asks about any other cases like Lukas. Colleen tells her that had a camper form black bear lake brought in yesterday with the same symptoms. Her silence when Emery asks how is the camper doing seals Lukas' would-be fate.

A conversation in the hospital between Drake, Roman and Emery leads to Roman and Emery heading up to the camp site, and Drake locating Zoe. Drake goes to the best source to find Zoe, Taylor. Taylor is of course panicking and accuses Drake of hooking up with Zoe. Drake assures Taylor he isn't in to Zoe, he's into blondes, and Taylor proceeds to give Drake Zoe's address so he can check up on her. Drake shows up at Zoe's address and starts to look around, only to set off a trap that results in a pipe through his chest. He pulls himself off of the pipe and begins to look around for clues, he finds a thumb drive which has pictures of Zoe and Taylor, and a picture of an abandoned house.

Romery's hike through the woods leads to Roman revealing to Em that Zoe is an Atrian Trag. That's she's one of many Atrian's living among them hidden, and that the Trags are a fringe group that tried to kill her at the carnival. Roman tells her that he just wanted to protect her, and Em is just happy to know what has been causing him to push her away. They run into a tent and Roman pulls out the bomb only to find the tent empty. Grayson calls Emery for reassurance as he stands outside waiting to see his mother. After she hangs up, Roman ask how Grayson is holding up(Like you really care!) and Em tells him that he has no one, and Roman tells her that Grayson has her.(Ouch)After Drake alerts them about the house in Taylor's pictures they rush off to go find it.

Grayson, works up the courage to speak to his mother, and lets her know how he feels about her lying and betrayal, but the Grand Matriarch has her own concerns. She tells Grayson that Emery was the one who told the reporter about the meeting. That Emery is the reason his world has been turned upside down. Grayson scoffs at her. There is no way his precious, Saint Emery would use him, and Grayson is so appalled by the thought he walks out. (Poor Grayson, you are just in the dark about everything aren't you?)

Roman and Emery find the cabin, but not before Zoe emerges, sword in hand, ready to kill them both. Roman hands Emery the bomb and tasks her with destroying the Cyper while he fights Zoe with a stick. Emery gets in and retrieves the Cyper and plants the bomb but not before a spore starts to bloom. Zoe has Roman bested and it appears Zoe has won, but Drake(with a random sword from Zoe's home) arrives to fight her. Roman rushes off to find Emery frozen in place, scared to move into the spores. Roman tells her to hold her breath and then grabs her and jumps into the water with her, just as the bomb explodes!(Explosions! This show loves explosions!)Drake grabs hold of Zoe and throws her into the explosion. Meanwhile, as Roman and Emery are underwater, Roman motions for Emery to put her lips on his so she could get air. She does so and it's actually a nice, first kiss moment for the two. His kiss provides her...Oxygen. (Which is why they should have kept the original name.) Once on shore, after a breathless moment, they find themselves embracing even more, locking lips repeatedly. (These two are determined to win me over)

Drake walks up on them and tells them Zoe was in the blast and Emery comes back down to earth and realizes her friend, is in the hospital dying. This is no time for kisses. Back at the hospital, Em gets Lukas' mother out of the room, and Roman enters with the Black Cyper, and prepares to save Lukas, but Sophia enters and asks Roman to be the one to save Lukas. To my surprise Roman lets her and Lukas awakens.

Drake heads back to see Taylor and tells her that Zoe had left, her family had come on financial troubles. Taylor feels that Zoe must have never cared about her, because she wouldn't let her in and never told her what was going on. Drake lies to her and tells her Zoe said nice things about her that comfort her. (These two....have won me)

Roman and Emery are leaving the hospital and Roman tells her that he won't hold her to what happened today, they were in danger. Emery tells Roman that she will hold him to it though. She tells him things have changed in a good way, but now she's aware of the danger, they just saved he world, so they could take on anything. When Roman brings up Grayson, she admits she needs to break up with him, because of how she feels while with Roman. They kiss again, only to be interrupted by Sophia reminding Roman they need to catch the bus. Emery heads back to her car, unaware that Grayson had been in the shadows the whole time watching.

*Odds and Ends

Those cups Ms. Benton stole, she took to a lab to have the girls DNA analyzed to see if they had been cured with Cyper. Of course the results are conclusive and Ms. Benton and associates are now aware that Julia was healed with Cyper

Eric was outside working on Julia's car, Bruce. All he wants in repayment is tutoring...and some lovin. (Okay, not yet)He even shows concern for her feelings, asking her if she was okay tutoring him while all this was happening around her. Julia tells Eric that it's nice to have something else to think about. (AWWWW)

Castor apparently has a whole room full of those grenades.(But why????)


