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Glee - Season 5 - Trimmed Down to 20 Episodes

31 Mar 2014

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The current batch of 22 episodes has been reduced to 20 as a result of a production hiatus at the start of the season.


  1. Damn. I thought I had developed some precog abilities for a moment then. I was all "I swear I knew about this ages ago. I MUST HAVE SEEN THE FUTURE". I'm gutted.

  2. I'm not suprise. The series died w/ Cory :(

  3. That kind of makes sense because of Finn's character dying,

  4. We actually posted that a while ago:

  5. "The less we have to produce the better" seems to be the mantra on that one. I don't know about FOX but looks like some heads over there are rolling around because of that multi season pick-up

  6. Posted:


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