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Revenge - Episode 3.19 - Allegiance - Review

“Allegiance” was a huge improvement on last week’s episode. It was the return of the red sharpie we’ve learned to love back when, in season 1. Although the isolated takedowns of the people who have wronged her father were great in season 1, they somehow lack something now. When it’s been 3 years on a revenge mission, I expect more.

So, in the nineteenth episode of its third season, yet another new character was introduced. His name was Luke (Can’t remember his last name) and he was the one who was initially supposed to take the blame for the bombing of flight 197. I still didn’t really get his involvement except not wanting to be the patsy and being an arrogant jack hole. “And we got away with it. Scot free.” The man fell on Emily’s radar after she witnessed a fight between him and Victoria. I enjoyed that the writers took the time to explain why he wasn’t taken down in season one with the rest of his merry band, but I was disappointed that they had to introduce another new face for any action to happen.

“I will make every day of your life hell. I will make you pay for all of the people that you’ve hurt now and in the past. And that’s not a treat it’s a promise.”

I was disappointed, until the twist came along. I’ve seen every twist come a mile away for the better part of the second half of the third season this one took me by surprise. Victoria was secretly behind Luke’s arrival in the Hamptons and she purposefully orchestrated the fight with him to see how Emily would react. Our Revengeress didn’t see it coming and bit right into it, leaving Victoria with the biggest revelation yet. Emily’s real identity will not stay hidden for long now (I hope) and I’m guessing the season will end with Victoria discovering who Emily/Amanda really is. But I’m just wondering now that Victoria knows Emily isn’t only trying to destroy her family but is actually seeking revenge for David Clarke, will she let her? Because it seems like she too wants to see these people pay.

Also in this episode, there was trouble in paradise for Revenge's most boring couple. (arguably?) The end seems close for Margaux and Jack and I’ll be really happy (I can’t be the only one?). I just hope the writers don’t shove Daniel and Margaux in our faces as soon as they'll officially split, unless they decide to move to France together. Then I’d be more than okay with it, they can even bring Charlotte if they want.

Since her paramour was off searching for a disgraced reporter, Emily worked with Jack to take down the new guy. Jack was pretty down when he came back from dumping his mom in LA. Stevie seems gone for good; I guess she filled her purpose, which was… no idea, to fill time probably. (Anybody have something else?) When Emily saw how down he was and how he clearly needs something to do, she asked for his help. I found him so cute wanting to help.

The Aiden and Nolan search for Oscar Chapman was also all kinds of cute. After tracking down a woman named Brenda Evans, Nolan gets tasered and Aiden ran after the woman and tackled her. I was happy for him that the woman was not actually a woman because tackling a lady in the street is just plain wrong. Especially with the way they ambushed him/her, I would have run too, Aiden is way scary. Luckily for him, he actually tackled Oscar Chapman. From the reporter, we learn that Pascal murdered Aiden’s father to kill the conspiracy story and keep Conrad out of trouble. Aiden is not calm and calculated like Emily which makes me believe he’ll probably go all ninja on the guy in the next episode.

“I know a little bit about unresolved father issues and how to get past them. So, how about a hug, big guy?”

I was surprised by the mafia style kill from Pascal. He probably didn’t get the memo, but it isn’t how things are usually taken care of in the Hamptons. Except for the Patrick killing spree, where there any other killings?

The ending of the episode was epic, the best part of the episode, I loved it. Nolan is declaring war on Daniel. I just love badass Nolan. This probably means Voulez’s end is near, with Nolan making it his personal vendetta to make Daniel suffer. During ‘Allegiance’, there was a battle for Javier’s App that Nolan was clueless about until he'd clearly lost it. Javier definitely chose to align with the wrong side. The beginning of the episode left me wanting to b*tch slap Charlotte. Nolan’s letting him stay at his place, he’s trying to help him and he’s clearly his friend and she’s going after that. She’s an inconsiderate brat, I say that and I used to like her (A long, long time ago.) I absolutely loved the parallel between Javier and Nolan and Nolan and David Clarke, but this time Javier is the one who is going to get screwed over by the Graysons, he’s the one that got played, just like David Clarke. I have to say though, Daniel drives a pretty hard bargain.

“You may have infected Margaux, and this one, but I won’t let you do the same to Javier. I just want you to understand. This is war.”

Unrelated complaining: Emily made several digs at her financial state, why does everyone keep forgetting she was a billionaire before meeting the Grayson’s?


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