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Quote of the Week - Week of 16th March, 2014

A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the Spoiler TV team this past week. We'd also like to hear your favourites too so please comment below on what quotes made your list this week.

BITTEN, "Settling", 22nd March, 2014

Virginia Fontana: Clay "Maybe it's all that turkey bacon. Back home, she can't get enough of the real thing."

HANNIBAL, "Takiawase", 21st March, 2014

Darth Locke: Hannibal "I've always found the idea of death comforting. The thought that my life could end at any moment frees me to fully appreciate the beauty and art and horror of everything this world has to offer."

ONCE UPON A TIME, "Witch Hunt", 16th March, 2014

Samy Bgs: Regina "Go ahead, bring it Greenie"
Once again, you can see that the Queen is not afraid of anyone, not even a green witch who calls herself "The Wicked Witch".

PERSON OF INTEREST, "Root Path", 18th March, 2014

Jimmy Ryan: Shaw "Are you guys gonna shoot again or just talk me to death?" also picked by Bradley Adams

Darth Locke: Root "In the first thirty minutes, after Samaritan comes online, a lot of people are going to be killed. But they're gonna start with four: You, me, your helper monkey and Shaw. And there won't be a damn thing anyone, including your Machine, can do to stop it. You think I don't care about people, Harold? I'm doing all of this to save you."

Shaw "You're right, about all of it. I did work for the government and I do want revenge. But if that work taught me anything it's that how you do matters as much as what you do, and by that metric you're all just terrorists. And I kill terrorists."

Bradley Adams: Root "Do you really want to see what it looks like when two gods go to war?"

Justyna Kubica: Finch "Everyone is relevant to someone."

REIGN, "The Darkness", 20th March, 2014

sandi: Catherine "Another woman fell from your window and you said it was an accident, and now this one she...she was choked to death. Henry did you murder them, did you murder them both?"
Henry "I'm concerned with the fate of nations and you interrupt me with news of guests, messes in my chambers. These are housekeeping matters, which I believe are your domain, wife"

Henry "I dozed, as you suggested, and do you know what I awoke to?"
Catherine "No?"
Henry "Christ, hanging on a cross. A crucifix above my bed, the sun glinting off my crown, it was dazzling, invigorating. A glorious reminder that I am chosen by God to rule this nation, to bend anyone I like to my will, to bend them, to break them"
Catherine "To throw them from windows and crush their throats?"
Henry "It was a lesson I think each woman understood in her last moments about who is king, and who is not. Others will learn as well, soon enough"

REVOLUTION, "Why We Fight", 19th March, 2014

Darth Locke: Miles "People always do the stupid, selfish thing ten times out of ten."
Gene "So why are you here? If everyone's a selfish idiot, then why are you fighting for them?"
Miles "I'm fighting to keep your girls alive."
Gene "I'm talking about something bigger. Don't you want to make things better?"
Miles "Newsflash. This is the Apocalypse. Things are only getting worse."
Gene "What makes you so sure, Sunshine? -No, I'm serious."
Miles "Because I’ve been down this road before. I set out to make things better. Bass and I both did. And it all went to hell. Blood and war. And you want to know why? Because people will always do the stupid, selfish thing. Me most of all. I was trying to make up for that. That’s it."
Gene "So you’re not fighting for anything. You’re just fighting back – against your own demons? No wonder you keep losing."

Bradley Adams: Tom "You know what I admire about you? Your mask. It's genial. A little bland. You would've made a great game show host."

Miles "Newsflash. It's the Apocalypse. Things are only getting worse."
Gene "What makes you so sure, sunshine? No, I'm serious. Tell me."
Miles "Because I've been down this road before, all right?. I set out to make things better. Bass and I both did. And it all went to hell. It's blood and war. And you want to know why? Because people will always do the stupid, selfish thing. Me most of all. I'm just trying to make up for that. That’s it."

TEEN WOLF, "Insatiable", 17th March, 2014

Justyna Kubica: Allison "I love you, I'm proud of you, I'm proud of us."
Heartbreaking, but so beautiful.

THE BLACKLIST, "Mako Tanida (No. 83)", 17th March, 2014

Geo N: Red "Once you cross over, there are things in the darkness that can keep your heart from ever feeling the light again." also chosen by diana mack and Bradley Adams

THE FOLLOWING, "Unmasked", 17th March, 2014

DarkUFO: Emma "I don't believe in relationships, someone always ends up dead"

THE MUSKETEERS, "The Challenge", 16th March, 2014

Justyna Kubica: D'Artagnan “You shine so brightly in my eyes it puts all other women in the shade”
Such a lovely quote.

sandi Athos "Do you really think I could forget who you are, and what you did?"
Athos may think he has his emotions under control as far as Milady are concerned but this little teaser scene proved that she can still get him to lower his defences very quickly. I'm looking forward to seeing all hell break loose between these two before the season is out.

Constance "I was tempted, I'll admit that. But I can't risk my future for you, I've far too much to lose"
D'Artagnan "I'm sure you've made the right decision, I mean what use is love compared to money. Thank you for helping me to see things more clearly"
Heartbreaking scene between these two characters, and this comes from someone who doesn't normally take to romance plots at all. Yes they have made mistakes, I can never condone an affair, but I hope they can work out the problems and find a way to sort out this out properly next time round.

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, "While You Were Sleeping", 20th March, 2014

Virginia Fontana: Damon "Then stop loving me!"
Elena "I can't!"

TWO BROKE GIRLS, "And The Kilt Trip", 17th March, 2014

Caroline, talking about finding a bathroom because she needs to pee:
Caroline "I’m not gonna make it."
Max "You mean in life? Yeah, me neither."
Max's lines are just the best! Kat Dennings is just an amazing actress.

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