This was a solid episode. Zoe was killed, which I was happy about because she had overstayed her welcome. We got a bit more progression on the Drake and Taylor front. Progression that felt more natural than some other couples. In retrospect, I feel this episode zoomed on by. There was no major story reveals, it just wrapped up the Black Cyper storyline for the most part. The other big development this episode was that Romery is now actually a thing, whether I like it or not. While I've come around on them, I'm still not over the moon about it. Now that they are finally together, maybe Emery will become a bit more tolerable. I really like how the writers have developed Drake, I thought for sure he'd be this big emotional stunted jock, but he, feels the most three-dimensional of all the characters. I hope things only continue this way for him. The Julia and Eric pairing feels so PwP(Plot? What Plot) to me. Sure, they interacted when she tried to discover the Red-Hawks meeting ground, but this feels too forced. It's ironic, how the one who started the series so fascinated by Atrians is the only lead not interested/paired with one. I also miss Gloria. She just shipped her son off to Eljida and decided to never show her face again?

Episode MVP: Drake. He may not be ready to dive full on into a romance with Taylor, but the way he went to her and comforted her about Zoe spoke volumes. He also seems to be truly on Roman's side for now, and has come to really shine as a fully realized character.

Episode LVP: Zoe. She really overstayed her welcome for me. At the pace this show goes, I really had hoped she actually rode off into the sunset. Not once in the episode did she even attempt to contact Vega like she should have. She basically acted like a teenager and tried to take out Taylor, just because she hated her. I was glad to see her burn.

Final Grade: B. I just thought it was solid. I was not wowed, I was not bored. The black Cyper was predictably destroyed. The best development was Roman and Emery kissing, and that's not saying much.

The next Episode, "An Old Accustom'd Feast" was also another let down for me.

What Happened: The episode starts with an appearance from my favorite Shady lady, Gloria, who is meeting with Castor to discuss Dinaskyu, an Atrian holiday celebrating family like Christmas. Gloria tells Emery that for the first time, the Atrian Seven will be allowed to invite humans to celebrate it. Castor tells Emery that maybe she will receive an invitation.(Of course she will, that's probably the whole point of the episode.)

Emery rushes off because she has something to do, which is make out with Roman in a closet.(I gotta admit their banter was robust with chemistry. What took so long?) While it's all kind of hot in a secretive way, Roman promises her it won't always be like this. Emery decides to bring up Castor and Dinaskyu and how she'd have to be invited by a member of the Atrian Seven. Roman proceeds to invite her to the celebration and she accepts, but then decides to ask if it's a good idea for her to come to the sector, since the Trags hate race mixing. Roman assures her it'll be fine, he and Castor have a new way to deal with the Trags and security will be beefed up. He tells her the only problem they may encounter is his mom, who is not to thrilled about humans joining Dinaskyu. Emery, worried again, ask should she even come and Roman tells her he wants her there.(This is going to end so badly.)

Ms. Benton, approaches Julia and offers her a sort of extra credit internship and Julia accepts. She even brags about to Emery. Emery congratulates her on her internship and Julia pokes fun at her forbidden romance. Emery tells her that Roman has invited her to Dinaskyu, and Julia tells her that Sophia invited her.(How convenient) Emery tells Julia she is worried about making a good impression on Roman's mother and Julia advises her to talk to Sophia for some tips on what to do. Grayson passes by and the ice-cold tension between he and Emery prompts Julia to ask if Em has broken up with Grayson. Turns out, she hasn't and is not just a liar and life ruiner, but a cheater as well. Julia advises her to just get it over with so she can enjoy her new romance guilt-free. (Silly Julia, it will never be guilt free)

Emery's attempt to break up with Grayson turns out to go disastrously. He tells her it must be hard for her to be in love with an Atrian, and that he saw her at the hospital. That he's been seeing her with Roman. He thought she wanted to be with him, but now he feels like she played him. He knows it's her fault that his mother is in jail, and he feels anything that comes out of her mouth is a lie.(So much for guilt free)

