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Scene Of The Week - April 20, 2014 - POLL

A weekly feature in which we're trying to find most compelling, best acted, written, directed and just generally great scenes that we've seen recently.

Happy Easter to everyone celebrating! And to the rest of you: have a lovely weekend!

ARROW, "The Man Under the Hood", April 16, 2014, Actors: Manu Bennett, Stephen Amell and more
The Scene: Team Arrow fights Slade in the lair
Daniel van der Veer:
It's the first time team Arrow really fights against Slade. It didn't take Slade long to defeat them and to get what he needed. But the fight set the stage for more battles between the two sides, and I am looking forward to seeing these battles!

AWKWARD, "No Woman is an Island", April 15, 2014, Actors: Ashley Rickards and more
The Scene: Jenna's parents catch her in a compromising position
Samy Bgs:
Jenna's parents walk into Jenna's room and see that she's masturbating while she's sleeping.

BATES MOTEL, "Presumed Innocent", April 14, 2014, Actors: Nestor Carbonell and more, The Scenes: Norma has a "chat" with Cody & Romero gets the call that links Norman to Miss Watson's death
Norma has a "chat" with Cody in the police station toilet.
Sharon Seymour: Romero gets the call that links Norman to Miss Watson's death.
Geo N: Same as Sharon. Awesome scene. I watched it half a dozen times. This season is really good.

BONES, "The Cold in the Case", April 14, 2014, Actors: Tamara Taylor, Pej Vahdat and more
The Scene: Cam and Arastoo have a talk with his parents at the end
Klutzy girl:
Cam and Arastoo have a talk with his parents after their disastrous dinner. It was a sweet moment and I like that they accept her in their son's life. And I'm looking forward to seeing where their relationship goes.

COMMUNITY, "Basic Sandwich", April 17, 2014
The Scene: The NBC ad at the end
A Dahne:
Technically an outtake more than a scene, nothing was funnier this week than the fake ad Community ran at the end of its finale that completely blasted NBC. In it they showed a composite ad of "new" shows that would be airing, including Thought Jacker, Intensive Karen, Mr. Egypt, Celebrity Beat-Off, and Captain Cook. It was so convincing that many fans did not catch on right away. However for me, by far the best part was when they ended it, "This summer or fall or, possibly next winter…it depends on what fails." BWAH! If that isn't the messed up world of network TV, I don't know what is. It was such a great meta slam on NBC after the scheduling fiasco on season 4. It'll always be October 19.

GAME OF THRONES, "The Lion and the Rose", April 13, 2014, Actors: Jack Gleeson and more
The Scenes: Joffrey's death & The wedding reception

Pablozky21: I don't think there has been a more satisfying moment in television than seeing king Joffrey dying; for a character that has been ruthless, cruel and outright hateable, it's an incredible relief to see that "what goes around comes around" as he dies a quite painful death. Serves him right, and it surely will make a fun mess out of Kingslanding.
Darth Locke: Like many, I won't miss King Joffery, despite that Jack Gleeson has done a fantastic job at portraying one of the most loathsome characters in fiction and on television, but this scene was truly horrific, as Cersei cried out and no one at first came, and where it was Jaime and Cersei that held their son in his final desperate moments. For a brief fleeting moment I could feel for the tragedy for this family. Also picked by Jamie Coudeville
Sandi wich: I'm going to be extremely cheeky and call the Purple Wedding a scene. It was filled with little hints of political intrigue such as Cersei going behind Margaery's back to order that the left over food gets sent to the hounds, or Oberyn's put down of the 'former Queen Regent'. The reaction to the dwarf entertainment and the way Tyrion tried to stand up to Joffrey's insults were the highlight of it for me though. You could see Tyrion would really have liked to slap his nephew just one more time but knew that he would never get away with it any more. The death itself was over pretty quickly and less painful than I was expecting, no throat ripping like there is in the book, but the make up was very effective. I'm going to miss young Jack Gleeson's portrayal, it's a role I never really got behind in the novels but absolutely adored to hate in the show.
Geo N: Same as Sandi, but wanted to emphasize the scene with Tywin, Cersei, Ellaria, and Oberyn. Pedro Pascal has to be one of the best casting choices in the history of TV. He is perfect as Oberyn Martell and his lines are worth watching over and over again. I must have watched that scene 20 times, lol. The way he talks down to Cersei ever so subtly was perfect. Also picked by Macie Potts

GREY'S ANATOMY, "Go It Alone", April 17, 2014, Actors: Sandra Oh, Ellen Pompeo, Kevin McKidd
The Scene: Cristina sees Meredith and Owen at her table
Babar Suhail:
Cristina freaks out and says that Mer and Owen should be by her side at the Harper Avery award ceremony minutes before the ceremony begins. Little did she know that they are already there. Loved Cristina's reaction after she sees them.

