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Beauty and the Beast – 1.07 – Out of Control – Review: The One with the Reddest Red Herring

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“The One with the Reddest Red Herring”

“Life is to be lived, not controlled; and humanity is won by continuing to play in face of certain defeat.”

― Ralph Ellison, Invisible Man


Up for dissection this week is episode 1x07: Out of Control. It’s not really an episode I hear or see a lot of Beasties clamoring over but I think it is a very important episode in regards to the evolution of the VinCat relationship.

This is episode is one of those episodes that have grown on me over the course of the show. I felt like the VinCat thing was moving way too fast and had no idea how they were going to slow things down. When the fugues first started happening, I thought it would be too obvious that Cat was the cause. But this episode had me questioning my logic.

I also thought it would have been more interesting had Vincent actually been the one to kill the frat guy and to see how Cat would have handled that so soon in the relationship. But what actually transpired was also a good way to create conflict in the relationship with not only Cat and Vincent but JT and Vincent as well as Cat and JT.

The Recap & Review

Title: Out of Control |Writers: Brian Peterson & Kelly Souders | Director: Rick Bota

Episode Summary: J.T. thinks Vincent may somehow be involved in Cat's homicide investigation after she mentions a local college fraternity brother was brutally killed. J.T. examines Vincent to determine the cause of his increasingly frequent blackouts, but when Vincent starts to beast out, J.T. is forced to tranquilize him.

Meanwhile, Evan and his new intern find a strange cut on the victim's ankle, which matches that of a female cadaver left on campus a year earlier. As Evan works to uncover more clues from the crime scene, he is kidnapped.

Cat begs Vincent to help find Evan and save his life, yet she doesn't realize that she's putting Vincent's life in serious danger. Vincent blacks out again and Beast Vincent rips the murderer apart and becomes the top of the NYPD's most wanted list. Evan heard the whole thing and starts investigating mysterious killings.

Vincent locks himself in a cage. He and J.T. have determined the common thread in his blackouts. He is either going to visit Cat or, most recently, was with her.
My thoughts on the writers…
I really like the writing team of Brian Peterson & Kelly Souders. I think they do a really good job of keeping the positive aspects of the show front in center and doing their best to put the flaws of Beauty and the Beast in a dark corner. This episode focused on the core four. Even though Tess was not an integral part to the main event Vincent plotline she was still in the foreground a lot (something that season 2 hasn’t been too great about). The pacing was just right, not too fast but it also didn't plod at all. The dialog was very good as well. I have so many favorite lines in this episode which is odd because Beauty and the Beast is usually all about the moments, silent storytelling and clever Easter eggs for me.

My thoughts on the director…
Rick Bota is one of my favorite directors for Beauty and the Beast. Almost all of his episodes are very beautifully shot. He knows how to let a scene breathe and he knows how to make an insignificant scene sing. He uses a lot of natural light and balances tight close ups with wide shots. But what I like best about his directorial eye is the unconventional ways he captures scenes with more than two people, he tends to come in on an unexpected angle and sometimes even shifts the focus from what we would normally expect.

My thoughts on the case of the week…
I think I would have liked this case a little better had they not spent so much time trying to convince me that Vincent MIGHT have killed the frat guy because it was painfully obvious that it wasn’t going down that road ( even though I honestly would have preferred that road). The perp of the week was a young budding serial killer with a "tragic" (I'll use that word very loosely) past. He was weird and creepy right from the start and when the ominous music started playing in the lab with him and Evan, well quite frankly it tipped their hand (not to mention the kid was new and little too helpful).

My thoughts on the theme…
Here's what I got for the theme in this episode: The world is grey but some things will always be black and white no matter what.

Important Incidents

• A frat boy is killed.
• Vincent comes home bloody and he was near the vicinity of where the frat boy was killed.
• The introduction of the tranquilizer gun
• Vincent fugues out and attacks JT and it forces JT to tranquilize Vincent
• Evan gets a new intern.
• Evan gets kidnapped.
• Cat asks for Vincent’s help.
• The vigilante gets moved to the top of the most wanted list

Character Contemplations

Cat – This is the episode that made me wonder what Cat’s deal was. I mean does she even understand the serious consequences and repercussions that are involved with being with Vincent (whether it is a friend or lover situation)? It sure didn’t seem like it until it was too late. I found it so odd that she didn’t use the tranquilizer on Vincent once he found the area where Evan was being held for her. She could have easily apprehended Peter herself. She also didn’t seem to understand that he could have just as easily killed an innocent person when she encouraged him to run off in his fugue induced beastly rage. There was just so much to hate about Cat in this episode that I just can’t keep talking about it.

Evan – Evan comes across as a lone wolf to me and I love that he was highly irritated with Peter the whole entire time. I also love that Evan is competent at his job. One might even say a little TOO competent. He was fairly mild mannered this episode and I appreciated that. Professional and reserved is my favorite Evan. At this point in the show I didn't fear Evan’s demise so the whole setup built no tension for me about the character’s well-being. But he did have good dialog and poignant (well it was supposed to be and it fell flat) with Peter. I also liked the scene between Cat and Evan where she tries to persuade him on the fact that he didn't hear what he thought he heard. But ever the scientist, physical proof trumps pretty girl’s distracting poppycock.

Joe – Blinked and you missed him. One of my biggest disappointments for the series overall was the criminal under use of Brian White. He is a talented actor and was always (and still is) so gracious with the fans and supportive of the show. Joe had potential but they squandered it and then ruined the character twice over. The first ruination of the character was his romantic relationship with Tess and the the other was his personal vendetta against the vigilante. But before all of that he was just in the background and not a very hands on kind of boss. But his "rousing" speech did make it into the highlights about this episode so there's that. I was sad when it was announced that Brian White wouldn't be in season 2 but I was relieved that the character of Joe was off my screen.

