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Scene Of The Week - April 6, 2014 - POLL

A weekly feature in which we're trying to find most compelling, best acted, written, directed and just generally great scenes that we've seen recently.

ARROW, "Deathstroke", April 2, 2014, Actors: Stephen Amell, Willa Holland, Emily Bett Rickards and more
The Scenes: Felicity tells Oliver to get Slade no matter what & Thea tells Oliver she knows his secret

Virginia Fontana: Felicity tells Oliver to save Thea and get Slade no matter what it takes. A nice little twist with her speaking up at that moment and with such cut-to-the-chase attitude, and an intense scene among Oliver, Diggle, Sara, and Felicity.
Daniel van der Veer: Before the episode aired, it was already revealed that Thea would learn a truth that is going to turn her world around. When Slade said he wanted to tell her brother's secret, I was sure he would tell her that Oliver is the Arrow. Instead, however, Slade tells Thea of her true paternity. What follows is a powerfully acted scene by Willa Holland, when she tells Oliver she knows. Not once during the conversation did she look at Moira, showing how much Thea now hates her mother.

BATES MOTEL, "The Escape Artist", March 31, 2014, Actors: Vera Farmiga, Nestor Carbonell and more
The Scenes: Norma tends to Romero's wounds (picked by Sharon Seymour and Darth Locke) & Romero beats up Zane (picked by DarkUFO)

COUGAR TOWN, "We Stand a Chance", April 1, 2014, Actors: Busy Philipps, Dan Byrd
The Scene: Travis and Laurie say "I love you" for the first time
Klutzy girl:
Travis tells Laurie he tried to imagine a life without her, but couldn't do it, that she is his dream. Their first "I love yous" were adorable.

HANNIBAL, "Futamono", April 4, 2014, Actors: Mads Mikkelsen, Laurence Fishburne and more
The Scenes: Hannibal and Gideon share Gideon's leg for dinner (picked by DarkUFO and Macie Potts) & Jack finds Miriam (picked by Alex Zhora and Diana mack)

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, "Last Forever", March 31, 2014, Actors: Josh Radnor, Cristin Milioti
The Scene: Ted meets the Mother
Jamie Coudeville:
Let's face it, this episode was horrible, but this scene brought me to tears. She was so perfect for him. This was the moment we've all been waiting for and it did not disappoint (same can't be said for the rest of the episode).

NCIS: LOS ANGELES, "Spoils of War", April 1, 2014, Actors: Daniela Ruah, Eric Christian Olsen
The Scene: Kensi's reunion with Deeks
Justyna Kubica:
It's been such a long and often painful season for Deeks and Kensi. First, Deeks was tortured and had to struggle with insomnia and the trauma after this experience. Then the two tried to figure out their evolving relationship only to be separated for months when Kensi was ordered to complete a mission in Afghanistan. And now it's Kensi who ended up being kidnapped and tortured for days before being rescued by her team. To see her in such a vulnerable, broken state is a heartbreaking view. The moment I picked this time as one of my scenes of the week is a very powerful and emotional reunion between these partners when a shattered Kensi breaks down in tears and Deeks tries to comfort her. It was an incredibly important moment for the characters and their relationship and it seems to be a first step in Blye's recovery. The scene was beautifully performed by both the actors, kudos to Daniela Ruah and Eric Christian Olsen for making it so real and intense. I'm really interested to see what's gonna happen next, but I'm afraid I might not like it. I wish, for once, these two people who clearly care about each other were able to get a chance. Hopefully we'll get there one day.
Tonya Papanikolas: Kensi's scenes post-rescue with Deeks. It was powerful to see Kensi in such a weak physical and emotional state after what she had been through with the Taliban and finding Jack. Her lack of words, frequent stares after Jack and clear emotional scars left you wondering how she was going to recover from this - and how it would affect her relationship with Deeks. While Deeks just wanted to comfort her (and did), she was distracted, both by Jack and the memories of her torture. The scenes foreshadowed her future struggles to overcome all of this.

