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Orphan Black – 2.01 – Nature Under Constraint and Vexed – Review

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   I’ve been waiting since 10 months and finally the second season of Orphan Black is here. Orphan Black is back ! *Starts happy dance*
   Last year, episodes after episode, Orphan Black started to grown on me and slowly it became my favorite show on air. I think it was about the third or fourth episode, I told myself I really freaking love this show (and Tatiana Maslany). Everything is so clever in this show. The characters are well built, the actors are amazing (especially Tatiana Maslany, of course), the story is intelligent, sophisticated and still easy to understand. I can’t find any reason not to watch and adore this show. It’s exactly what I want from a TV show.
   I’ve never doubted the second season of Orphan Black would be as excellent as its first season. The writers clearly know where they are going with their story, and each actor is perfectly chosen for his part. So, “Nature Under Constraint and Vexed” was absolutely not a disappointment, it was perfection. It really felt like it was a continuation from last year, not like a new beginning. Often, it happen in TV shows, their first season was well conceived and prepared and then the second season turned out to be messy and all over the place. Orphan Black was clever than that.

   “Nature Under Constraint and Vexed” mainly focused on Sarah’ search for her daughter, Kiera. I really enjoyed it because it involved all the clones. In her quest, Sarah needed Alison and Cosima’s help so she could meet up with Rachel. Did I mention how amazing Tatiana Maslany was once again ? She portrayed five characters, in the same show, and often in the same scenes. If she doesn’t win all the awards there are, those award shows have no point to be. She can even win a Grammy. And, the part where she played Sarah playing Cosima was absolute greatness. She managed to be Sarah, looking like Cosima and trying to act like her, just with some details in her acting game. That girl is a genius.
   So, Sarah was the main focus of the episode, she is the main character after all. I loved it in the opening scene where she escaped through a hole she just made in a wall. That was some powerful survival instinct. In order to get her daughter back, presumably taken by Rachel and her people, Sarah needed help. She first came to Felix, of course. Oh Felix, how much I love that guy. He’s so funny but moreover, he’s so reliable. Sarah knows Felix will always be there for her. I really love their relationship. And Felix is so funny and hot, it doesn’t hurt.
   Before going to see Rachel to get her daughter back, Sarah needed to get a gun. So she and Felix called up Alison, she’s the go to girl for gun, as she stated. Alison is one my favorite clone (Cosima is the best for me), I love her attitude and her comments. She wasn’t a big part of the episode, but I’m sure she will more important in the next episode, dealing with the fact she murdered someone. Though, I like it in her musical rehearsal. And that was when Sarah got arrested by Art, Beth’s former partner. It was nice to see him back, even if he was kind of a pain in the ass at that moment.

   One of my favorite scenes of the episode was the clones reunion at Felix’s apartment. It was nice to watch the three of them. Alison was hilarious as usual. Cosima was perfect as usual, I’m just still very scared about her sickness. I don’t want her to die… Her girl Delphine is too much trouble. She knows she can’t trust her but yet she still does… Love makes her weak. I’m starting to feel quite afraid for Cosima's future. She is trusting the wrong people, her sickness caused Katia's death.
   Anyways, when Sarah learnt Cosima was supposed to go at Dyad for a reception, she decided to act Cosima and go there. As I explained earlier, the scene was amazing. I loved it when Delphine kissed her and made Sarah.
   But the really exciting scene was the confrontation between Sarah and Rachel. It was very tense, Tatiana Maslany proved once again how excellent she is with this new clone. She is so different from the other ones, so cold. And Rachel told Sarah something I’ve never expected : she didn’t kidnap Kiera. Someone else is responsible and, thanks to Detective Art, we know those are some religious extremist. It was them who attacked her first in the opening scene. I’ve never expected that run from Orphan Black but it’s a very interesting story. I can't wait to find out more about those people and some Rachel and Sarah's cooperation to get Kiera back.
   And after that twist, the people who kidnapped Kiera are Helena’s people, came a bigger revelation : Helena is alive ! After getting shot by Sarah, she went to a hospital, told nurses her sister shot her and collapsed ! Oh My God ! I’m so glad she is back ! I never expected her to be alive, she was dead and gone for me. I can’t wait to see how crazy she is now.

   “Nature Under Constraint and Vexed" was an excellent season premieres, it managed to continue last season storylines and to introduce new characters and storylines. It was perfect from the start to the end. I just wish Alison and Cosima would have a better part, but I can wait for the next episode for that. Orphan Black has managed to keep its rhythm and its universe, so this season promises to be legendary. Orphan Black is definitely one the best show on air (and the number one for me).

Clones notes : 
*Are you happy Helena is back ?
* Paul was especially hot, even if he kept his shirt on.
* Felix’s ass…. Hot
* Do you want to see Alison’s version of Cats ?
* Who’s the funniest : Felix or Alison ? Both ?
*”You’re not going to shoot me Sarah” BANG ! I love Sarah <3
* When will Art find out about the clones ?

   Did you like “Nature Under Constraint and Vexed” ? Are you as excited as I am for next week episode ? Hit the comments !

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