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Silicon Valley - Episode 1.01 - 1.04 - Synopsis

Episode 1.01 - Minimum Viable Product
Richard and his friends dream of making it big; Richard's boss offers to buy out his firm; an investor makes a counter-offer.

Episode 1.02 - The Cap Table
Richard and Erlich discover that they must deliver a viable business plan; Gilfoyle and Dinesh prove to be essential to the company.

Episode 1.03 - Articles of Incorporation
Richard must negotiate when he discovers the name ``Pied Piper'' is already registered to a sprinkler company; Erlich tries to come up with a new company name; Peter Gregory becomes elusive.

Episode 1.04 - Fiduciary Duties
While at a party, Richard promises to make Erlich a board member; Big Head finds others who have made careers out of doing nothing; Richard struggles to put Pied Piper's vision into words.


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