HANNIBAL, "Su-zakana", April 18, 2014, Actors: Mads Mikkelsen, Hugh Dancy and more
The Scenes: The final scene & Clarke Ingram climbs out a dead horse

Darth Locke: Clarke Ingram climbs out a dead horse right in front of Hannibal. There are so many great scenes from this episode, but this has to be one of the most disturbing and unusual scenes I have seen in a long time. It had an additional impact too, because it's right off the hinges of the previous scene where Peter reveals that he didn't kill Clarke, but also because Hannibal and Will share an intense and delicate moment. Also picked by DarkUFO
Geo N: The final scene where Hannibal puts his thumb between the Hammer and the Firing Pin just in time to prevent Will from shooting Peter's (played by the always awesome Jeremy Davies) social worker Clark Ingram. The scene was great and showed that Will is very unpredictable at the moment.

MAD MEN, "Time Zones", April 13, 2014, Actors: Jon Hamm and more, The Scene: Don turns down the advance of the woman sitting next to him
Tonya Papanikolas:
Don turns down the advance of the woman sitting next to him on the plane. Building upon the ending scene of last season where Don acknowledged his roots, now Don is showing signs of trying to reform his behavior and acknowledge his faults. He actually says no - after a lot of flirting, granted - to a woman hitting on him. He says he has to work, which is interesting since he doesn't have a job. (Though he obviously is still doing work through a secret proxy.) In this same scene Don also acknowledges that he is not a good husband. I don't remember him ever saying that out loud before. The attempted reformation of Don Draper begins. This should be interesting.

MARVEL'S AGENTS OF SHIELD, "Providence", April 15, 2014, Actors: Clark Gregg and more
The Scene: Coulson's meltdown
Klutzy girl:
After everything that's happened, Coulson finally has a meltdown. It was such a sad scene, and I hate that he apologized for it afterwards. It's been a long time coming.

NCIS LOS ANGELES, "Three Hearts", April 15, 2014, Actors: Eric Christian Olsen, Daniela Ruah
The Scene: Deeks opens Kensi's box
Tonya Papanikolas:
In one of my least favorite episodes of the season, this scene was still poignant for me. It didn't actually show us what was in the box as Deeks uncovers a smaller taped cardboard box inside the bigger one. But the symbolization behind having to now open a new box - or relationship layer - offered a nice tone to the rest of the confusing mess that was "Three Hearts."

ONCE UPON A TIME, "The Jolly Roger", April 13, 2014, Actors: Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parrilla and more
The Scenes: Regina teaches magic to Emma & Hook watches Emma at the end
Samy Bgs:
Regina teaches magic to Emma. Also picked by Jamie Coudeville
Virginia Fontana: Hook watches Emma through his spyglass at the end of the episode.

ORPHAN BLACK, "Nature Under Constraint and Vexed", April 19, 2014, Actors: Tatiana Maslany and more
The Scenes: Helena walks into the hospital & Alison's rehearsal
Darth Locke:
Helena lives after all! So many times have I held onto dead character conspiracies that wouldn't you know the one time I didn't, the character turned out to still be alive. I'm glad, because she's such a treat to watch and because I suspect she might help her niece (Kira) out...
Jamie Coudeville: Helena walks into the hospital. I almost fell off my chair in this scene. Did not expect her to return, but I'm so excited!! The way she said "My seestra shot me", loved it. Can't wait for the rest of the season.
Sandi wich: Loved the Helena bit, but as it's already been mentioned I'm going with 'Alison's rehearsal'. It was all very meta when you think of how she let her best friend die in the garbage disposal last year, complete with the asthma reference at the end. I loved how cheesy and cheerful the whole scene was.