Turns out every year, Roman has invited Drake to his family's Dinaskyu and every year Drake does not accept. Roman tells him that after all they have been through this year how could he not attend. Drake may not think he has family, he does, he has Roman and his family. Drake agrees to attend Roman's family Dinaskyu. Roman is approached by Gloria on his way to the bus, and she asks him o be available for a photo op with some dignitaries visiting the sector tonight, and Roman refuses the woman who had an affair with his father, because he will not be her trophy. Back in the Sector, Roman and Castor confront Vega and the Trags and demand that they be peaceful this evening while humans were in the Sector. Vega tells them that in Dinaskyu, Atrians exchange gifts and all she hears are demands. She asks what they have to offer and she tells them while not sure now of what she wants, she expects them to deliver when she does know. She gives them her word that the Trags will not harm humans within the Sector. Teri, (OH, HEY TERI!) asks her mother if she is just doing what Castor says now. Vega tells her that they have bigger things to worry about. She then asks her if she found Zoe, and Teri tells her it is just as Drake said, she is gone. Vega says that if Zoe is not around to pay the price for her failure, then Drake will have to pay it for her. (But Vega, it's Christmas!)

Later, Sophia is giving Em the full rundown of what Dinaskyu is. Apparently it was a celebration at the start of the fishing season before men went out for months at a time on boats, and the kids would have to repair real fishing nets, but now they just decorate small ones for display. The women are to receive flowers as a way of compensating for being alone with kids for months at a time, and the flowers are strung into a necklace, like leis called Hisu. Em asks Sophia should she bring her mom flowers, and Sophia's face says bad idea, but her mouth says, good idea.

Castor and Roman are having a conversation about the Trags, and Roman feels they should just turn them in and be done with it, but Castor tells them they don't betray their own, nor do they want to make the Trags martyrs. They are approached by children who call Castor father(Iksen), and hand him some fishnets. Roman mentions how he is finding them on doorstep in honor of his father,and Castor tells him this is his first Dinaskyu as the Atrian leader, and people are looking to him and calling him the Father of All Atrians and it has really motivated him to keep them all safe. (I don't think Castor is a Trag, I just think he wants to rule and that he would go to extremes to protect his power and his people)

Drake is approached by Vega while buying a Hisu for Roman's mother, and Vega needs to ask him about Zoe. She wants to know what Drake thinks happened from his own mouth. He tells her that Zoe must have spent too much time amongst the Humans, and when it came time to release the Black Cyper on the humans, she ran and took the Cyper with her. Vega asks if he could see himself doing the same, and Drake says no and swears allegiance to the Trags. This pleases Vega, who asks him to come to her Dinaskyu, where she will give him his new assignment, since he will be their new operative on the outside.

Julia shows up for the internship with Ms. Benton, only to discover the project she is working on is about her, Cyper, and how she was cured. Ms. Benton reveals that she only took the job at Marshall to be close to the Atrians and that the company she works for believes that Cyper could be the cure to Terminal Illnesses, but that they have not found out how Cyper grows or heals. She does reveal that Cyper is in Julia's blood, constantly replenishing itself. Naturally, Julia denies what Ms. Benton is saying and excuses herself from the lab.

Back at Roman's pod, Drake tells Roman of his new assignment, and he reveals he will have his markings removed, withdraw from the Integration program and then head to a new city under Vega's orders. He can't say no, nor should he be telling anyone for fear of his life. Roman knows they can find a way, but Drake thinks this is the only way. It's with a heavy head he tells Roman he won't even be coming to his house for the holiday, but to Vega's. Roman does what you'd expect Roman to do, which is head off to confront Vega again. (I love Vega, so I'm okay with that) He asks Vega to set Drake free, and Vega tells him if he can get the wrongly imprisoned and wrongly accused prisoner 337 released she will free Drake. Roman doesn't think he'd be able to and Vega is banking on him not being able to, but it's either that or say goodbye to Drake.

The next day during another closet make out session, Roman confides in Emery about Drake's situation. Emery teases Roman about his obsession with protecting people, but she also knows how much he wants to help Drake. Roman tells her has a plan to get the prisoner released and to save Drake. (Okay, sure, these two are kinda cute now.)

Grayson has a sit down with his father about the current state of the family. Grayson just can't get behind his parents being terrorists. His father, upset, asks if that big Atrian he's been hanging out with has gotten into his head. Grayson, confused, asks what he's talking about, and his father reveals that he saw him, Drake, and Zoe leave the fundraiser together. Poor Grayson, is just confused and accuses his father of turning this around on him, and his Father just leaves the conversation by telling him the Atrians can't be trusted. (Talk about a broken record.)

Grayson walks up to a very distracted Ms. Benton to ask about Zoe and her disappearance. Ms. Benton fills Grayson in that the faculty knows very little other than the last time she may have been seen was at the fundraiser. She breaks off the conversation to catch up with Julia. (Everyone just walks away from poor Grayson) Ms. Benton asks Julia if she has considered her offer. Julia tells her while it sounds amazing, she can't help but think that it's wrong, seeing as Ms. Benton is pretending to be someone else to do it. Before Ms. Benton can retort, Em walks up because they have to get ready to go to the Sector.