ONCE UPON A TIME IN WONDERLAND, "And They Lived...", April 3, 2014, Actors: Sophie Lowe and more
The Scenes: Anastasia gets a second chance & Alice and Will say goodbye
Justyna Kubica:
I really loved the finale and the show. It was exactly what I needed, a magical story about hope and love, where people actually get second chances and a happy ending. I'm so glad I decided to watch it and stayed with the show til the end. I couldn't quite pick a favorite scene from the episode, there were many lovely, powerful moments, like the wedding, the final confrontation with Jafar, the goodbyes and more. But nothing that really stood out at first. But after re-watching the finale I realized the moment that got me the most was when I understood that not just Alice and Cyrus, but also the more troubled couple I was also rooting for - Will and Anastasia, is going to end the show on a happy note. Ana was the one I was scared about the most. She made many wrong choices but at the end of the day she worked really hard to make up for them. Not just to Will, but also to the other people living in Wonderland and even Alice and Cyrus. She's the one who made the biggest progress in the show's short run so I was happy and relieved to see that Red Queen had to go, but Ana could stay and get a second chance to be with her one true love. What a beautiful ending for all the show's heroes, seeing the two happy couples holding onto their hearts. Thank you to the show's cast & crew for their great work on the series!
Jamie Coudeville: The hug between Alice and Will. I've shipped these two from day one, even though I knew they'd never go there. Their friendship was what made me come back each week. I'm going to miss their dynamic.

PERSON OF INTEREST, "Most Likely To...", April 1, 2014, Actors: Sarah Shahi, Nestor Carbonell
The Scene: Shaw protects Matthew Reed in the Science Room (picked by Darth Locke)

REVOLUTION, "Austin City Limits", April 2, 2014, Actors: Tracy Spiridakos, J.D. Pardo
The Scene: Charlie shoots Jason
Virginia Fontana:
I thought this was one of the strongest scenes in the show ever, absolutely gripping in its suspense as the two fought, and then heartbreaking when Charlie was forced to potentially kill her first love in order to survive. Poor Jason finally showed a personality and a backbone, only for this to happen! An amazing scene in a great episode.

Also picked by Darth Locke, Jamie Coudeville and Pablozky21

SCANDAL, "The Fluffer", April 3, 2014, Actors: Bellamy Young, Tony Goldwyn
The Scene: Mellie slaps Fitz
Klutzy girl:
It was a long time coming and I'm so happy she did that after Fitz's hypocritical behavior. Also picked by Macie Potts

THE 100, "Earth Kills", April 2, 2014, Actors: Eli Goree, Izabela Vidovic, The Scene: Charlotte kills Wells
Pablozky21: This is the first real step The 100 takes into becoming the dark, unpredictable show that it was always at its core. The fact that the writers are willing to kill off what seemed to be a major character and a moral compass for the show is an incredibly bold move that proves that this show is fearless and will do what it has to do. And that only promises good things for its future.
Daniel van der Veer: Right after Clarke and Wells repair their friendship, Charlotte decides to slay her demons. It really shocked me that a seemingly lovable 13-year old would just kill Wells to get rid of her nightmares. She must be really crazy.

THE AMERICANS, "Behind the Red Door", April 2, 2014, Actors: Keri Russell, Matthew Rhys
The Scene: Elizabeth gets Philip to role-play as Clark in their sex game (picked by Sharon Seymour and Alex Zhora)

THE BLACKLIST, "Milton Bobbit (No. 135)", March 31, 2014, Actors: Megan Boone, Ryan Eggold
The Scene: Tom and Liz renew their vows
Daniel van der Veer:
Poor Liz! During the entire episode, I felt for her when she tried to act like nothing ever happened. Renewing their vows was a smart move from Tom, but it presented a unique opportunity for Liz to invite Tom's so-called brother for the "wedding". And so the cat and mouse game begins. Let it come, Mr. and Mrs. Keen!

THE GOOD WIFE, "The Last Call", March 30, 2014, Actor: Julianna Margulies
The Scene: Alicia repeatedly plays Will's voice mail
Tonya Papanikolas:
Alicia hears Will's voice mail and repeatedly plays the half-message. These scenes were heartbreaking and realistic. Alicia gets to hear Will's voice but is left wondering why he called her. The unresolved voicemail intensified the sadness and suddenness of Will's death and heightened the tragedy of the unresolved nature of their relationship. It was compelling to then watch her play out each possible scenario of Will's intention in her mind.

