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Looking - 1.07 - Looking for a Plus One - Review : Freakin' Out

   Last night, Looking continued its first season (and it’s nearly the end of the season !) with “Looking for Plus One”. The episode was excellent, so much better than last week. It seemed the writers are back on the right way, even for Agustin. I love every seconds of it.
   The boys were quite awful this week, all three of men. They acted like assholes, Patrick with Richie and his mother, Dom with Lynn and Agustin will Franklin. But this week, they got called on their bullshits and that will help them change and become better people.

   “Looking for a Plus One” resolved mainly on Patrick at his sister’s wedding. Since it was announced two weeks ago, I knew we would see it. I was quite surprise by Patrick’ sister, I thought she and Patrick would be more close. But the big surprise came from Patrick’s mother, I’ve never imagined her like that. She is a classy lady.
   As usual, Dom and Agustin shared the remaining screen time but a lot happened for both of them : Agustin finally told the truth to Franklin and Dom was getting his restaurant ready for its big opening (which will take place in the season finale, next week).

   Patrick was horrible this week, especially towards Richie. He was getting ready for his sister’s wedding and he was very, very stressed about it. As Agustin pointed out, (in the only scene the boys shared in the episode), Patrick was freaking out about introducing his boyfriend to his mother, for the first time.
   Richie was very patient and so nice, as usual. He was doing everything he could to ease Patrick’s mind but nothing could work. Patrick really went too far after pushing Richie away in the car and being mad at him for brining weeds. I hate it when people are nervous and blame someone else for their stress. Richie left Patrick on the road and walked out. Damn, I really like those two together, Richie is so good and so hot (even with his saved beard). Patrick needs to stop acting like a jerk around him, otherwise they will break up pretty soon.(and I don't want it !)

   So, Patrick arrived alone at his sister’s reception. She was a bit bitchy, maybe because it was her wedding day. Anyways, I was disappointed by their relationship, I really hope they were closer. Patrick recognized a familiar face at the wedding : Kevin ! The guy is everywhere, is he stalking him or what ? Turned out, Kevin knows the groom so he came with his boyfriend.
   I know lots of people want Patrick to be with Kevin, but I don’t. They have a great chemistry and they’d make a hot couple, they have things in a common but maybe they are too similar. What is interesting, for me, in a couple, are the differences, because that way you can learn much. If you date someone who is just like you, what’s the point ? What will you learn from him ? That’s why I was glad when Patrick’ sister talked about Kevin and John getting married !

   The best part of the episode was the scene between Patrick and his mother outside. It was very powerful and it will have consequences on Patrick’s behavior. Patrick has problems communicating with his family, it was clear. In my opinion, he is kind of selfish. Okay, his mother didn’t react very well when he came out. But which parent does ? I mean, of course, parents don’t wish their child was gay. Because no parents want their kid to be different, they want him to be in the norm so his life will be easier. It doesn’t mean they won’t love him if he’s different. And also, when you have a child, naturally we have expectations and dreams for him. He won’t probably achieve them but still, they’re in your head as a parent.
   So, I thought Patrick was too harsh with his mother. He assumed from the start she would not like Richie. She made the comment about his name (Richard, that was funny) but I don’t think she meant bad. Sure, she would prefer Patrick dating a richer guy, with a better job and probably American, but it doesn’t mean she would have hated Richie.
   I really enjoyed how Patrick’s mother responded to him. She has come a long way and it seems she has accepted her son being a gay. More important, she wants him to be happy and to find someone good for him. Patrick has always being afraid of her mother’s judgment on his potential boyfriends, but it was all in his head. He even blamed her for Richie’s absence whereas it was all on him. Maybe now, Patrick will realize his overthinking and assuming of his mother’s judgment are the reasons he could not have a stable relationship. He was putting too much pressure on himself. First, you don’t have to introduce every boyfriends you get to your parents and you date someone for yourself and himself but no to please your parents. … And when he looked in his mother’s purse, he found out she eats space cookie so she would have loved Richie’s weed.
  So maybe there is a chance for Richie and Patrick after all, if Richie accepts Patrick's apologies again. Or Patrick now knows he can try things with Kevin. As Patrick walked into the bathroom to freshen up, drunk Kevin followed him (stalker…) and finally kissed him. This hot attraction between them had been going in the air for too long. But Patrick’s reaction was so good. If Kevin had tried this in the beginning of the season, Patrick would have fucked him in the bathroom right away but Patrick has changed and rejected Kevin. Now, it’s going to be very awkward at work, but Patrick is used to those awkward moments.

