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Grey's Anatomy - Season 10 - Caterina Scorsone interviews

Amelia is back in Seattle -- and overwhelmed. Where does she go from here?

In the foreseeable future, which is until the end of the season, she's interacting with Derek and Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and living at the Dream House for a little while. In the next episode, Derek taps her to be his co-surgeon on a complicated neurology case that involves conjoined twins. There are two brains and you need two neurosurgeons with perfect, perfect Shepherd hair (laughs). He calls Amelia in and she's at Grey Sloan Memorial with privileges.

James (Matt Long) has proposed to her and she's testing what family life may be like. Is that really why she's in Seattle? Might we see him at some point?

I don't know what will happen down the road. She is in Seattle in a very complicated situation. She fled to go visit the babies and get to know [baby] Bailey and visit Zola but she's in full freak out mode right now. She went from very tragic circumstances before meeting James to this whirlwind romance and not that long after a proposal with this guy who, in contrast to Amelia -- as he said on Private Practice --the worst thing that happened to him was having to put his Golden Retriever down. They definitely have very different histories and suddenly she's in a position where she's got to figure out if she's going to be able to be a wife and mother for this guy -- and if she's ready for that while balancing her career as a neurosurgeon when that is an area that gives her so much identity and so much sanity post-addiction. She's in Seattle fully freaking out and not sure who she is or what she needs to do to be a functional human in society. She's not sure if marrying James is the answer or if she should dive more fully into her career. She's stuck in a position that a lot of women wrestle with when considering marriage and kids.


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