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Person Of Interest - Updated Character Relationship Chart

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It's been a few weeks since I've managed to update the Character Relationship Chart. The grouping of some impressive episodes made me decide to wait until I released this update to the chart.

In this update, I've updated some details here and there, and I've added Samaritan to the chart. I was also tempted to add Vigilance but I see them having a significant role in the final few episodes of the season so I thought I'd hold off for now.

I've noticed that the number of dead characters is nearly outnumbering the number of live characters on the chart! This is mostly due to me refraining from removing anyone unless absolutely necessary because despite being dead, the flashback nature of this series means they could return at any time. The recent episode "RAM" proved this!

Once the season winds up, I intend to update this version of the chart once more, before starting work on a brand new design which separates the dead characters from the living to show they still exist in the storyline, but no longer feature in present tense. I still have no idea how to go about this redesign, so if you have any suggestions, or new features you think should be added, leave a comment below!

Click here to head over to my website to download the latest version of the chart. You can also download archived versions so you can compare the changes from earlier on in the season

Thanks for reading! Make sure you like, tweet, and +1 this post - who knows, maybe one of the cast or creative team could do the same!

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