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Teen Wolf - 3x23 - Insatiable - Review

If you haven’t watched last week’s episode of Teen Wolf ‘Insatiable’ you need to minimize this window right now and find a way to watch it because with this season coming to an end every part of this episode is important, especially the end. As soon as you’ve watched the episode come back and join the discussion.

Okay now that we had given the first warning to people almost spoiling the episode for themselves lets continue. This being the episode before the season finale it really had some game changing events leading up to the end! With the last episode ending with Evil Stiles (well the nogitsune in Stiles body) taking Lydia somewhere and normal Stiles left on the floor with bandages all over him (well we hoped he is back to his normal self).

The episode starts off with Dr. Deaton helping Aiden, Ethan and Isaac with getting the evil (fly) out of there system by pulling it out of their mouths, not a pretty sight to be honest and to top it off Allison and Kira are witnessing it, Deaton fills them in about the others finding to find out if Stiles is back to, as Derek would put it, his weak powerless dorky self.

Scott, Melissa and Stiles takes it on themselves to call Kira’s mum and her army of Oni to find out whether or not Stiles is himself. The Oni show up and do what they do best, to see if one is themselves, they grab Stiles and mark him with the ‘self’ sign behind his ear. Let’s take this moment to be happy that Stiles is back to normal even though he is shaking quite strong and looks like he is freezing. Kira’s mother tells them that the nogitsune has taken Lydia as an advantage of having the power of a banshee.

Lydia is shown to be in a tight corridor of an old(ish) abandoned building and she looks like she is going crazy, hearing voices and screams, the ones she usually hears when someone is about to die. The Nogitsune is there following her, getting in her head, and telling her ‘are the voices telling you that Stiles is dying’. He then tells her that Stiles is dying and doesn’t need to be told anything from her, she will be screaming. (Again I have to say that Dylan O’brian has done such an amazing job with his character, from just the way he looks and talks, amazing).

We then see Kira’s mum trying to explain the game of Go to her. The game starts with an empty board; black is always placed down first then white. The play stones create territories and you can capture your opponent’s stones by completing surrounding them. While Kira’s mum is explaining this to Kira, Kira doesn’t understand why she is explaining a game when she should be trying to find Lydia and her mum says to her, “it is a game to the nogitsune and he is winning, if you want to save your friends learn to play”.

Meanwhile papa Stilinski is back at the station staring off into the distance when his work mate Perish comes in. (Okay I have no idea why but I have a weird feeling about this officer, it’s just the way he acts or something because I feel like he is going to have a bigger role or something) Anyway Stilinski tells him that he is a good guy and that’s what everyone said at his previous station and he doesn’t know why he left and came here, and Perish answers that he doesn’t know why either he just felt drawn to this town, hmm weird. Just about when he is about to leave Stiles and Scott walks in, it’s a really cute scene between dad and son because Stiles is finally back to himself and papa has his son back, they share a real tight squishy hug, but to stop all the excitement between father and son, papa asks Scott if it all over and Scott says not yet.

Derek goes to visit papa Argent and asks him why didn’t kill him when he had the chance and Argent say because they aren’t each other’s enemy and they need to be ready for the nogitsune because he is at his strongest. Back at the sheriff’s station, Scott, Stiles and papa are trying to find out what a nogitsune would want with a banshee and while Scott is talking Kira’s mum’s side of the story Stiles remembers when he was in the asylum there was one of the girls talking on the phone (the one that didn’t work) saying she had to tell them the whole story and realises she can possibly help them, Meredith Walker.

When they go to find her in the asylum she has found a way out and knocked out one of the guards, also the guy that leads papa Stilinski to the cell is totally creepy, like he enjoys watching his patients suffer and gets a kick out of it.

The next scene is really weird because even at the end of the episode we don’t get an answer for it, which I’m guessing will be shown in the season finale. We see Aiden and Ethan running through the woods trying to pick up Lydia’s scent, and then all of a sudden they are being shots at by what looks like a fair bit of guns. If I had to guess I’d say it was the Hunter’s Council coming and cleaning up Beacon Hills of all supernatural mess. Both Aiden and Ethan get hit and they realise it is wolfsbane.

Isaac and Allison find Lydia’s car and look for clues in there, and while looking around Allison brings up their night together and whether or not he was himself and if he remembers it, Isaac being the smartass he is, he makes her keep trying to explain what night she was talking about, eventually he says he was himself and he remembers what they did and he liked it. When they are talking Allison sees something on the window and breathes on it and sees a message from Lydia saying, “Don’t find me”.