PARKS AND RECREATION, "One in 8,000", April 17, 2014, Actors: Amy Poehler, Adam Scott, The Scene: Ben and Leslie find out they're having triplets
Justyna Kubica:
Parks and Rec has to be the sweetest, the most heartwarming comedy I've ever seen. It's wonderfully done and always makes me feel better. Especially when things like that happen. I was so happy for Ben and Leslie last week, a beautiful couple which I believe is going to be absolutely great parents. I wasn't quite sure which moment to choose from this week's episode, there were so many lovely ones, like Ben freaking out and Leslie calming him down or the two telling everyone their secret, but in the end I think the scene where they find out about the triplets and their reactions sum it all up quite perfectly. I have a huge faith in writers to make this storyline one of their best and I've re-watched this episode a lot of times. Can't wait to see where we're gonna go from here. Kudos to the cast & crew!
Klutzy girl: Ben and Leslie find out they're having triplets. I had a feeling she'd be having having multiples because Ron and Ann each only had one child, but I figured it'd be twins. Triplets was definitely shocking. Looking forward to seeing them with three babies, and I really hope nothing happens with this pregnancy.

PERSON OF INTEREST, "Death Benefit", April 15, 2014, Actors: Michael Emerson and more
The Scene: The end montage
Justyna Kubica:
What an amazing scene to end this week's episode. The entire montage, from the moment Finch says this is where he gets off to the very last seconds of "Death Benefit", was absolutely stunning. When the team is faced with the impossible choice, to murder someone or to let Decima win and potentially destroy them in the future, they don't all agree on the best solution to the problem. Finch refuses to just let his friends shoot a man in cold blood, even if letting him live can turn out to be catastrophic for the team. And later, after running away from authorities with Reese and Shaw, he chooses to part ways with them. Not long before he officially becomes the first target of, now fully functioning, Samaritan operated by Greer. The look of sadness and disappointment on Finch's face when he thinks about his Machine actually wanting them to kill someone is quite heartbreaking. Michael Emerson is such a spectacular actor and he can tell so much without actually saying a word that he never ceases to amaze me. And that's just one of the reasons Finch is my favorite character, even more after this episode than before, so complicated but good-hearted, his scenes feel even more powerful for me. So many things can happen now, I'm excited and anxious to see what's next. Episodes, scenes like this are exactly what makes this show one of the very best dramas on TV. Also picked by Bradley Adams and Sharon Seymour

REIGN, "No Exit", April 17, 2014, Actors: Alan van Sprang, Megan Follows and more
The Scene: Catherine and Kenna trick Henry
Sandi wich:
Oh Kenna, why oh why have you allowed yourself to get caught up in Catherine's web of lies and scheming? She should have stuck to her original answer and said no when asked, because I can only see this whole thing coming back round and biting her and Bash on the bum. Henry has said that she is the only one who hasn't let him down, once he sees Catherine's ring on her finger and finds out that she was involved in her plan to dethrone 'queen Penelope' I have a feeling he's going to go postal!

REVENGE, "Allegiance", April 13, 2014, Actors: Madeleine Stowe, Olivier Martinez, The Scene: Victoria finds out that Emily is on a quest for Revenge
The episode, as a whole, was wonderful, and is there a better way to end it than Victoria finding out that Emily is going against her family to get revenge for David Clarke? I don't think so. This moment opens endless possibilities for revenge: is it going to be an all out war between Victoria and Emily? Is it possible that Victoria would let Emily do it out of guilt? Is the show going to evolve or return to the status quo? I think the show will take this chance to intesify everything that has been going on and take the show to the next level, in which a battle between these two woman will take center stage, and I can't wait to see that happen! Also picked by Samy Bgs