JT – This is the JT that I love the most. Concerned about Vincent and screw everybody else. He was always there with a theory and a way to test it. He was vigilant and mindful of the stakes. He was the voice of reason but most importantly, he was front and center and vital to the plot. Something I took for granted in season 1 and learned to cherish in season 2 anytime an episode didn't feature him.

Tess – Tess was on fire in this episode. Snarky, sassy and fun. She showcased her best friend skills to the max. I love the happy moments between Cat and Tess. I love their friendship. It’s nice to see woman be genuine friends in a healthy adult way and not backstabbing hussies that seem to be mentally stuck in high school. Bold and brash is just the way I love my Tess. I think this is one of the best episodes that has been written for the character, which is probably why it made my Elite Eight list whereas most people overlook this episode.

Vincent – At this point in the show we had really only heard about how much of a danger to others Vincent was. We hadn’t really seen it. Nor had we really explore the implications of Vincent’s beastly condition. I think the writers cooked up this fugue subplot to illustrate just how dangerous Vincent could be and how scary the results could be when he hurt someone close to him. But then again, this started me down the path of thinking that Cat and Vincent’s bond go much deeper than they (and us the audience) know because Cat basically got the beast side of Vincent to leave without having to shoot him with her gun or the tranquilizer. She did it all with a pleading look. I love that we got a glance into that head of Vincent’s and really begin to see and understand the struggle he has with this burden. I think this was also done to really make Cat (and us the audience) understand that Vincent’s plight isn’t just about not being able to lead normal life because Muirfield is after him, it’s because he is potential danger to others.

VinCat - Come on, you didn’t they were going to actually go on that camping trip did you? I like that Cat just wanted to have fun with Vincent first and foremost because quite honestly they both needed it. But it was too soon for them to be gallivanting off into the sunset for a weekend trip. This episode also brought up some interesting things about how Cat sees Vincent. On the one hand she thinks he’s a good person but on the other hand he has unique ability that could come in handy. This was the first time I kind of didn’t want them to be together any time soon. Things were definitely moving way too fast so I’m glad that they put this obstacle in their way
The Highlights

Memorable Moments

• Cat smiling as she enters a murder scene
• Cat smiling as she is packing to go on a camping trip with Vincent
• Tess ogling and objectifying the firefighters openly

Laudable Lines

• Cat: I’m not going anywhere. Trust me.
• Tess: Try not to look giddy when approaching a murder scene.
• Peter: I can hear your sarcasm.
• Tess: Couple sneaks out to do the nasty in the bushes and finds cut up fraternity brother.

Scenes I'm Smitten With

• JT tries to keep Cat from seeing Vincent passed out from the tranquilizer dart incident
• Cat being socially awkward at the NYC Fireman’s calendar launch
• JT and Vincent try to figure out what’s causing the fugue states.
• Cat confides in Tess (kind of) about ‘the guy’
• Cat goes to check up on Evan and tries to convince him that there is no beast.

The Nitpicks

• Did they really have to show the tranquilizer dart in slow motion?
• Cat could have stopped Peter once Vincent pointed her in the right direction
• Cat and Tess didn't clear Peter’s apartment the proper way
• Cat and Tess weren't holding their guns the proper way cops are taught


Character of the Night
• Vincent

Best Character Interactions
• Cat & Tess
• Cat & JT
• Cat & Vincent

Most Memorable Moment
• Mike ‘The Firefighter’ writes his number down on Cat’s calendar .

Line of the Night
• JT: You may have saved Evan, but you didn't think about the price Vincent would pay

Scene of the Night
• Cat goes to check on Vincent and sees that he has locked himself up and Vincent tells her that he and JT think she’s the trigger to his fugues.

That Awkward Moment
• That awkward moment when you wake up from a bender but instead of a pool of puke, it’s a pool of blood and not being sure whether the fact that it isn't your own is a good thing or not.
• That awkward moment when your friend hulks out and you have to shoot him.

The ‘Giving JT a Run for His Money’ Award
• Tess & Evan - These two were slaying me with their comments the whole entire episode which was a good change of pace because sometimes witty repartee needs to spread around.

The ‘Fan Fiction Inspiration’ Award
Grand Prize: While Cat and Tess are interrogating the kid who dropped out of the frat he utters the words ‘lady cops’ and the rest is history, the fandom began writing fan fiction about the cases Cat and Tess were doing before Vincent was in the picture and the results were usually pretty funny (at least the ones I saw on Tumblr).
Runner Up: Anytime JT and Vincent start doing science stuff together, I have to fight the urge to drop what I’m doing and start on an idea I've had for quite some time, JT and Vincent as alternate universe ‘Science Bros’.


For Real?
• Vincent says that he doesn’t think he should be out in the world roaming around but a few minutes later he’s out trying to explain to Cat why they can’t go on their hiking trip and that he might be the killer she’s looking for.

Burning Questions
• Whose blood was Vincent covered in?
• If Cat was truly the trigger for the fugues then why hadn’t they happen (before they went to scene of the subway attack) when they were alone together and how come no one brought that up.
• Who still says 'rad'?
• Why didn't nosey neighbor lady become a recurring character?

Recurring Elements
• Newspaper clippings
• Wall of Weird
• Cat’s leather jacket and motorcycle boots combo

Things I Miss
• JT doing cool science stuff

Biggest Surprise of the Episode
• Vincent saving Evan triggers the vigilante moving to the top of the wanted list

My Music Picks
• St. Christopher by Michael Logen
• Sweet Rock N Roll by Vibrolux

Fun Fact: It takes 7 minutes and 58 seconds to get to the title card.

Grade: B-
Side Note: Was it just me or were there a ton of shirtless Vincent scenes? (Not that I will ever complain about that).
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