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In The Flesh - Episode 2.01 - Preview & Teasers

We’re back in Roarton nine months after the events of Series 1 and on the surface it seems as if the residents are coping better with the PDS sufferers in their midst. The doctor's surgery pays what’s left of the Human Volunteer Force...well, Gary...for the capture of any rogue Rotter’s wandering the countryside, so that they can be rehabilitated safely back into society. Jem is back at school studying for her exams, and Kieren has managed to score a job at the British Legion pub that HVF were so keen to keep zombie-free under Bill's mentorship. It doesn't take too long for this fragile harmony to be shattered however. In fact all it takes is two very different, and determined, women to visit the valley one sleepy afternoon, for Kieren to know that things will never be safe for him at home again.

Firstly there's Maxine Martin, MP for the new radical Pro-Living Party, Victus, who has dropped in to offer her condolences after the effects of the Undead Liberation Army's latest terrorist attack are felt in the village. Having been born locally, though raised elsewhere, she is appalled to discover that the undead and living are harmoniously mixing and working side by side in the birthplace of the HVF, and so becomes determined to restore order to the place she sees as her spiritual home. Her first meeting with Kieren does not go well, she blindly assumes that he is alive when they share a moment of empathy and ends up being repulsed at his cold touch when she reaches out in sympathy.

It's once Amy returns however that things really start to go downhill, and Kieren soon realises that he must make good on his plans to leave the village for good. Her time at the Undead Liberation Army’s commune has only reaffirmed her former notions on how the living treat people like herself, and she is more determined than ever to show her natural face to the world rather than faking it behind tanning mousse to appease others. But she is hiding a few secrets from her BDFF (Best Dead Friend Forever). Things like, just what is it her new boyfriend and her are up to, why is Roarton so important to the Undead Prophet, and how is it linked to this rumour going round of a Second Rising? Though I guess the most important one would have to be, is she developing an immunity to Neurotriptyline?

The natural rapport between Luke Newberry and Emily Bevan is one of the highlights of the episode, indeed it is one of the reason why season 1 was so successful, and adding Emmett Scanlan as Amy’s charismatic boyfriend, Simon, brings an interesting, more sinister dynamic to the group. The teaser trailers have been hinting that Kieren will have to choose a side this season and it’s obvious from the start that it will be mysterious Simon, acting as the Twelfth Disciple of the Undead Prophet, who will be one of the forces that drives this choice. The person on the other side of the debate is of course the revolutionary MP, Maxine, who we discover is also hiding a few secrets of her own.

Creator Dominic Mitchell has cleverly developed several of the smaller plot points hinted at in Series 1 into this year’s story, which weave well into overall theme of the show. Last year was very much about prejudice, acceptance, guilt and rehabilitation, these problems are still being explored as the characters continue to struggle with their personal demons, but now the world outside Roarton is threatening to overshadow the village. The politics and faith of how each side fight back, one through a Prophet who believes in terrorism, the other an extreme one issue government party, will divide the community and smash their peaceful lives forever.

Episode 1 airs at 10pm on Sunday 4th May on BBC Three and BBC Three HD, and on Saturday May 10th on BBC America at 10pm/9c straight after Orphan Black. Below are a few dialogue teasers and a Party Political Broadcast from Victus about the Second Rising to see you through until then. Don't forget to come back to vote in our poll after the episode on the 4th and let us know what you thought.

“Why should he have to move, he was born, bred and died here”

“A Living/Deceased relationship in Roarton valley? Have you been missing your meds, cos your talking like a brainless rabbit”

“You should be excited Amy, you've been chosen”

“The Goddess Ishtar”

“I don’t take orders from a lad who wears makeup”

“With your powerful connections and my robust leadership I think we can bring this community back from the brink”

“A little birdie tells me you’re packing. You know how it is, this is a weapons free village, hand it over”

“I didn't crawl out of my grave to watch rubbish like this”

“When the drugs wear off it will tear you limb from limb, that is the nature of the beast, to maim, to kill, to devour!”

“Well, when people think they’re being picked on they just lash out, but that’s not the answer is it? That just causes more heartache, you understand don't ya”

Trailer Teaser

“I'm gonna try and stop a certain Roarton riser from leaving”

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