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NCIS - Episode 11.20 - Page Not Found - Review: On the move

While the NCIS team worked to crack a controversial case, McGee and Delilah has some relationship issues to work out.

Delilah is determined to get into the death of Navy Lieutenant Kit Jones, who supposedly died in a bombing. The thing is, she discovers Jones may have faked his own death in ordered to run a website that is the illegal, bad version of Amazon. Because her boss insists that she should lay the case to rest, Delilah turns to NCIS for help. Tony and McGee discover that the Lt. indeed faked his death, but that it was part of a deep-cover CIA operation handled by CIA case officer Jim Brisco.

After evidence suggests that Jones was a double agent, the team goes to his appartment. Surprisingly, they discover that he is not the mastermind behind the website, but that he was in fact a prisoner. They track him down to a restaurant where he was supposed to marry his fiancée, and he tells him that he was tortured for the codes by Brisco. Yes, there are worse CIA agents than Trent Kort, and apparantly Brisco is one of them. After apprehending him and another suspect, Jones marries his fiancée with McGee and Delilah as their witnesses.

Speaking of which, our cute couple has some issues to work out. Their relationship is moving in a certain direction, but both of them have different ideas about moving forward. In fact, McGee wants to move in with Delilah. However, Delilah wants to move out of the country to another position in Dubai. Fortunately, they are not breaking up and McGee is keeping the keys to the appartment for when Delilah comes back.

This was episode of NCIS was very solid and felt really good. The case caught my interest, and I liked the Trent Kort references. I enjoyed Tony's role as advisor to both McGee and Delilah, and Ducky and Jimmy's little undercover stint was fun to see. I am sad that McGee and Delilah are doing a long distance thing, and actually don't feel that it was really necessary to do. As far as I know, Margo Harshman is not doing a pilot next season, so there woud be no reason for her not to appear on the show. Also, I think that it is not realistic for Delilah to really take another position overseas. She has gone through so much this year with McGee that might not even happen for other couples in years of marriage.

A few side notes:
-I miss Trent Kort! Can we please have him back sometime?
-Does anyone know from which episode the Tony figure in the closet was? I remember seeing it before but I don't recall which episode or season it is.
-Has anyone noticed that we have never seen McGee and Delilah kiss and after this episode still haven't?
-Bishop worked fine in this episode. I think the writers have found a way to handle her character.

What did you think of this episode? Are you sad to see McGee and Delilah doing a long distance relationship? Do you think they are a cute couple?

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