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Revenge - Episode 3.16 - Disgrace - Review

This week, it’s the opening night of the opera. Revenge started with a very midnight-rush Cinderella moment with Emily hurrying down a set of stairs, I was kind of expecting her to lose a shoe at some point during her descent. The rest of the episode essentially uncovered the events leading up to this hastened escape.

Once Nolan conveniently tested whether Emily was back to her old, calculated, revengeful self, we grasped that things were getting back on track for the Revengda Crew. There was still no takedown in “Disgrace” except maybe untruthfully, her own, but at least now, she has some new, more achievable targets to focus on. (Although I’m still not over her ‘Kill them all’ plan.) This means we’ll soon be seeing the Red Sharpie resurface.

I’m so happy Nolan is now getting own storyline. He is one of the most underused characters I’ve ever witnessed. I have always felt the “Get Nolan out of Jail Free Card” had been way too rushed, and I’m happy to be exploring this aspect again. TV shows (in general) have the ability to have their characters forget major events that happened only weeks (now months) ago. Nolan lets his ninja-esque self-defence out as he finds an intruder in his kitchen. We shortly after learn Javier (Latino?), is one of his old pals from prison. The revelation that he’s actually on house-arrest at Nolan’s, makes me guess the tech-support will be guest starring for at least a couple of episodes and I’m happy get to witness a Nolan friendship outside the Emily circle.

The episode cumulated to Emily and Daniel finally getting a divorce, but on Emily’s own time. Daniel is so easily twisted in every direction it’s almost sad, by his mom, his dad, his now ex-wife. I absolutely loved Emily’s preview to her testimony and I laughed out loud at the reaction from her mother-in-law and husband. I’m sad there wasn’t any real altercation between Emily and Daniel, but happy we won’t be seeing anymore of him brooding with heavy liquor in his office. I’m just curious how her final master plan will play now that she has no links with the Graysons. Maybe Conrad will be her in, or she’ll send in a Trojan Horse.

We now have a clearer idea as to why the “Voulez” storyline has been perpetrated for as long as it has. It was not to try and bore us to death. Its part of Emily’s comeback takedown. French Daddy-dearest is making his way to the Hamptons. (He either had way too much plastic surgery or had his daughter when he was still middle school.) Pascal LeMarchal was involved with Conrad and Victoria back in the day. Obviously, like every middle-aged character introduced, he had a crush on Victoria and is still harboring unresolved feelings for the woman. (Seriously, how can every man over 40 have a crush on her? She’s a horrible human being yet every man wants her? Ok, the good-girl rant is over.) Anyhow, he was implicated in David Clarke’s false imprisonment. It wasn’t specified how yet, but since ‘Information is Power’ we can only assumed he published some false information.

I’m having mixed feelings about Jack joining the Revenging Association, mostly because of his bi-polar attitude towards Emily’s plan, (I want in, out, stop, continue, hurry up… He’s so frustrating sometimes!) but also because he always does what he wants to and trouble follows him like the plague.

1. Your opinions on Javier?
2. Any ideas on TWM?
3. Am I the only one to find it odd Victoria hasn’t made more David Clarke links by now?

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