Back at school, in coach’s class of course, Meredith shows up. We quickly jump to Stiles were Scott realises that he is freezing and is in a lot of pain, Kira’s interrupts them and tells them that they have found Meredith. Meredith talks to coach about what she is hearing, “I can hear them, they scream, they scream when someone is about to die.” Derek finds the twins almost dying and helps them out when the mysterious people are still shooting at them.

The doctors of the asylum come to the school and Kira tries to tell coach he can’t let them take her back because if he does really bad things will happen to Lydia, Scott, Stiles and everyone including him. The really creepy doctor guy from the asylum is here to take back Meredith and coach knows him from his past and there is obvious tension between them, however, when coach does show them where Meredith was seated down there is an empty seat and they need to find her again.

The next scene is a really cute scene between Allison and her dad; he brings out a box of sliver and tells her it time for her to graduate. The scene continues after a couple of different scene but I’ll explain the whole thing now so it’s more of a cute, uninterrupted dad/daughter scene.

Papa Argent is helping Allison melt the sliver into a bullet just like he did when he was younger, however, she doesn’t want to make a sliver bullet she wants to use her arrow head. Allison starts to say if something happens to him but he stops her and tells her now to worry and Allison brings up her not being able to say goodbye to her mum. So she wants to tell her dad how much she loves him and is proud of him.

The creepy doctor guy finds Meredith in the music room at the piano pulling the strings one by one, just like Lydia once did in Stiles’ room, she is trying to understand what the ‘strings’ are saying to her when the doctors comes up behind her and threatens to use his taser on her. The Coach comes out of nowhere and uses the taser on the guy and tells Kira, Scott and Stiles to get Meredith out of there.

Scott and Stiles drive back to Scott’s house with Meredith to find papa McCall with Isaac wanting to know why they are here during school hours. Stiles and Isaac brings Meredith up stairs while papa McCall tells him about the real reason he left when he was a child. Papa McCall got drunk a lot and one night he came home and was arguing with Melissa and Scott came out from his room and he hit Scott and he fell down the stairs and really hurt himself and that’s when Melissa told the father to never come back again. Even though this was kind of a touching scene, Scott didn’t want to hear what his father has to say and tells him I’ll see you at graduation or whenever you decide to show up again.

While Scott is down stairs, Isaac and Stiles is trying to get a straight answer from Meredith, eventually Meredith tells them she doesn’t want to be found. Meredith then says why isn’t anyone picking up the phone (there is no phone ringing) but Stiles plays along and lets her ‘answer’ it and she says they say a French word (no idea what it means) but Scott does so that’s super helpful, he calls Allison because he knows where Lydia is, Oak Creek.

Kira realises when talking to her father that the game Go that her mother was trying to teach her, was actually being played with her mother’s style of play - aggressive, meaning that Kira is going to go up against her mother and the Oni.

Next scene we see Kira’s mother leading the Oni to where Lydia is, we jump back to Derek with the twins and he has called papa Argent for help and he shows Argent the bullets that were used and when Argent looks at them there is recognition in his face (perhaps the shield they use on their bullets when they graduate), Allison calls her dad to tell her where Lydia is.

When driving to where Lydia is Isaac notices that Stiles looks like he is going to die, he looks pale, skinny and he is cold. They all show up where Lydia is and Scott, the alpha he is, give them all the pep talk saying we have done this before and we can do this again. When they walk in, Kira’s mum is there telling her to go back. Stiles and Scott run inside to find Lydia while Allison, Kira and Isaac are trying to talk Kira’s mum into calling of the Oni.

The Oni disappear to find the Nogitsune but he has something that he breaks in half and if changes who the master of the Oni are, they become the Nogitsune’s slaves. There is a huge fight between the Oni and the others, swords, arrows, teeth and claws. Lydia senses someone’s death to be coming and she asks Scott and Stiles who else came to fight the battle, they all try to run to save the person but Stiles falls down and is growing weaker and Lydia has to stay with him when Scott runs to the battle.

This scene is one of the most heart wrenching scene I have watched in a while, Isaac is getting hit multiple times and Allison tries and saves him, when she finally hits her target she is too distracted to see the another Oni near her before it is too late and gets stabbed straight into her body. As this happens the nogitsune is happy with what has happen here and he leaves and so do the Oni.

Allison falls in Scott’s arms and she tells him that she always loved him and will always love him, he was her first love and it only seems fitting that he died in the arms of her true love. Her dad comes at the end sees her dead body in Scott’s arms; it really is the most powerful scene of this third season.
Even though this was the saddest episode I have ever watched I really enjoyed how they did this episode, can't for the final episode of the season....here we go!!!!

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