   Dom was also freaking out in “Looking for a Plus One”. He became the Grumpy Dom we knew from the first episodes, and I think it suits him. It makes him kinda hot, but Dom went a bit too far with Lynn.
   Dom showed Doris and her stupid boyfriend the place Lynn and him found for the restaurant. It was big but a bit messy and dirty…. And they only had 24 hours before the opening. I understand why Dom would be stressed and it explained why he acted like a cunt. (I said it and I’m not English, I hope it’ll pass).
   Lynn was so nice with Dom, making flowers bouquets, and giving him advice. Like Dom should be seen in his restaurant, the guy wants to hide back in the kitchen and have Doris as the hostess (I’m loving this idea, I’m guessing she is no longer a nurse ?). But Dom was an ass to Lynn, and to everyone else but Doris. He screamed on everyone, disagree with everybody.
   Clearly, Dom has troubles accepting help and advice from people. He is a solitary man so it must be difficult for him to have a business partner… Or maybe he was just angry with Lynn because he rejected him but I’m not sure. Lynn and Dom have a great chemistry, at first I thought they’d make a great couple but now, I really see them more as friends. Dom doesn’t seem ready to commit, and maybe that’s why Lynn is keeping his distances.
   Anyways, once again, it was the amazing Doris who put Dom back to his senses. She made him understand Lynn was trying to help, not to steal his restaurant. He was acting as a friend, and Dom should let him do that. Sometimes, he is so withdrawn it’s terrible. Luckily, Doris, being the opposite is there to get him out of his bubble. I really love their relationship, it’s like love without sex.

   Agustin was a big disappoint last week for me. But in “Looking for a Plus One”, he started to redeem himself.
   First, he quitted his art show about CJ. It could have been a great idea but Agustin didn’t use it as he should so it became pointless. When he presented his pictures to Patrick and Dom, they were very surprised and didn’t know what to say. It was weird. Agustin has no boundaries, he showed pictures of CJ and his boyfriend fucking, he went to the toilets with Patrick a couple of weeks ago. It’s in his character and I don’t mind it. But, showing those pictures, made him realize he wasn’t ready to have them in a show.
   The best part of the episode for Agustin was his talk with Franklin. He finally told him the truth. Franklin deserved it, he actually deserves not to be lied to in the first time. The guy is so cute, thoughtful and loving. Agustin first got angry at him when Franklin revealed he insisted to her friend so she would take Agustin in her show. Agustin acted like he was surprised, but I’m pretty sure he had doubts since the beginning.
   They finally expressed their true feeling about their relationship. It was hard but necessary… and maybe a little too late. Agustin felt like Frank was always overprotecting him, trying to save him. That is what people who love you do usually. Perhaps, Agustin wishes his boyfriend was an ass, not caring about him being lost. Frankin did everything he could to help Agustin because he loves him and he wants him happy. Clearly, they don’t communicate much.
   Agustin finally dropped the bomb about CJ : he paid him to fuck Frank… Franklin was shocked, I can totally relate to him. Poor guy, so nice. It was so touching to watch him, getting broken hearted. Franklin had nothing left to do but to break up with Agustin. He lied to him, he paid a prostitute to fuck with him when he couldn’t pay for rent. Agustin is too messed up to be with anyone right now. I was sad to watch Frank go, I really like him since the pilot. He was a great guy but he’s not Patrick’s friend so I guess we probably won’t see him again. Now, I hope Agustin will put his shit together and do something.

   "Looking for a Plus One" was great, so I was a bit sad thinking last week it will be the season finale. I really want to see more of those guys in San Francisco but there will be a season two ! For a moment, I had doubts if Looking woul be back. Thank you HBO !
 Looking's writers made me care about those characters and I really like them, all of them. Even when they have flaws , because they’re so human and real, and we all have flaws.

Gay notes 
• Favorite scenes : Patrick and his mother talking, Doris’speech to Dom or Agustin and Frank breaking up ?
• The Patrick and Kevin’s kiss ! Are you happy ?
• Do you think Franklin will be back ? He wasn’t promoted to series regular for next season :(
• Are you excited about Dom’s restaurant ?

   Did you like “Looking for a Plus One” as much as I did ? Hit the comments

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