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Hart of Dixie - Episode 3.17 - A Good Run of Bad Luck - Review: Love Cursed and Love Rekindled

This was the first episode without Joel so far this season. Was it just me, or was the tone completely different? This week’s episode was sweet with some emotional depth and light on the cheesy antics although it still delivered the BlueBell charm and fun shenanigans that we’ve come to expect from this show.

Curse Buddies. Zoe is still dealing with her recent break up following Joel needing to move away since his book sold to Hollywood. She is convinced that she is cursed and that is the reason none of her romantic relationships have worked out. On Wanda’s urging, she see sees a psychic who tells her that her bad luck is because she was partly responsible for George and Lemon’s wedding not happening. Since Zoe is cursed, obviously that means that Lavon is as well since he played a greater part in Lemon and George breaking up. Zoe is convinced that her curse will be cured if she can reunite Lemon and George which may be easier since she has knowledge of their recent night together. She sets out to get George and Lemon to both believe they have feelings for one another and that they can work through their differences now. Of course things blow up for her after she schemes to get George and Lemon out on a date together when they find out that Zoe was behind everything. Zoe was left to admit to herself and to Lavon that she, and not a curse, is the reason that she and Joel aren’t together. And she wonders out loud if she let the right person even though she loved him so much.

On the surface this was one more of Zoe’s zany schemes, and yet underneath she was simply trying to deal with her break ups. I’m lumping her break up with Wade in with the break up with Joel because I don’t think Zoe ever really dealt with that break up. Zoe seems to finally be coming to terms with the fact that she let Joel and even Wade go. When Zoe wondered if she let the “right person” go, I couldn’t help but wonder if she is also wondering about Wade. Joel believes that they are on a break and if Zoe really wanted to work things out, they could find a compromise. So in a way I think that Zoe was talking about Joel and Wade. What I loved the most about this whole storyline is that it gave us a chance to see Zoe and Lavon’s friendship which has always been one of the strongest parts of the show and has been absent this season for the most part. There is genuine caring there between them. And Zoe and Lavon are in a similar place in life right now and can help one another. I also really liked that Zoe kept assuring Lavon and everyone that she is in her right mind. There is such a change from when she broke up with Wade. She seems calmer and not as crazy even if she is vulnerable. She is finally dealing with her emotions instead of running from them.

George + Lemon=Lemorge? George and Lemon seemed to have had quite the unforgettable encounter. So unforgettable that neither seems to be able to shake the mental image of being together again. George confesses to Zoe that he is completely freaked out by it while Lemon admits to Lavon that it was sensational. Things are very awkward for them since they are no business partners and can’t avoid one another. When Zoe starts to scheme to reunite them, they both begin to question their feelings for one another and what it means for their relationship. Zoe’s plot leads them to accept a dinner invitation where they reminisce about the past and how happy they were. During dinner they begin to argue over little annoyances and differences until they realize that Zoe set them up. George finds a solutions to their awkward situation. He admits to Lemon that their night together was amazing, but it would be best if he remained a silent partner so they could stay out of one another’s lives. While Lemon was agreeing with him, George flashed back to their night. George had a troubled expression as it seems to appear that he really does have feelings for Lemon again after all.

First, the flashbacks between George and Lemon were steamy. Passion has really been lacking this season so that was most definitely welcome. I think this time around that George and Lemon have grown enough that they could make something work. They aren’t the same people they were when we first met them in season 1. The most notable thing to me is that George is standing up for himself. He isn’t afraid to point out to Lemon things that annoy him. This leads to more fighting and bickering between them obviously, but it is much better than each pretending that everything is just perfect and there aren’t any problems. Now that it seems like George’s feelings for Lemon have been rekindled things should get much more interesting. I don’t think Lemon is all that over George either. They both definitely seemed to want things to work when the date first started. There is so much history between them that I think it would be amazing if they did realize that there is still something there and that they want to make it work.

Roadhouse meets the ex. Harley asks Wade’s advice on how to deal with a bully who has been stealing his lunch money. Wade tells him to stand up for himself and to try growling at the bully which results in Harley getting a black eye. Wade’s advice doesn’t go over so well with Vivian’s ex-husband, Charles, who was interested in meeting the new man in Vivian and Harley’s life. Wade tries to apologize in person, but Charles would rather Wade not be around Harley at all. Wade and Charles are paired up together at the Wilkes’ BBQ which results in them getting trapped in a net together. After a heated exchange, Wade apologizes and admits that he is out of practice with giving advice to 8 year olds and that he only wanted Harley to like him. Charles admits that he isn’t happy that Harley went to Wade. In the end, Charles and Wade come to terms. Charles sees that Wade is a good guy and even though he can’t say it, he’d rather it be Wade in his family’s life than another man.

Wade was isolated this week in this storyline and didn’t interact with any of the main cast. And his storyline really suffered for it. Charles was bland that the scenes just seemed boring. Wade showed his vulnerability when he admitted that he just wanted Harley to like him. And Wade has really matured and grown up. I think this is the beginning of the end for Wade and Vivian though. Charles admitted that he has a tough time seeing another man in his family’s life, not just his son. And Vivian has given hints that she had a hard time getting over Charles. I sense trouble is coming up on the horizon for Wade and Vivian.

The mystery knight is revealed. AB is annoyed with one of Brick’s patients, Davis, who seems to be a hypochondriac. He’s been in the office 14 times over the past month with a headache. After Davis misses his appointment for tests, Brick tells AB that it is part of her job to take Davis to his next appointment. When AB shows up, Davis is reluctant to go and asks AB to have some tea first. He admits that there isn’t really anything wrong with him and that he just likes AB and that he was her mystery knight at the Renaissance Faire. When AB is angry about his deception, Brick informs her that Davis likes her and that he is just shy. AB agrees to go out with Davis and learns that he is the nephew of Fillmore’s mayor and Lavon’s rival.

This was a sweet storyline. I really liked the talk that Brick had with AB. He was sweet and caring while he encouraged AB to give Davis a chance. Davis seems nice and sweet and what AB needs for now. And it is going to drive Lavon crazy when he realizes that AB is dating and also dating the nephew of one of his rivals.

Final thoughts. I was disappointed that we didn’t have any Zoe and Wade interaction yet again. That has been noticeably absent since the show has returned from hiatus. I think it is to indicate that Zoe and Wade have moved on for the time being. I’m more than on board with a rekindling of George and Lemon. With Joel gone, Zoe was finally able to interact with the main cast again instead of being isolated with Joel. I’ve missed her interactions with the main cast. It makes her seem more a central part of the story instead of an annoying side story. Now they need to work on that problem with Wade. He needs to be integrated back into the main cast. This episode wasn’t full of zany antics or goofy plots and I really appreciated that. This episode was full of heart with some very touching moments. Could it be that the old Hart of Dixie is returning? I hope so because I have certainly missed it.

Do you want to see Lemorge happen? Do you miss Joel? What do you think about AB’s mystery knight, Davis? Is this the beginning of the end for Wade and Vivian?

Make sure to check back in next week. Lemon’s news producer from 304, Peter, is back in town. Zoe gets asked out on a date, but what is her date really after? Wade gets suspicious of Charles’ intentions. Magnolia is back and causing trouble.

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