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Fargo - Character Descriptions

Lorne Malvo (Billy Bob Thornton):

Some might call him a drifter, others a gun for hire, others still a spirit or trickster, or devil. Lorne Malvo moves from place to place turning people’s lives upside down. Sometimes he does it for money, sometimes for fun. He has killed many people, but he is not a serial killer. He has stolen sums large and small, but he is not a thief. The fact that there is no crime he won’t commit, doesn’t mean he’s a criminal by any definition you’d understand. The truth is, he is fascinated by the search to find the weakness in everybody that he can exploit, to see what it takes to turn a civilized person into an animal.

Lester Nygaard (Martin Freeman):

As an insurance salesman, Lester is good-natured and earnest, but has spent his life slowly being brow-beaten by the world around him. An emasculating wife, a successful brother, and a humiliating experience with an old high school classmate finally push Lester over the edge. With a little inspiration from a stranger by the name of Lorne Malvo, Lester embraces a darker side of himself.

Gus Grimly (Colin Hanks):

A Duluth police officer, Gus isn’t the kind of cop who dreams of solving the big case. A single father to a twelve year old girl, all Gus wants to do is to punch the clock in the morning and go home at night. But his life is complicated one night when he pulls over Lorne Malvo. Feeling threatened, Gus lets Malvo go. It is a decision that haunts him and when fate brings Malvo back into his life, Gus will be forced to confront his worst fears.

Molly Solverson (Allison Tolman):

A young, smart police deputy in the small town of Bemidji, Molly Solverson was never the kind of cop who desired to land the big case or one day join the FBI. But after a series of murders rattles her town, Molly is determined to find the person behind them, even if it means going it alone.

Stavros Milos (Oliver Platt):

As the owner of a chain of supermarkets and the author of a self-help book, Stavros is the kind of American success story that dreams are made of. But Stavros' success story began with a dark secret, one that has suddenly come back up and threatens to destroy his the way of life he has built up over the past 25 years. Wanting to get rid of the problem as quickly and quietly as possible, Stavros is put in contact with Malvo as someone that can make that happen. Soon however, Stavros learns his problems may just be beginning.

Gina Hess (Kate Walsh):

As the beleaguered wife of Sam Hess and mother to twins Mickey and Moe, Gina Hess is former Las Vegas stripper who after over 15 years in Minnesota, has come to realize the mistake she made in moving north. Now, Gina will use whatever charms she has left to move the hell out of Minnesota for good.

Mr. Wrench (Russell Harvard):

A deaf contract killer, employed by a Fargo Crime Syndicate, Mr. Wrench is sent in to find out who killed Sam Hess, a local trucking boss, and “dispose” of the problem. Working with his partner Mr. Numbers, Mr. Wrench will use whatever means necessary to track down his target, even if it means piling up a few more bodies along the way.

Mr. Numbers (Adam Goldberg):

Mr. Numbers is the partner of and sign language translator for Mr. Wrench. When an associate in Minnesota is murdered, Wrench and Numbers are sent to Bemidji, MN to track down the killer and dispose of him as quickly as possible.

Lou Solverson (Keith Carradine):

As the wise and loving father of Molly Solverson, Lou Solverson was also once a state police officer for nearly two decades. He has since retired and is now the owner of a coffee shop in Bemidji. When a series of murders suddenly occur in their small town, Lou becomes concerned that Molly's pursuit of the case might put her in the cross-hairs of a deranged killer.

Deputy Bill Oswalt (Bob Odenkirk):

Despite being the Deputy Police Chief in Bemidji, Bill Oswalt never had the chops to be a police officer. After being put on the case of a series of gruesome murders in town, Bill will have to work with Molly to try and solve the case...if he doesn't somehow screw it up first.

Don Chumph (Glenn Howerton):

A bit dim-witted by nature, Don Chumph is the personal trainer and eye candy to many of the middle-aged women in Duluth's local gym. Despite his low IQ however, Don has bigger goals in mind...goals that may not be entirely legal.

Greta Grimly (Joey King):

With a love for football and BB Guns, Greta Grimly is the tomboyish daughter of highway patrol officer Gus Grimly. When a series of violent crimes occur in their small town, Greta will bond with her state trooper dad as he tries to help solve the crimes.