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Arrow - Season 2 - Susanna Thompson Interview

TV Fanatic: Though I’m not happy that Moira is gone, I have to say the way it was done was very fitting for the show and where the storylines have been heading all season.

Susanna Thompson: Yes. And also just the investment that you as an audience member have, it’s a similar vibration to the emotional journey particularly that Thea and Oliver have been on with their mother. And so I think that’s what’s interesting to me, too, is how it lands for them, it could be a very similar way as how it’s landing to the audience. It catapults Oliver’s story, then Thea’s story in many ways.

TVF: Talk to me about that conversation when you found out this was what was going to happen.

ST: Those conversations are mixed. In the back of your mind one never knows in a show like this who’s next. So there’s that. And then when you hear that it’s going to be your character, there’s a sense of shock. There’s a sense of sadness and there’s a sense of acceptance as well. I think particularly for Moira. If you looked at the current journey, the comic book journey for her, I think Oliver was five when she died in the African safari. I used to joke with people like David Ramsey that once we hear that Moira’s got a ticket to Africa, then we know what’s going to happen.

But even with the joking, you’re never ready for that moment. And I have to tell you, the biggest impact is saying goodbye to people. I mean, because I’ve been around the industry for a while and you say goodbye to shows. And this is the first time I’ve been involved in a show where my character actually died. So that was different.

TVF: What was the final scene that you shot? Was it that last scene with Slade, Oliver and Thea or maybe one of the flashbacks?

ST: The very very last scene was one of the first scenes of the episode. It was when Thea comes in and interrupts my interview. That was the last scene that I filmed.

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