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The Big Bang Theory - Episode 7.18 - The Mommy Observation - Review & Recap

All of the gang except Howard and Sheldon + Stuart plot

With Howard and Sheldon are away in Texas, the gang is free to do whatever they want and it was awesome to see Raj sitting in Sheldon’s spot. He tells them he will never find out about it but Leonard tells him that he has a sensitive butt.

Then, Stuart comes in the apartment. Less than a minute later, he falls and coughs heavily. His friends try to help him out but it turns out that Raj tricked them and wants them to play his game of "Koothrappali
murder mystery dinner". Their friends are not impressed by this. Everyone but Leonard reluctantly play his game. It was amazing that Leonard stood up for him after he told the ladies that he put a lot of effort into the game. Raj made this game because he promised to play games with his friend if ever made any and Amy thought it was sweet what he did. After Bernadette finds a receipt of a cup of coffee 20 years from now, Raj confirms that one of them comes from the future to murder Stuart.

Later on, Raj makes the gang time travel 20 years into the future. He gives them facts about their future, which might contain a clue. Amy likes her card because it’s revealed that won the Nobel Prize and that she bought Stuart’s comic book store so Sheldon can pay attention to her. Penny’s card said that she’ll be an actress while Leonard will be a Stanford professor. While Bernadette suggests they could have a long distance relationship, the cards suggest that they drifted apart. It was cool that Raj made a reference to Madonna when he said he predicted to be with her 20 years from now.

These cards cause Leonard and Penny to start arguing about their future. Amy is shocked that they never talk about this stuff. Thanks to relationship agreement, they have talked about their future. Despite the argument between Leonard and Penny, Stuart believes they will be together 20 years from now because he’s the best couple he knows. This causes Amy and Bernadette to be mad at him. Stuart feels that Leonard and Penny make feel each other better and they make each other into one awesome person. Penny thanks him and reveals that she killed him just to stop the game, which makes Raj mad.

Howard and Sheldon plot

Meanwhile, Sheldon thanks Howard for the bobble head and he returns the favor by thanking Sheldon for not making fun of him during his speech. Later on, they go to his mother’s house. Sheldon almost knocks on the door but catches his mother with a naked man through the window.

At the bar, Howard and Sheldon are having beers together and Howard asks if he is prepared to talk about what he saw but he is not drunk enough yet. Howard apologizes to him for what he saw but wonder if she knew they were coming. Sheldon tells him that he wanted to surprise her.

After Sheldon seem to calm down at the bar, Howard drives him back to his mother’s place. He wants Howard to come in but rather go back to the bar. Awesome to see that Sheldon did the “knock” ritual on his mother for the first time ever (if this is not accurate, please let me know). She tells him that she is so excited to see her “Shelly”, his nickname! He confesses that he saw her having sex with a naked man. This causes her to invite him to discuss about what he saw. Every single line that he said to his mother was inappropriate but also amused me. He asked one of the stupidest questions ever to anybody especially his own mother this, “Can you recommend a surface you haven’t had coitus on?” She was not amused by this at all. Strike 1! She tells him that the naked man was Ron and they met each other during her prayer group. She reveals that she has been involved with him for a few months.

Strike 2: Sheldon wonders how long she has been a demented sex pervert. She replies in a confronting way that it’s no way to speak her like that. I realize that Sheldon is not happy about this and/or is trying to protect his mother. However, he has no right to disrespect her just because another person wants to hang out and/or be involved with his mother. He’s not a little boy anymore. As long as she’s happy with Ron, he has no control on who she can be involved with. Despite all this, the questions that he asked were amusing but also he had poor social skills for asking those type of questions.

Strike 3: He defends his questions and tells him she’s the one that’s quoted the Bible to him his whole life; yet, she desecrates one of Ethan Allen’s finest sofas. This implies that she was being a hypocrite to him. Knowing her nice personality, she gives him one final chance to apologize. It’s hilarious how he brags that he is a professional scientist after he is asked to go to his room. This means that he refuses to apologize. Baseball rules mean that 3 strikes, and you’re out, Sheldon. This means that Sheldon is sent to his room by her three times. He definitely deserved this for his inappropriate behavior.

My favorite part of the episode was when Howard came to see Sheldon in his room and made sure he was okay. Howard can relate what he went through especially when his mother was seeing someone a few years after his dad left. He was a jerk to her for dating that guy she was involved with. She broke up with him, which caused her to be alone ever since that happened. He felt like he was the reason why she is still alone. Howard makes some relevant points about relating Sheldon’s current experience with his mother to Howard’s previous one with his own mom by telling him that he should not get in the way of his mom’s happiness. That is absolutely true. For once, he tells him that he has a point about this. Just when things were going bad for them after a 10-year grudge of them throwing insults at each other, it seems that they are better friends than they were ever before.

Taking his advice, Sheldon comes and sits with his mother. She apologizes about what he saw and it’s hard for him. What upsets him most was the hypocrisy. He wonders if this contradicts the religious rules he’s had to deal with growing up. I am glad that I got to see the other side of his mother. She admits she is struggling with those rules these days. Now, she is not the most perfect person despite her strong religious beliefs. He tells her that he does not want to stand in the way of her happiness. She tells him that is very Christian of him. He tells her that he needs to be careful and he’s going to need a stronger friend named latex. She does not feel comfortable talking about sex with her own son and yells, “Dear Lord!” but he tells her to not look at her because he is mad at her. I enjoyed seeing Sheldon's mother again. She and Sheldon's chemistry connected with me in this episode.

Penny apologizes for ruining the game and Amy kisses butt by telling him that the game was kind of fun. Bernadette had a great time with the game especially with the "time traveling" element. She hopes that 20 years from now that they are all still friends. One of the most entertaining parts in the episode was where all of them promised each other that they were going to be friends 20 years exactly from now in front of this apartment at 8pm. All but Stuart program that date into their phones. 20 years later, nobody else shows up in front of the apartment except poor Stuart. This is the second episode this season where Stuart is all alone at the very end after the Christmas episode. What did you all think of this episode? 

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