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Scene Of The Week - March 2, 2014 - POLL

A weekly feature in which we're trying to find most compelling, best acted, written, directed and just generally great scenes that we've seen recently.

ARROW, "Time of Death", February 26, 2014, Actors: Stephen Amell, Manu Bennett, Emily Bett Rickards
The Scenes: Oliver meets Slade in the present & Oliver tells Felicity she'll always be his girl

Bradley Adams: Slade 'meets Mr Queen'. Knew it was coming but it was still a fantastic scene.
Daniel van der Veer: Oliver finally meets Slade in the present. It's good to have this story progress now that Oliver knows Slade is alive. The scene was wonderfully acted by both Stephen and Manu, and I could feel the hostility of the handshake between them. Also picked by Babar Suhail
Virginia Fontana: Oliver tells Felicity she'll always be his girl. As much as I love Sara, she's been taking over the show a lot lately, so it was nice to have some special Felicity moments this week, especially this last one.
Jamie Coudeville: I like that he reassured her after feeling left out. It was a sweet moment. Felicity on painkillers is hilarious though.

BANSHEE, "Evil for Evil", February 28, 2014, Actors: Demetrius Grosse and more
The Scene: Emmett exacts his revenge
Sharon Seymour:
Emmett exacts violent revenge against the skinheads who attacked his pregnant wife.
Also picked by DarkUFO

CASTLE, "Room 147", February 24, 2014, Actors: Stana Katic, Molly Quinn
The Scene: Kate encourages Alexis to come back home
Jimmy Ryan:
In what was a pretty funny episode, there was a beautiful touch of caring and affection. I'm referring to the scene in the coffee shop where Kate met up with Alexis to reassure her and to encourage her to come back home. You really could tell Kate meant every word, and that she spoke from experience. Also picked by Babar Suhail

GREY'S ANATOMY, "Take It Back", February 27, 2014, Actors: Sarah Drew, Jesse Williams
The Scene: April and Jackson's secret wedding is revealed
Klutzy girl:
It's revealed April and Jackson secretly eloped after leaving her wedding. This episode actually brought back my love for both characters and the pairing. Sure, they hurt Stephanie and Matthew, but it was actually pretty cute.

GRIMM, "Revelation", February 28, 2014, Actors: Silas Weir Mitchell and more
The Scene: Monroe talks to his parents
Klutzy girl:
Monroe goes to talk to his parents and ends up in tears because they refuse to listen to him. It was such a sad, but great and well-acted scene.

HANNIBAL, "Kaiseki", February 28, 2014, Actors: Mads Mikkelsen, Laurence Fishburne and more
The Scenes: Will's memory about the ear comes back & The end scene & The opening fight scene

DarkUFO: End scene where the trapped man awakes among all the other bodies stuck together.
Macie Potts: The intense opening fight scene between Hannibal and Jack.
Sharon Seymour: Will's memory comes back of Hannibal inserting the ear into his stomach.
Also picked by Darth Locke

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, "Rally", February 24, 2014, Actors: Josh Radnor, Cristin Milioti
The Scene: Ted gives The Mother the Stinson Hangover Fixer Elixir in 2022 (picked by Babar Suhail)

INTELLIGENCE, "Delta Force", February 24, 2014, Actors: Josh Holloway, Meghan Ory
The Scene: The ending scene
Jimmy Ryan:
This show is improving considerably each week. I'm especially enjoying the budding romance between the lead characters, Gabriel & Riley. The ending scene is my pick as a result. The way Riley casually takes a beer from the fridge and removes its cap shows she's not all good looks. But the increasingly personal conversations these two are having shows that the creative team know how to bring two characters closer to each other in an entertaining, yet special way.

NCIS, "Bulletproof", February 25, 2014, Actors: Sean Murray, Margo Harshman and more
The Scene: McGee takes Delilah to see the man who's also paralyzed
Klutzy girl:
McGee takes Delilah to see the man who is paralyzed so she can see what she'll be able to do. It was a sweet moment.

PERCEPTION, "Curveball", February 25, 2014, Actors: Eric McCormack and more
The Scene: The final closing scene
Jimmy Ryan:
It's so good to have TNT's Perception back on our screens! As always, this week's episode was intelligently written and thought provoking. Dr. Pierce is in his prime in the lecture theater, and the final closing scene with him voicing over and leaving the viewer with points to ponder takes the bacon for me.

PERSON OF INTEREST, "Last Call", February 25, 2014, Actor: Michael Emerson
The Scene: Finch answers the 911 call
Bradley Adams:
Finch gets the 911 call about a carjacking by squirrels. That was hilarious, as were Shaw and Reese's jokes afterwards.

PSYCH, "1967: A Psych Odyssey", February 26, 2014, Actors: Timothy Omundson, Maggie Lawson
The Scene: Carlton and Juliet talk
Justyna Kubica:
One of my favorite things about the detective/cop shows is the partnership between its main characters. When it comes to Psych the friendship between Shawn and Gus has always been its big strength. But this week it's the bond between Jules and Lassie that really shined the most. Especially in their last scene. When Carlton finally gets the job of his dreams, after a long struggle and hard work, he wants to decline the offer once he finds out that him becoming the Chief means the transfer for Juliet and them no longer working together. Emotional Lassie admitting how important his partner is for him and how they both always had each other's back and what it means to him got me a lot more than I expected. And finally, Jules' decision to leave Santa Barbara to accept a different job offer encouraging Carlton to be the Chief he's always wanted to be was such a sad surprise. It was both heartwarming and heartbreaking to see them saying goodbye like that. With smiles and tears on their faces. And the consequences of this conversation (the last scene) left me speechless for a moment. I can't believe the show's almost over. Already miss you Psych-os!

