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The Walking Dead – 4.15 – Us – Review : The End of the Journey

   Last night episode of The Walking Dead, titled “Us” was an excellent installment. It concluded the journey of two groups (Glenn’s and Maggie’s), and it showed how Daryl was adjusting in his new group, and they presented a new way to organize a group of survivors…. And we found out Daryl is not that far from Rick and Michonne ! Another reunion is coming !
   “Us” was a really good episode, this fourth season is one of the best. I loved that there was many characters in it. I like those episode focused on two or three characters (like last week), but I must say I like those episodes where we follow many characters so much more. The Walking Dead’s writers are particularly talented when they have to tell several stories in one episode. There were so many great lines in “Us”, I can’t even pick my favorite. And the tunnel scene was one of the most frightening, and then moving, scene in The Walking Dead (I loved the shooting with big guns !)

   I was glad Glenn was back last night. I've been missing him. He was still with his new gals, Abraham, Tara and co. Everyone, but Glenn, noticed Tara was always there for him. She was entirely devoted to him because of her involvement in Hershel’s death. I can understand her guilt, and I don’t mind her helping Glenn. Especially when they noticed Maggie’s bloody signs on the terminus’ map.
   Glenn had to follow the tracks fast, but Abraham’s priority was Eugene’ safety. I feel something off about Eugene. He is quite a geek, always talking about video games (I like his idea about dinosaurs actually, it could be a fun game). Tara even got injured because of him (it was Abraham who pushed Eugene, who pushed her). I’m not sure he really knows what caused people coming back from death. But, he has proved to be a good man, and also a funny one. I loved his line to Tara about how hot she is !
   When the group arrived at a tunnel, they decided to split. Abraham, always protecting Eugene, didn’t want to get in the tunnel so Glenn went in with Tara. Abraham was kind enough to give them two cans and a flash light. I was actually impressed how nice he was. I knew we would see them again but their goodbye was touching. And the tunnel was so scary ! I loved it. It was so dark, I knew problems are coming for them.
   Glenn’s talk to Tara about his first reaction when everything went down was good. I like their relationship, Glenn is such a good guy. He needed her for his survival but they still bonded. He didn’t just use her… And Tara is a good woman also. She was involved in the Governor’s attack, she knew it was risky but she never imagined Philip could slice Hershel’s head just like that.
   Glenn and Tara hit a mountain of rocks and zombies inside the tunnel. There was even more walkers after it. Glenn searched for zombie Maggie and didn’t find her so he wanted to go through the walkers crowd. Tara hesitated, I could relate to her. It was crazy to go in, there was no chance of survival. But they did it anyways. I was quite afraid. “Us” being the episode before the season finale, Tara could be killed. So when she got trapped by a big rock, I really thought she would died. It was heartbreaking when she told Glenn to go and he decided to stay. It really showed how much he cared for her now. She has become a friend. So, he protected her only his gun was quickly empty…
   But, Eugene decided to go by the train tracks and wait for Glenn and Tara, because he is a good person. It was quite funny the argument in the car with the three of them. This trio has a good dynamic and I wish we would see some flashback of them. Anyways, they found another group waiting for Glenn.

   So Glenn and Tara were actually saved by Maggie, Bob, Sasha and Abraham’s crew. It was so cute to watch Maggie and Glenn reunited. We've been waiting too long for this. I’m glad they were the first group to get reunited, they deserved it.
   Now that Glenn and Maggie were reunited, each group had no interest staying together. Abraham would go to Washington and the others to Terminus or somewhere else.. But Eugene brilliantly pointed out they should all go to Terminus, to check the place out, get supplies, have some rest and leave afterward. Sasha and Bob revealed they would follow Eugene, after going to Terminus (and see if Tyreese would be there).
   Everyone went to Terminus and they actually arrived. I guess we would see that place only next week so I was glad but then I got quite worried. I really did not expect that… The front door was open, there were no guards... that’s a weird way to protect your safe place and it was empty. For a second, I thought it was actually infested with walkers… And then came Mary. She looked a bit crazy, all alone out there cooking…. I’m really having a bad feeling about that place. I hope it’s just my paranoia. We'll know more next week.

   The other part of the episode was focused on Daryl and his new group. I must say I like Abraham’s group better. Joe and his men are too violent and primitive. They created their own rules (I loved how Daryl stated there was no rule anymore). They have basically three rules : “claiming’, it means when you see something you want , you say “claimed” (Like they did in “Claimed” in Rick’s house), lying is forbidden and stealing is ok if you kill the guy also… It was quite simple actually but it worked for them to survive. They have more chance in a group but it’s still every man for himself in a way.
   Joe was very kind and accepting with Daryl, I think there is more to it than just Daryl being a good fighter. He really acted as a leader and a father. He explained the rules to Daryl, he protected him and defended against one his man. Because, there was this asshole (who I can’t remember his name) who did everything he could to get Daryl killed. He might have been jealous of Daryl’ skills. First, he tried to take Daryl’s rabbit (poor little bunny….) and then he tried to pass Daryl for a thief. It didn’t work and so he got killed. At least, Daryl showed sympathy and covered his dead body.
    Daryl was accepted in his group, and that is good for him. He is not like them, maybe in the past he could have stayed with them but not anymore. So, I can’t wait for him to get reunited with the others…. And that shouldn’t be long because he is apparently just right behind Rick and Michonne.

   It was nice to see Rick and Michonne, it had been too long since they appeared. It was only for one scene, but still it was great. Michonne and Carl are still super friends, playing games and bets. Rick is always too serious but seeing his kid acting normal made him smile. I’m happy they are happy, but we all know they will not last….
   Because Joe told Daryl about Rick’s attack in the house, when he killed and made Lou turned. And one of them remember Rick’s face so it’s going to be a very tense situation when they all meet… At that freaky Terminus place… God, this season finale is going to be epic ! Can’t wait for next Sunday.

   "Us" was well written, I really liked how the writers presented two different groups and two different ways to survive. Abraham and his group were nice to Glenn and Tara, they helpled them for a bit because they're humans and it's what normal people do, we help each other. Joe and his group were totally different, they're selfish. They're a group but there is no friendship or community. They're together in order to survive but they don't care for each other. They killed one of their members and it didn't affect them. They're cold whereas Eugene showed compassion.

Walkers notes : 
• No Beth ! I’m starting to be worried about her… I don’t see her surviving next episode
• No Carol and Tyreese.. Guess they’re coming next week to Terminus !
• Glenn lied to Maggie to protect Tara ! He really cares for that girl… But sure, the reunion would have been spoiled if he told her Tara was with The Governor…
• Zombie falling down the tower. One word : splash!

   What did you think of “Us” ? How excited are you about next Sunday ? Hit the comments !

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