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The Musketeers - Episode 1.09 - Knight Takes Queen - Preview & Teasers

Andy Hay’s directorial debut has been my favourite episode to date so his return to the series had a lot to live up to for me, but I have to say that Knight Takes Queen actually surpassed The Exiles for a few reasons. Firstly there’s how sumptuous it looks, from the placid waters of the Anne’s forest pool and the clearing where the Musketeers try to scuff up D'Artagnan's uniform so he doesn't look like the new boy any more, to the dark prayer crypts and nunnery cellars, the colours and hues, the framing of the scenery and the some of the camera angles used are just stunning; you need to watch this episode in HD!

Secondly, there are a lot of people in this episode, five guest stars and at least half a dozen more with lines and/or an important role to play. Yet each is given the screen time needed to full understand their role, even if it’s just in the background of a different shot, so that when their time in the story comes up you are already acquainted with them. In fact, you are left with the feeling that he understands all of these characters and their motivations as well as the actors do, and therefore allows them to take some of the emotions further than we have seen in the previous episodes, it’s very satisfying to watch.

As always seems to be the case, our team of Musketeers don’t spend long together before they are split up again this week. Porthos and D'Artagnan travel to Paris to get reinforcements and to try and get to the bottom of who ordered the attack on the Queen, while an ever more incensed Cardinal tries to stay one step ahead of the game. We also see The King and his guests, the Mellendorf's, in the city before taking the rest of the Musketeers off to go hunting in the country, leaving no-one but an injured Treville behind at the barracks just as the cavalry are needed to go and save the Anne.

Meanwhile Aramis and Athos hole up in a convent with Anne as Gallagher and his men attempt a series of attacks on the stronghold with varying degrees of success. There is someone at the convent who know Aramis though, someone who knows him better than he knows himself it seems, or at least better than he has been willing to believe himself to be for many years. It’s a short and sweet story that explains some of his ruthlessness and loner tendencies perhaps, and gives him a strong bond with someone. As for Athos, he has a bigger role than we thought this week, he helms the fight, encourages and chastises when required to as a leader should, and when this unlikely crew of Musketeers, nuns and Queen are down to their very last musket ball, it is he who will be driving the end of this episode forward into the finale.

Knight Takes Queen airs at 9pm on Sunday 23rd March on BBC 1 and BBC 1 HD, below are a few dialogue teasers and a spoiler hangman to see you through until then. Don't forget to come back to vote in our poll after the episode and let us know what you thought.

“The Musketeers will protect Anne, they will not allow any harm to come to her. What will I do without her?” King Louis to ?

“He didn't put me here, it was my choice” Sister Helene to Aramis

“Someone was there, I smelt her scent”

“One man on his own, shouldn't be a problem...on the other hand”

“We've been in much worse situations than this and always prevailed, you've nothing to fear, this is a relatively quiet day for us” Aramis to Queen Anne

“One musket and some charges…for shooting rabbits, and the protestants”

“I am proud to say her two sisters have made excellent matches, blessed me with nine grandchildren, seven boys” Count Mellendorf to ?

“Charlotte, you and your father will ride with me” King Louis to Charlotte

“An ordinary death does not concern me, but this is no ordinary death”

“If that’s how I deal with my own men imagine what I will do with you. In case you think there’s anyone coming for you there isn't, my men will see to it that your two friends won’t make it to Paris”

Trailer Teaser

“I know what you did to your wife Athos!” D'Artagnan

Spoiler Hangman

The hangman has been cracked, well done everyone! The new trailer teaser is below.

You may be expecting nuns with guns, but they are in fact more resourceful than that when it comes to fighting off the attacking troop of soldiers. Some rather fine grape and honey brandy become Molotov cocktails, and even a bee hive is thrown at the marauders.

New Trailer Teaser

“The last time I was in your bed you murdered a man”

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