THE MENTALIST, "Violets", March 30, 2014, Actors: Simon Baker, Robin Tunney, Pedro Pascal
The Scenes: Lisbon puts a blanket on Jane & Jane realizes Lisbon and Agent Pike are going out on a date

Tonya Papanikolas: Jane approaches Lisbon after the case and awkwardly realizes she is going out with Agent Pike; he is then left alone. I didn't actually like this scene in terms of Jane's feelings - you felt so bad for him - but I thought it was a great scene in terms of moving things forward for Lisbon and her love life, and also for Jane. The well-played awkwardness between the characters was a nice way to emphasize that Lisbon never wants to hurt Jane but needs some outside-work enjoyment, too. And Jane will have to figure out where he fits into that. The latest episodes have offered numerous mentions/hints about a Lisbon and Jane romantic relationship but something has to happen to push that forward (or stop it). Lisbon's genuine interest in Pike is the catalyst to get it going.
Diana mack: The last scene with Jane coming in the room and find Lisbon and Pike about to go out. He's ready to go out, but he soon realizes the two are going out for a date. Lisbon feels uncomfortable and says "Goodnight Jane", he replies "Have fun". Then Jane sits into his couch, taking his scarf off, as he feels lonely. That scene was a stab in the heart, literally. I think this is the right time for him to realizes his feelings for Lisbon.
Virginia Fontana: Lisbon puts a blanket on Jane while he is sleeping. The quiet, complicated, tender affection of this scene was priceless. Jisbon just melts me, and I'm loving the increased focus on their relationship as the Pike story arc kicks in.

THE MIDDLE, "The Smell", April 2, 2014, Actor: Charlie McDermott
The Scene: Axel discovers the meaning of the painting
Axel and Cassidy's relationship was one of the many highlights of season 4, and after speding some time in the dark about what route their relationship would take as this season has kept them apart and brought them together time to time, we finally get to know the result: they broke up. It's hard to fight with the distance, it is the ultimate relationship. Seeing Axel so sad and disappointed about how things turned is a really poignant moment for the show, and shows how much Axel has grown over the years.

THE MINDY PROJECT, "Indian BBW", April 1, 2014, Actors: Mindy Kaling, Chris Messina
The Scene: Danny reads to Mindy in the hospital
Klutzy girl:
That was just a sweet scene, and I love that they're together now.

THE MUSKETEERS, "Musketeers Don't Die Easily", March 30, 2014, Actors: Peter Capaldi and more
The Scenes: Queen Anne confronts The Cardinal & Athos' fake funeral
Justyna Kubica:
In such a fantastic finale it's incredibly hard to pick the best scene. I could easily choose the final fight or "One for all, and all for one", or one of the funny moments like the fake funeral, but in the end I decided to go with the most memorable scene for me, the part where everyone confronts the Cardinal and he loses his usual calmness and restraint once he sees the Queen. I love the way Queen Anne can be so powerful and even scary with such a peaceful, quiet voice. She's certainly a queen of the passive-aggressive behavior. And I have to say, to see Cardinal defeated like that was quite a view. Especially when he's played by an actor so talented like Peter Capaldi. He made such a powerful impression on me in the series. It's a shame he's probably not going to be so present in the next season. Still, it was a very intense and satisfying moment of victory for the Musketeers. And even if it will only last for a little while, for once they actually have the upper hand over the Cardinal and it was great to see them working together and organizing such a complicated plan and succeeding. I'm going to miss the show, the waiting is gonna be a long one. But for now, kudos to the cast & crew for such a fantastic first season!
Sandi wich: Once again there were so many scenes to chose from; the final showdown nearly made the cut (the show's boldest example of Chivalric Romance all the season, full of swaggering heroes of old), as did the long awaited "One for all, and all for one" moment. But for me it just has to be the fake funeral. The faux seriousness at getting Treville to use the perfect terms to describe Athos breaking into the humour between Aramis and Porthos was hilarious, I do love the banter between these two characters. Then Porthos welling up at the thought of losing his colleague for real, and Aramis' "There, there" in comfort rounded off a great little scene that told us so much about the brotherhood of Musketeers, and their unbreakable bond with each other, in such a short scene.

THE WALKING DEAD, "A", March 30, 2014, Actors: Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus and more
The Scenes: Rick fights with Joe's attackers & Rick calls Daryl his brother

DarkUFO: Rick absolves Daryl and calls him brother.
Diana mack: Rick and Daryl scene. Best bromance of the show.
Sharon Seymour: Rick unleashes bloody mayhem on Joe and the people that attacked Carl. Also picked by Macie Potts

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