REIGN, "Royal Blood", February 27, 2014, Actors: Adelaide Kane, Torrance Coombs
The Scene: Bash proposes to Mary (picked by Jamie Coudeville)

REVOLUTION, "Fear and Loathing", February 26, 2014, Actor: Zak Orth
The Scene: Aaron wakes up in an alternate reality
Darth Locke:
Final Scene - Aaron Pittman awakes in an electrically powered 2014 alternate reality.
Jamie Coudeville: That scene had me saying "What?!" for 5 minute straight. Definitly not what I expected.

TEEN WOLF, "Echo House", February 24, 2014, Actors: Dylan O'Brien, Linden Ashby
The Scene: Sheriff Stilinski leaves Stiles in a mental hospital
Justyna Kubica:
There are a lot of reasons why I decide to pick a specific scene each week, it can be because of the actors' amazing work, its significance for the show and/or the characters, the shock factor or something else. This time I chose to mention this scene because of its emotional content and family bond between the charcters. Not to mention the actors' performances which are brilliant like always. Stiles realizing his situation desperately tried to keep his friends and family (and other Beacon Hills citizens) safe from him, but his dad was having a hard time letting him go and leaving him alone in a mental hospital, especially in one with the violent and mysterious history like "Echo House". All the noises, images and the other small things around them almost caused Sheriff to panic. His sudden change of heart and a detail (a pillow left at home) tormenting him were truly heartbreaking to watch. And Stiles saying he hasn't slept well for weeks and hugging his dad made me quite emotional. Just like Scott and Stiles, Stiles and his dad are one of my favorite relationships on the show. I can't even tell how much I root for them to survive all these horrors and stay strong despite everything. What an intense few episodes and there's still 4 more to go. Hopefully they're gonna make it through. Love this show. Kudos to the cast and crew!

THE AMERICANS, "Comrades", February 26, 2014, Actors: Keri Russell, Matthew Rhys and more
The Scene: Phil and Liz find the dead bodies of their comrades and their kid in the motel room
(picked by DarkUFO and Macie Potts)

THE BLACKLIST, "Madeline Pratt (No. 73)", February 24, 2014, Actors: James Spader and more
The Scenes: Red talks about his family & Red helps Liz who's handcuffed to a chair
Daniel van der Veer:
I saw it coming that Red set Madeline up and lied to her. However, when Red tells about his family, I don't think he was actually lying. It was nice to hear some backstory on Red and his family. James Spader did a really good job in this scene!
Geo N: When Red rescues Liz who is handcuffed to a chair. From the moment he throat punches a guard to steak his weapon and shoot into the air to make everyone scatter to the moment he unlocks Liz's handcuffs was hilarious and awesome.

THE FOLLOWING, "Fly Away", February 24, 2014, Actors: James Purefoy, Connie Nielsen
The Scene: Joe's phone call to Lily
Bradley Adams:
What a fantastic way to severe ties by Joe.

THE ORIGINALS, "Long Way Back from Hell", February 25, 2014, Actors: Daniel Gillies and more
The Scene: Elijah stabs Klaus
Virginia Fontana:
Elijah stabs Klaus to prevent him from hurting Rebekah. This was an incredibly suspenseful scene ending in a shocking turn of events. 

THE TOMORROW PEOPLE, "Brother's Keeper", February 26, 2014, Actor: Mark Pellegrino
The Scene: Jedikiah "chats" with his little brother
Daniel van der Veer:
I had a feeling that Jedikiah didn't really cremate his brother's body, but that he kept it secretly on ice was a surprise to me. The scene gave me the chills. It also means Jed is now back to full-time bad guy. The last few episodes, I had a feeling that he was somewhat in the grey area, but now he is back to his old baddie.

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, "No Exit", February 27, 2014, Actors: Paul Wesley, Nina Dobrev
The Scene: Katherine and Stefan kiss in the hotel room
Virginia Fontana:
This was so steamy, it was hard to believe he didn't figure out who was in Elena's body until the end of the episode. That was pure Steferine chemistry right there!

THE WALKING DEAD, "Claimed", February 23, 2014, Actors: Andrew Lincoln and more
The Scene: Rick hides under the bed and the intruders fight
Sharon Seymour:
Rick hiding under the bed whilst the intruders fight. I think I held my breath for amounts 5 minutes during that scene. Also picked by Macie Potts

TRUE DETECTIVE, "Haunted Houses", February 23, 2014, Actors: Matthew McConaughey, Woody Harrelson, The Scene: Final Vehicle Scene
Darth Locke:
Rust tracks down Marty to ask if they could meet and discuss Rust's current findings. Marty agrees, but only if he follows. Marty loads his gun before following Rust down.

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