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Scandal - Season 3 - Nazanin Boniadi Interview

What's the biggest difference between Scandal and Homeland?
The "Scandal pace." There's a sense of urgency that goes along with the show; it's really fast. On Homeland, there's more of a chance to let things linger. The camera holds on actors a little bit more so that the pacing is a tad bit slower. That's what I was used to. On Scandal, everything is very fast. It was something to get used to.

How much did you know about Scandal before you were cast? Were you a fan?
I hadn't watched it before I booked the show but I marathoned it after I was cast and it's rather addictive. That's where I really started learning the Scandal pace because I sensed right off the bat that this show is very different from Homeland.

Many suspected that Adnan Salif was a man. How did you respond when you found out that you'd be playing a terrorist? When did you find out?
Adnan was mentioned in season one in conjunction with Harrison's storyline. I knew that it was a highly anticipated character, that's all I knew. I did get the sense that everybody thought it was a guy so I went into the audition with the same questions as everybody else. I love the fact that [producers] kept it a big mystery. If you listen carefully from the beginning of season one, they don't really refer to Adnan as male or female. They don't say if it's a guy but I think people just assumed because Adnan is usually a male name and the fact that Harrison was scared, I think people just assumed it was a man.

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