THE 100, "Twilight's Last Gleaming", April 16, 2014, Actors: Isaiah Washington and more
The Scene: The sacrifice
Justyna Kubica:
This scene, this episode caught me completely by surprise. It was absolutely brilliant and I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks it has to be the show's best yet. I expected a lot of things to happen, but not to see over 300 people sacrificing their lives to give others a chance. The moment of their death is heartbreaking and I was moved by it much more than I imagined. The music in the background, the simultaneous attempt of the 100 on Earth to send the Ark a sign to stop the execution, Jaha's speech ("...may they be remembered forever until there's no pain, no more suffering...") and finally everyone fading away and the barrette falling on the ground - every little detail of the scene made a powerful effect and that's why it's easily one of the most memorable moments of this week's TV. I wonder where the show goes on from here and I'm really interested to find out. Kudos to the cast & crew for their amazing work.
Pablozky21: The people on the Ark sacrifice themselves- Let's outright say it, this is probably the best episode the show has done so far. When the people of the Ark decide to give their lives so that others can survive is a touching and sad moment when we get to see the very best of humanity in display; and it is sad because those who were willing to give their lives, those who show the best of humanity are gone. This choice haunts Abby and Jaha, but there was nothing they could do, they couldn't know what was happening in the ground. The music goes along perfectly with the scene, and as the people close their eyes while dying, one can't help but feeling sad for them.
Daniel van der Veer: Wow! I don't think I've ever seen something like this before. Over 300 people sacrifice themselves so their families/friends can have more time to live. It was an extremely powerful and touching scene. The music made the scene even more beautiful and it almost made me cry. It's really sad that the 100 couldn't save these people in the Ark. Reality sucks.
A Dahne: The 100 contained by far the best scenes on TV this week for me. Since so many people have chosen the scene were the 320 + people sacrifice themselves to save others, a truly powerful scenes, I will choose the moment when they actually die and the barrette falls from Reese's father's hands. It was such a touchpoint throughout the episode that it marked giving up everything for those you love. Then Abby picks up the barrette afterwards and just stares at it. I hardly ever cry at TV, but both of these scenes from The 100 had me tearing up. Anyone who dimisses this show because it's on the CW should give it a fair try. Yes, the silly teen love triangle is utterly annoying, but the rest of the show is powerful and dark and far better than I ever expected. Some of the best character interactions are on this show because no one is ever truly right or truly wrong; it's complicated. Also picked by Bradley Adams

THE AMERICANS, "New Car", April 16, 2014, Actors: Keri Russell, Lee Tergesen, Aimee Carrero
The Scene: Larrick kills Lucia whilst Elizabeth watches (picked by DarkUFO and Macie Potts)

THE CRAZY ONES, "The Lighthouse", April 17, 2014, Actors: Robin Williams, Sarah Michelle Gellar
The Scene: Simon comforts Sydney about her mother
A Dahne:
The best thing about The Crazy Ones is the relationship between Sydney and Simon. In this episode, Sydney's mother Paige blows back in town and Sydney finds herself believing in her mom's promises again. Knowing that Paige is going to disappoint Sydney again, Simon makes a decision he realizes will hurt him job-wise in order to be there for Sydney. The scene at the end in his office where he assures Sydney that her mom does love her and encourages her to take risks was poignant and heartfelt. I love a comedy that also brings home true character moments and this was a great way to end this show.

THE FOLLOWING, "The Reaping", April 14, 2014, Actors: Shawn Ashmore, Connie Nielsen and more
The Scene: Mike kills Lily (picked by Bradley Adams and Sharon Seymour)

THE MENTALIST, "Silver Wings of Time", April 13, 2014, Actors: Simon Baker, Robin Tunney
The Scene: The last scene
Virginia Fontana:
The last scene, with Jane saying "Goodnight, Teresa" as Lisbon leaves for her date.

THE ORIGINALS, "The Big Uneasy", April 15, 2014, Actors: Joseph Morgan, Daniel Gillies
The Scene: Elijah confronts Klaus
Virginia Fontana:
Elijah confronts Klaus, resolving not to sacrifice any more of his own happiness for the chance of Klaus' redemption because he has been burned too many times.

THE TOMORROW PEOPLE, "Modus Vivendi", April 14, 2014, Actors: Robbie Amell, Jeffrey Pierce and more, The Scene: Stephen brings his father back
Daniel van der Veer:
We have been waiting for this moment for the entire series. Even though Roger hasn't awakened yet, he finally got to return to his body with the help of Stephen. I can't wait to see what Roger will bring to the show and how his return will impact the fight between the Tomorrow People and their enemy (enemies?), especially now that The Founder knows he's back (grrrr, stupid Hillary!).

Justyna JJ Kubica
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