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Resurrection - Ep 1.5 - Insomnia - Review

"...the truth is there is no life or death.
There is only this"
- Caleb to Marty

Resurrection aired its fifth episode of the season Sunday night and, although it felt really slow through most of it, the last few minutes were jaw-dropping. I considered just typing "What!?!" for the review, but decided against it. Each episode so far has given us just enough clues to make an attempt at solving this mystery, but I don't think we will get some concrete info until episode seven or eight. We can still make educated guesses based on the episodes we have seen so far and episode six looks like it's going to be pretty good as well.

The story of the 'returned' continues with Caleb now in the Arcadia prison system for his role in the bank robbery and murder last episode. Marty and Sheriff Fred worry about the impending arrival of the FBI as a result and try what they can to put out that fire. Caleb, of course, does not want to tell them where he hid the money, which if found, could potentially halt the FBI's investigation. Marty and the Sheriff are concerned that if the FBI discovers that the robbery/murder was executed by a 'dead' man then they would possibly take Jacob as well and never see him again. They do everything they can to prevent that from happening and eavesdrop on Caleb's conversation with Elaine. Fred thinks he has figured out Caleb's cryptic message to Elaine, that the money is hidden in the park they used to have birthday parties in, but Caleb was actually referencing a photo of the event that Elaine eventually finds. Behind the photo is the letter Elaine wrote for her father when he passed away and placed in the pocket of his suit he was to be buried in. On the back of the letter Caleb wrote where the money could be found, "Under The Porch". Elaine finds the money, but gives it to Marty, stating she doesn't want anything to do with her father any longer. It's at this point that I noticed Caleb began to get cough and look ill and thought it's possible this has something to do with the existence of the 'returned'. (More on that later)
The title of the episode, Insomnia, references varying characters wrestling with their thoughts and unable to sleep as a result. Marty's insomnia gives him nightmares caused by the guilt he feels about his past and not being able to keep a little boy safe from his abusive parents. The boy died because of his abusive parents and Marty blames himself. This is the most likely reason he feels so attached to Jacob and does everything he can to ensure Jacob's safety and well-being.

Tom's insomnia is caused by the fact he lied to his wife about Rachael's departure from town. He put her up in a hotel and visits her daily to see how she is doing. This time she says she feels a little unwell and he takes her to see Maggie. When Maggie said that something does not appear right I thought she was going to say something along the lines of what she had to say about Jacob. Rachael's issue is different and I think this is another clue. She is pregnant, which I assume is Tom's since they were engaged before her death. The 'returned' are the same people they were the moment before their deaths, nothing has changed except the lapse of time. The mystery is thickening with each episode and more questions pop up than answers. I have a feeling we will not find out the true answer of where they came from and why they are here until the finale. That won't stop us from inventing educated guesses though.

The past few episodes have seemed a little slow going and I thought that, since we reached the halfway point, the pace would speed up. The crazy final scene made up for all of that, however. Caleb disappearing gave us a huge clue, but it's still one piece of a very large and intricate puzzle. Besides the mystery, Resurrection gives us a great story every week with nods to all topics of life. Love, Family, Life and Death, and a little religion. Even if the story ends without any answers to the "Why" and "From Where" we still have a compelling plot that makes us think about the things important to us; our lives and the people around us that we care about. We still want answers though, don't we? Especially when I lay in bed all night, sometimes, and can't sleep. There are three more episodes remaining in the first season and things just got a lot more interesting.

Thoughts and Discussion

- Potential Clue?...In the first scene, Jacob asks Marty what he was like when he was a kid and Marty responds by saying, "I was a perfect angel, just like you." That could prove to be a big hint.

- Did you notice...Caleb did not start coughing and appear ill until after Elaine said she wanted nothing to do with him any longer? That could be an important clue since it's the first supernatural occurrence to occur beside the actual 'return' of Jacob, Caleb, and Rachael.

- Something I noticed was that Jacob had a dream of Caleb disappearing and then Caleb disappeared. Jacob also said, last episode, that Caleb was in the factory, and Caleb was in the factory. Does Jacob just know these things are occurring or is he actually willing them to occur?

- Did you notice...if you looked closely enough that an image of Caleb, in his orange jump-suit, appeared in the water of the water tank? I mentioned before (and many of you also) that water plays an important symbolic role in this show. The three 'returned' all perished in water and now an image of Caleb appears in water before he disappears.

- I have asked this before, but I want to keep some important questions together so we don't forget them...Do you think there is a reason that Jacob 'woke up' in a rice-paddy in rural China and the others in Arcadia?

- Why did Caleb get sick? We can speculate it is because No one wanted him anymore, but I think we need some more info for it to be conclusive. Jacob is wanted, by at least Lucille, and Rachael is wanted by Tom, even though he lies to his wife about it.

- Do the fireflies signify anything? We saw them light up at the end of the episode and one was crawling in the nightmare scene Marty was having when it knocked over a toy soldier.

- How did Caleb know about the kid that Marty was thinking about from his past?

- What did Caleb mean when he said, "More are coming. More than you can ever imagine."

- The most important question is most likely, "Where did Caleb go?"

Thank you for reading my review! Please comment below so we can discuss the show more!

About the Author - Geo N
My name is George and I am from Detroit, MI. My favorite shows are The Blacklist, Hell On Wheels, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, LOST, Sons Of Anarchy, Sleepy Hollow and countless other shows. When I'm not watching tons of TV, I enjoy reading, playing hockey, comic books, weightlifting, and writing. Thanks for checking out my post.

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