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Hart of Dixie - Episode 3.19 - A Better Man - Review

You guys!  Zoe and Wade know each other!  Sometimes they have conversations!  Alright, I got a little bit excited about that aspect of this episode, which was also, despite the Wade/Vivian drama alluded to by the tricky title, the real point of the hour in this reviewer's eyes. Let's talk about what went down in Bluebell this week.  

Zoe and Wade...and Vivian and Charles: Following on from Vivian's rather rude lack of communication with Wade about her pending reunion with her ex Charles, Wade went to Zoe for advice about how to keep her cousin's love.  While Zoe did her best to assess the situation and help Wade, there wasn't really anything she could have done to avert the inevitable "Vivarles" (?) redux.  What was particularly irksome was that when Wade showed up all damp from the rain and epically romantic to make his claim on Viv's heart, instead of just being honest with him, she slept with him and then went back to ignoring him.  It's Wade Kinsella - who does that?

At the end of the episode, Vivian actually left Bluebell to go house hunting with Charles, leaving but a voicemail for Wade and leaving Zoe to pick up the pieces while babysitting Harley.  I'm starting to think being cousins is the only excuse for these two women to be friends because Vivian was fairly awful in pretty much everything she did this week.  While it's better in the long run that she gets her family back together, and Charles is totally adorbs, obviously that was the wrong way to handle the situation.  Wade's dashed feelings were not going to simply disappear if Vivian looked the other way, as Zoe anticipated.  The painful truth Wade had to realize was that his efforts to prove he was the right man for Vivian could not win out over the strength of her history and remaining feelings for Charles.

It was somewhat immature of Wade to blame Zoe for not "convincing" her cousin to choose him, but I'm so happy to see Zoe/Wade scenes that I don't mind that.  Moreover, whenever they argue, especially when emotions are running high and vulnerabilities are on display, the tension brings back all of that awesome Zade chemistry we've so missed over the last bunch of episodes.  Zoe's caring and sensitive behavior towards Wade was really sweet as well and reminds us of the depth of their bond.  The saddest part was definitely Wade talking to little Harley right after Zoe had to crush his heart on Vivian's behalf.  Vivian Wilkes, you she-devil!  

Now that the Wade/Vivian relationship is, hopefully, completely over, I hope that Wade gets his groove and badass attitude back.  It's been disheartening to see him pine pointlessly for a relationship that was not meant to be.  Anyway, after getting to see all of these intense Zoe/Wade interactions, I can't wait to see more between them in the final episodes of the season.
Lavon and the Owls vs AB and the Belles: My second favorite part of this episode was this fabulous battle as Lavon prepared for an Owls-hosted event in his honor that the Belles were supposed to perform at.  However, since Lavon acted a fool towards AnnaBeth last week, the other Belles were more than happy to forgo the event to support her.  The little song which they performed to tell the Owls as much was hilarious, and the musical sequence of the Owls touting their greatness versus the Belles warbling Katy Perry's "Roar," complete with dance choreography, was excellent.  Ultimately, especially since Tom and Wanda's baby-making success somehow came to hinge on it (typical Hart of Dixie!), AB and Lavon came to a truce and decided to be friends for the town's sake.  It really seemed like these two were finally sick of arguing, anyway, which may reflect their both being ready to move on from each other.
Lemon, Brick, and George:  The best bit of this subplot was Lemon's list of inspirational dance movies when she asked health inspector / ballroom dance competitor May which of them, from Step Up to Silver Linings Playbook, she identified with.  Yup, I believe I've seen and loved every one of those fine films!  It was nice to see Lemon go to such lengths to help May (who was pretty cute with Brick!), especially because even though Lemon had an ulterior motive, her kindness was sincere and she had some real fun.

The weakest part of the episode was the George segment (again, sigh).  After getting set up by the pastor with a party girl, George thought it would be a good idea to have a whipped cream party with his date, and Lemon walked in on it with May at the worst possible moment.  Really, George?  I don't care about his confused lustful feelings for Lemon -- it was thoughtless and inconsiderate to cavort like that in the very spot she was trying to keep perfectly clean for the good of their business.  Maybe at some point the writers will let George get himself together and have something meaningful to do, but it hasn't happened much this season.  Even the suggestion that one encounter with another woman had caused his attraction to Lemon to fade was bizarre and confusing.  

What did you think of this week's Hart of Dixie?  Were you excited to see Zoe and Wade have so many scenes together, finally?  Share your thoughts in the comments!

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