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Supernatural - Season 9 - Jensen Ackles interview

Zap2it: I'm extremely worried about Dean right now. He didn't stop to listen to Cain's warnings about how receiving the Mark might affect him, and he's been displaying some shockingly good hunting abilities recently. How will that continue to affect him? It's not going to be good, right?

Jensen Ackles:
It's definitely messing with his inner moral compass, so to speak. We just saw recently that Dean, instead of sparing a human life, he killed a guy without so much as a thought. I think that plays into what he is going through inside: "If they're bad, they've got to go. I don't have time to weigh the pros and cons and deliberate over what's right and wrong. This guy was bad, so he's got to go." That's a far cry from where we've seen Dean in the past. He's always been a shoot first, ask questions later [guy], but that was with monsters, which is his line of work.

When it just comes to crazy people, he doesn't necessarily fashion himself as a policeman. He would rather the authorities do their job there, but now at this point he doesn't seem to care. Everything is just a bit of a means to an end. He's punch-drunk on what he thinks needs to happen with the whole Abbadon situation that he's not really thinking clearly. That's going to get worse and worse as we get towards the end of the season.

What has it been like playing this darker version of Dean?

Personally it's been fun. To be honest, from the very beginning of the series, I always enjoyed Dean's comedic aspects and the humor in which he was portrayed, and whenever the situation got heavy or emotional, there was always a bit of levity that Dean was able to bring to the situation. And I really feel like he's been stripped of all that this year. He's going through something that he hasn't had to deal with before. It's heavy, and he's not able to find that lighter side in himself. As an actor, personally, after playing the character so much, to not being able to lighten it up, it's new territory. It's been dark in Dean's world for a while, and I'm hoping that someone will open up a window soon.