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Once Upon A Time - Season 3 - Lana Parrilla interview

"I thought it was wild and unbelievable and there has to be some kind of twist behind this because it doesn't quite make sense," Parrilla tells of her reaction to the big reveal. "The first time I read it, I was like, 'This can't be! I'm an only child!'"

She's not alone in feeling that way. Many fans quickly jumped online after Sunday's episode to declare that it was all an elaborate ruse. The supposed evidence is Zelena enlisting one of her flying monkeys to steal Regina's blood, which could be used to trick the blood locks used in Regina's castle in the Enchanted Forest and her office in Storybrooke. She'd only have to resort to that if she weren't blood-related, right? Parrilla debunks that theory.

"As we move forward, other things are discovered, and we learn that she actually is her half-sister," she says. "It's quite jarring for Regina. She feels completely betrayed yet again by her mother. She's not too happy about it."


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