Roman's plan involved going to my favorite shady lady, Gloria and using her love of his father against her and also agreeing to be her trophy. He asks her to release prisoner 337 from the Crate for Dinaskyu, because it's what his father would want. Gloria is apprehensive, but Roman knows she's on the security committee and could secure the release, if she would trust him like his father would have wanted. (Way to lay it on Roman!) Gloria, moved, heads to the Crate and heads to cell 337, where Saroya is found laying on the floor, weak due the heat panels. (Atrians thrive in humidity, this keeps them weak) Saroya, an elderly Atrian wakes with a start, and she is taken to a tub of water, where she submerges herself and comes out much younger. (So, water keeps Atrian's from aging rapidly?)

In the Sector, Emery is greeted by Castor, who reveals to her he knows that she and Roman are together, but that he is glad they found each other. Em reveals she is nervous about Maia, Roman's mother, but Castor feels that as long a Roman cares for her, his mother will too. They arrive upon some Atrian children, and Emery helps one untangle their fishnet and turns it into her trademark star formation as Sophia looks on, concerned. (Does Sophia really not know Emery was the one who saved Roman?)

Turns out, Em had very good reason to be concerned because Maia, is laying on the hostility pretty thick. When partaking in some sort of hand-washing ritual, Maia refuses to dip her hands in the water after "those creatures", Emery and Julia. Emery tries to cool tension by presenting her with a Hisu she made, but Maia just scoffs at her offer. Sophia and Roman rise in defense of their friends, but Maia tells them, they are their guests, not hers, so she will not be courteous.

Back at Cult Central the Trag quarters, Vega is receiving Hisu(hisusess?) from her many Trag children. Teri, her actual child is watching with Drake and apologizes for what is going to happen to him. She wishes she had a way to help him. When it is Drake's turn to present his Hisu, Vega announces to the group they must celebrate Drake before he is to go and live amongst the enemy.

Gloria returns Saroya to her old pod and informs her of how far things have come since she was imprisoned in the Crate. She tells her that her release was a great gesture to strengthen that growth before excusing herself so Saroya could change for the feast. As soon as she leaves, Saroya grabs a hidden bag, and darts out of window and starts free running throughout the Sector. (Is she not so innocent pehaps?)

Meanwhile, Maia is refusing to go to the Dinaskyu ceremony as long as humans will be there. Roman and Castor have to go set up the feast, and Julia, smartly decides to go with them. Sophia, is staying to help clean up, and Emery is staying with her. Roman just tells her he will save her a seat. I'm sorry, but mister I must protect everyone is really just leaving her with his Mother, who has called his secret girlfriend a creature not too long ago? (I mean, something exciting has to happen this episode, so I guess..)

Maia takes advantage of Castor and Roman's leave to tell Emery how she really feels. She never understood her husband's idea of making peace with humans but she respected it, up until he paid the ultimate price for it, at the hands of Emery's father. She tells Emery she is not welcome in her pod and never will be and that she will not rest until her children see Emery as she does, as the child of a murderer. (So by that logic will her own children just be the children of an Adulterer once she finds out about Gloria? Sins of the Father ya'll)Sophia, much to my surprise, steps in and tells her mother to stop it, that Emery is the one who save Roman on Arrival day. Em, confused asks Sophia how did she know and Sophia reveals how she put the pieces together with the star string and etc.

Maia doesn't know how to take the news, and when she asks for confirmation from Emery, Emery just apologizes for any pain she caused by being there today. She tells Maia that it's important to her children that she be at the feast, and she doesn't want to stand in the way of that and then she gathers her things and leaves. Em then went from being pretty selfless to being pretty stupid. Saroya had just left a package on Roman's pod door, and Emery sees it and opens it(Why???). The device inside comes alive with her touch and puts her in the memory of someone else. In the weird memory-dream, Emery is piloting the ship next to Saroya and they see Earth. Pliot-Emery knows the planet is inhabited so they plan to alter their course, but just as they make this decision, Castor walks in and shoots Pilot-Emery, ending the memory. (Castor wanted to land on Earth?) Of course we learn this just a Roman presents Castor with a fishnet of his own and calls him Iksen.

