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Parks and Recreation - Season 7 - Latest from TVLine - April 25, 2014

TVLINE | Will the bicentennial act as next season’s Unity concert or carnival?

I don’t think so. We don’t a hundred percent know. But a big part of the reason to do the time jump was because Leslie is starting a new job, which is a much bigger deal than her previous jobs. Her energy and time, as you see in that last minute of the finale, is not focused on Pawnee. She’s barking out orders, and she’s talking about traveling to South Dakota. It might play out in the background. It might be part of the fabric of the season. But that’s not her purview anymore. She doesn’t work for the town of Pawnee anymore. It’s not going to be up to her to plan the bicentennial.

TVLINE | Are we still going to get Pawnee Parks and Rec stories? Some of the characters might still be working in that old office…

We were very deliberate in who we showed in that jump forward. The only people you see are Ben, Andy, April and Gary/Larry/Terry/Gerry. We didn’t say where Andy and April were working. We don’t know where Ron is or Tom or Donna or any of the other characters we don’t see. We still have our [old] set. [Laughs] Obviously, she’s working two floors above her old stomping grounds, so I would imagine we’ll spend at least a little bit of time there next year.


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