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The Americans – Episode 2.02 – Cardinal – Preview

   "The Americans" kicked off its second season last week with an amazing episode. This week episode, titled “Cardinal” is a nice follow up on what happened last week.
   Elizabeth and Philip will have to deal with the aftermath of Emettt and Leanne’s assassinations in their motel room. The tragedy hit them hard. For the first time, they have realized their children are also in danger because of their secret work and they still don’t know who kill their friends and colleagues. They might still be after them.
   I really enjoy this new direction in season two of “The Americans”. Season one focused on Philip and Elizabeth’s relationship, it was great and now, we have moved to a next level. Their whole family can be in danger and that will put their convictions to test.

   In “Cardinal”, Philip will investigate the few leads they got on Emmett’s work while Elizabeth will stay home to make sure they were not made and nobody is watching them now. They need to identify who ordered Emmett and his family’s assassinations in order to be safe.
   Last week, Nina and Stan didn’t have a big part in the episode, the writers chose to conclude last season storyline with Stanford. But this week, in “Cardinal”, Stan and Nina will have a bigger part as a walk-in arrives at the Rezidentura providing them a new interesting storyline, and once again their complicated relationship and Nina’s feeling about it will be explored.

   So, what can you expect from “Cardinal” :

- Paige was a bit suspicious last week, well, it will continue this week. Of course for now, it is just little pieces but still, those are relevant pieces. I can’t wait for her to finally understand the whole picture.
 - Last week’s tragedy at the motel made it to television and every character on the show will learn about it. It is well done and I enjoyed the different reactions.
- Someone will become quite paranoid and will suspect anything out of the ordinary.
- Philip going on an undercover mission. Mathew Rhys is amazing in it. I loved those spy missions in the past, it is very well made and there always is so much suspense. Philip will find himself in a very dangerous situation, twice.
- A walk-in at the Rezidentura will put Nina and Stan’s relationship to test. It can be very dangerous for both of them in different ways. I don't know how long Nina will succeed at lying to Stan.
- Nina has a great scene by the end of the episode. She doesn’t talk and just by Annet Mahendrus facial expressions, you will understand what is going inside Nina’s head. It’s beautiful and sad in the same time. Very touching. Nina is my favorite character, Annet Mahendru is such a talented actress.
- Elizabeth will spend some quality time with her children, playing a game and going out but her mission will always come first, for now. So, when she receives an emergency distress signal, she has no choice but to get there. And who she will find there is a bit of a surprise.
- Martha will make an interesting career move. She will discuss it with her husband and he will be surprised of what she will announce him. Martha is definitely full of surprises, and I got the feeling her part will get bigger during the season.
- Oleg, from last week, will be back. I’m really enjoying his relationship with Nina. It’s very funny. But still, I’m feeling something is off with that guy.
- “Cardinal” is the title of the episode and there will a reference to this Cardinal during the episode.
- And there will be a very emotional scene between Philip and Elizabeth. Because Keri Russell and Mathew Rhys have such a wonderful chemistry and the writing is powerful, the scene is perfect.

   “Cardinal” probably won't be the best episode of “The Americans”, but don't worry, it doesn’t mean it’s bad either. It is a very good episode, but it’s mostly a set up episode for the season. New storylines are being set up, new danger and new enemies are coming for each characters, relationships between them are evolving.
   I absolutely loved “The Americans” first season and for now, I am so not disappointed by their second season. “Cardinal” is a very nice installment. By the end of the episode, you only want to watch the next episode.

   This is my first American’s preview, so I hope you enjoyed it and it made you excited about this week new episode “Cardinal”.

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