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The Big Bang Theory - Episode 7.16 - The Table Polarization - Review & Recap

Sheldon does not want to deal with change by getting a new table, which Leonard suggests. Meanwhile, Howard wants to go to space but his friends including Bernadette's father does not believe he is stable to go back.

Leonard/Sheldon/Penny/Amy Plot:

I loved when Sheldon referenced “Windows 98” in the beginning of the episode and when he prematurely thought Penny failed her audition. Leonard asks him to come and go table shopping but he has several thousand updates to take care of. Sheldon asks him one thing that they can live without. Then, Leonard takes a picture of him on his phone. This implies that they can live without him. I do not blame Leonard at all for being selfish in this scene. Just when we thought Sheldon was smart, he uses bad grammar by saying, “nary an argument”. This shocks Leonard but in Sheldon’s defense, it means “not one” or “not any”.

Penny and Leonard are now shopping for tables. It’s not easy for them to purchase a table because Sheldon is always picky about almost everything, which frustrates her. She lets him know that he should make his own decisions instead of Sheldon controlling his life. It’s not going to go down well between them and Sheldon.

At the apartment, Penny asks Sheldon to give the new table a chance. Surprisingly, he agrees. In less than a second, he tries it and is not impressed with it. With the table situation, he blames her for purchasing the table. She fights back and tells him that Amy has changed him. She tells him that he used to hate touching things. With Amy in the picture, she and him are now holding hands and going out on dates. Leonard agrees that she has had an impact on him. After what they tell Sheldon, he decides to go and break up with her. Looking out for her friend, Penny decides to call her and gives her a heads-up by telling her that Sheldon is going to break up with her. Knowing Amy’s personality, she will not be happy about this one.

Amy lets Sheldon into her apartment. He asks her to sign the agreement that the relationship is over. I loved he referenced that he did not have “AppleCare” if she needed to cry on her iPad. She has already moved on and the breakup between them has nothing to do with them. She tells him that Leonard has been manipulating him like he always does, which baffles him. I’m glad that she was going to stand by him against the stupid table but he still questions her. Amy has a good point that if she was manipulating him, he’d be smart enough to see it. He apologizes (rare for him) for giving her a hard time. Shamy is back and I can’t wait to see them confront Penny and Leonard!

Back at Leonard and Sheldon’s apartment, Sheldon confronts him that Amy pointed out that he was only trying to manipulate him. They tell them that their relationship is stronger than ever. Leonard tells him that he was reluctant to by the couch; yet, Sheldon loves it especially his “special spot”. He wants him to know why he does not have a problem with the couch; yet, why he has a problem with the new table. He tells him that he does not have to explain himself.

Raj/Howard/Bernadette Plot:

In this scene. I love the magic wand where it can do anything especially change the channels like a remote control. It was interesting how Raj tapped the channel and used the magic wand. The most entertaining part of this scene was where he accidentally turned off the TV with the regular remote. Instead, he uses the magic wand to do it. A few seconds later, Howard gets a call from NASA and they want him to go back to space. Raj tells Howard they will miss each other and will name his first child after him. However, he changes his mind and will name his first child after his grandfather. Raj knows how to entertain me every week and I hope the writers continue to use him well.

Bernadette comes home and Howard greets her with a wine glass for him and herself. Then, he tells her that NASA wants him back. He tells her that he wants to go back to space. Not shockingly, she does not support his decision after his trauma experience in NASA.

Later on, Raj is at Bernadette’s house and tells her he is excited for Howard that NASA wants to send him back. They have discussion that he had a miserable time there. He tries to cheer up by showing her the magic wand but she is not impressed. Then, she likes the magic wand.

Howard comes home to be surprised to see Bernadette with her father and Raj. Raj is on the laptop with Mike Massimino and is about to give it to Howard but not before that Raj tells Howard that he, Bernadette and even her father love him so much. Howard is given the laptop and Mike tells him that he had a horrible time in NASA. Howard says that he is physically ready this time around. However, Mike tell him that he would have to go to surviving training again.

At the doctor’s office, Howard is getting a physical checkup. He does not believe that he is healthy and wants to get his blood pressure up. To do that, he calls his mother. She yells at him for not answering the phone and something bad could have happened to her just like his Aunt Ida. I was so happy to hear Howard’s mother again screaming.


Everyone except Sheldon and Amy are sitting at the table. Howard tells them his blood pressure was off the charts. The doctor could have inflated the results but it would have been unethical. Penny asks them to join them at the table. He calmly tells them that they can eat at the table if they want but he and Amy do not want to join them. He tells them that he loves eating at the sofa because this is how they have always done things. It seems that he is not ready for change and wants that tradition to stay that way. Bernadette feels sad for Amy and suggests that they should join her and Sheldon. Penny and Howard go with her but Leonard can’t comprehend why she did not stand up to him. He reluctantly leaves the table to join them. Raj does not want to come join them because he hates sitting on the floor but Bernadette pleads him to come join them. Raj finally joins the gang in the living area and everything is back to normal. In the end, Sheldon got what he wanted like he always does but that’s his character.

Overall: I am impressed because of the chemistry between all the characters this week with the main plot and subplot especially with Sheldon and Amy. He always assumes everything just because of what people say but I’m glad that he listened to her by telling him that she will still be on his side. Lately, Raj has really impressed me especially how he changed the channel to “The Oprah Network” by using the magic wand and that he was looking out for his friend about why he should not back to space. Bernadette’s father and the astronaut, Mike who haven’t been big fans of Howard were actually doing what was best for Howard. Raj's take on "moo-stache" (normal word: mustache) was interesting as well after Howard wanted to grow a goatee. What did you all think of this wonderful episode?

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