Julia is heading to the feast only to be approached by Ms. Benton, emerging from the shadows. She tells Julia that her employers managed to swing her an invite and then she tells Julia she should really consider her offer. When Julia refuses again, she tells Julia what if, Mr. Burke was to go to her father's bowling league, slip something in his drink, which caused him to get ill with something fatal. Would she consider then? Julia still won't tell her how she got Cyper in her blood, so Ms. Benton begins to make a call, Julia then tells her she can't tell her how Cyper got in her blood, but she an tell her where it's growing, here in the sector.

Emery, after having her memory walk heads to the feast to look for Roman, only to be cut off by a panicked Julia, who just needs to go home to deal with something. Emery, is not really paying too much attention. She tells Julia she'll be right back before stalking off after Roman. She finds him, but Castor is near so they can't talk about what she has seen. She tells him she needs to talk to him, as Gloria and a confused Saroya enter. Saroya, locked in the Crate, does not know of Nox's passing and Castors ascension to Iksen, and when informed, she seems deeply troubled about it. (I would be too)Everyone has a reaction to Saroya's entrance; Vega is enthused, Castor seems fumbled, Emery and Roman are confused, while Drake is just happy to see his mommy. Yep, Saroya, is Drake's mom. (What are you playing at Vega?)

Ms. Benton finds Nox's body, obviously with Julia's guidance, and learns that Cyper grows from dead Atrians. She calls Mr. Burke and informs him and tells him to bury them all, and we see Mr. Burke wheeling out dead Atrians to presumably go bury.

Finally, Emery and Roman get a minute together and she shows him what she found. He tells her its a Mirzan, a flight recorder of sorts, like a black Box. She tells him when she touched it, it showed her something and he laughs and told her it records sensory inputs meaning what she saw was real. She then reveals what she saw, that she was the pilot, and someone came and shot her. Roman confused, asks her, for what I assume was clarity purposes, "Someone shot the pilot?" and she tells him, "Castor" and a look of dread washes over Roman's face.

Also, Grayson reviewed security footage of the night of the fundraiser and sees Roman and Drake dropping off his unconscious body on the lawn. Shortly after he phones his dad and tells him he's coming home, but not before he attends a Red-Hawk meeting.

Afterthoughts: Honestly these past two episodes were a chore to get through. Life has been busy, so I hadn't had much time, but these episodes didn't help matters. This episode really fell flat for me. It was extremely exposition heavy with very little grand pay off. While there were developments for the characters, I think they could have happened without Dinaskyu at the center, but once again the writers needed to create an event to force Human-Atrian interaction. To me upon first viewing this episode felt like the plot was driving the characters and not the other way around. It felt like a giant filler episode. Yes, we got a few developments with Ms. Benton and Saroya and Castor, but other than that it was forty minutes of exposition. I will say that Roman and Emery do seem to have a chemistry I felt they have lacked for some time.

Episode MVP: Ms. Benton. My, how quickly things change. She was the best part of this episode for me, in what little time she was in it. It just feels like she was the only one with anything to offer. Her insistence at Julia working with her, and later her threatening Julia into submission were breakout moments for such a lull of an episode. I look forward to what she does with her knowledge of how to grow Cyper, and how far she will go to learn how it heals.

Episode LVP: Grayson. Did I care in the slightest bit about his journey to the center of himself? NO. He was isolated from the main storyline and just a little too "Bleh" for me. I liked that he wasn't a Red-Hawk initially but it looks as if the writers are looking to make him one for conflict down the road. I feel like this is going to ruin him for me, as tonight already put me off on him. He felt like a spoiled child lashing out because he couldn't get what he wanted more than anything else.

Finale grade: C-. I'm sorry but I wasn't a fan. I really want the writers to drop the weekly gatherings, its frustrating. Hopefully as we head into the final stretch of the season things pick up.

I just want to apologize for the lateness of this post. Fellow StarGazers, times have been trying and busy so I haven't been as focused. If you can forgive me, that'd be awesome.

I plan on posting 1.09/1.10 as a joint posting following tonight's broadcast of episode 10.

Did you think I was being too harsh on these episodes? Are you thrilled Roman and Emery are together? Who do you feel is the most fleshed out character? Are sad that the season is winding down? Do you think Julia was wrong for telling Ms. benton about where to find Cyper? What do you think Vega's endgame is? Do you think Castor meant to crash land the ship on earth?

Sound off below!

Don't forget to watch a new episode tonight at 8/7c on the CW. Twitter hashtags are #StarCrossed, #StarGazers.

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All you need to do is to put a link to your banner in the box below and press the Click Button. (For best results your image should be 1090px wide and 200px high.). We have more banners in our Banner Gallery here.

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