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Hart of Dixie - Episode 3.15 - Ring of Fire - Review: A Faire Time for All

This week BlueBell took a step back in time with a Renaissance Faire. Lemon juggled dating two guys as she tried to figure out which one she wanted to keep. Lavon was still finding ways to occupy himself now that he and AB are not together. Joel and Zoe hired George to represent them in a lawsuit. Wade’s plans to celebrate his three-month anniversary with Vivian didn’t go exactly as he has planned.

Queen of Hearts. Lemon has been enjoying the attention of both of her suitors, Carter and Enrique. She struggles trying to decide who she wants to date exclusively afraid that she’ll make the wrong decision. While dating two men at once may have it perks, it also has its drawbacks when Lemon passes out from exhaustion. Meanwhile, the people of BlueBell seem to be a little burnt out on Lavon’s fest spree and aren’t flocking to the Renaissance Festival. Lavon goes to AnnaBeth for help to convince Lemon to allow her suitors to duel over her as the main event. After Zoe advises Lemon to take a break from men or die from exhaustion, Lemon talks her boyfriends into fighting for her. Meatball finally seeing his chance to win Lemon, scares both Carter and Enrique into not showing up. Lemon urges Lavon to do something when it appears that Meatball is going to win by default. Lavon enters the contest and wins without any real effort. At the party, Lemon and Lavon dance while talking about Lemon finding the right man. They decide to separate when they see AnnaBeth enter the Rammer Jammer. AnnaBeth may not be lonely for long after all since she met a mystery knight at the party.

AnnaBeth was the highlight for me. She definitely doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to Lavon and pointing out how ridiculous it was for him to go to her to talk 2 men into fighting for Lemon. I found Lemon’s storyline of dating both men annoying. I am happy that at the end of the episode she said goodbye to both of them since neither is the right fit for her. Lavon and Lemon seemed to have a moment while they were dancing and talking. AB is always going to be between them so I was happy to see that they were thinking of her when she entered the Rammer Jammer. I really can’t see anything happening with Lemon and Lavon in the future especially because of AB. It is still nice to see Lavon and Lemon as friends and working together. And Lemon still needs to find her Mr. Right.

Lawyer George is Back. Zoe and Joel hire George to represent them when Chicken Truitt sues them after falling off of a ladder while working in their house. Joel is concerned that George isn’t at the top of his game since he fell apart the last time he and Tansy broke up. He talks to the Truitts on his own to try to settle out of court. Chicken is willing to settle for $50 and a date with AB, but since the other Truitt brothers know that Joel is coming into money since his book sold to Warner Brothers they aren’t willing to settle. While assuring Zoe that he is perfectly fine, George manages to slight the opposing counsil who overheard his remarks. She sets up a meeting with George to try to settle out of court and for him to hear Lily Ann’s latest song, “Unlucky Tucky”, which is about how George always loses. Hearing that George left and checked into the Shamrock Motel, Zoe and Joel become concerned about the outcome of their case and talk AB into going out with Chicken. AB is ultimately stood up when the brothers prevent Chicken from meeting AB for their date. Zoe is ready to practice her “Legally Blonde” lawyer skills just as George shows up ready for battle although a little late. In no time, the case is thrown out as being nothing but a nuisance lawsuit. And George Tucker is back and ready to kick ass. Joel also learns that he needs to leave for Los Angeles for 6 months.

The best part of this storyline was George coming into the court room. It has been too long since we’ve really seen George in full on lawyer mode. It was great to see that despite all of the other shenanigans going on, the other lawyer’s antics didn’t shake George one bit. The lawsuit itself was a silly storyline for Joel and Zoe. It seems like him leaving for Los Angeles is a set up for Joel and Zoe to break up eventually which has been a long time coming.

Save the Goat. Wade has his three-month anniversary with Vivian all planned which includes a yacht cruise around Mobile Bay. His plans are thrown off when he learns that Vivian’s babysitter isn’t available. Little Harley is known for being quite the terror amongst babysitters so Wade offers to pay Rose a lot of money for her to agree to watch him. Rose and Harley are walking by an animal pen when they overhear that a baby goat is going to be turned into stew which compels them to steal the goat. Wade and Vivian’s date is cut short when he hears the news. He agrees to keep the goat and find it a new and safer home. Wade has to break his promise when Lavon gets complaints about the goat being stolen forcing Wade to return it. The next day Harley is upset when he sees the goat back at its original home. While Vivian distracts the owner, Wade and Harley quickly nab the goat. Wade finds the goat a new home with Tom and Wanda.

First, where is the real Wade Kinsella? He is getting lost in this relationship. While I appreciate that he is maturing and being an excellent boyfriend, his personally is disappearing week by week. Little Harley is getting on my last nerve and so is Vivian with her thinking everything the kid does is cute. Once Joel leaves, hopefully these two follow shortly behind. Wade had the most chemistry with the baby goat than with anyone else in this episode. And we caught a glimpse of his usually charming and playful self with the goat in Lavon’s kitchen.

Final Thoughts. This episode was just a mess for me. It had everything in it that I hate about this season. Too much was going on while the core cast mostly seemed to be off in their own storylines or with guest stars. Zoe was a doctor for a brief moment with Lemon which was a nice change to see. AB also seems to have found her spunk. And there was a hint that she is going to find romance again soon. I hope Lawyer George is here to stay. I would like Lemon to find Mr. Right, but he isn’t Lavon. And I want her to start focusing on something more than just her love life. There is so much more to Lemon than just that. Hopefully Joel’s stay in LA hints at an eventual break up. Mostly this was just a filler episode for me. I’m still waiting for something to actually happen this season. Week after week it just seems to be yet more of the same silly antics and no real depth or emotion.

Would you like to see Lemon and Lavon give it a go? Who is AB’s mystery knight? Do you think that Joel and Zoe can survive a long distance relationship? Isn’t it great to have Lawyer George back? Can Joel take Vivian and Little Harley with him to CA?

Tune back in next week on Friday, April 11, to see Joel bid farewell to BlueBell. The three amigos, Lemon, George, and Wade, will be working together as Wade is stuck in the middle between Lemon and George. And BlueBell gets a visit from its sister French town.

About the Author - Tracie
Tracie is a wife and stay-at-home mom of 2 residing in NJ. She likes to unwind with a good book or in front of the TV. She is an avid reader of romance books. She likes to cook and bake. She loves to exercise and is trying to live a healthier life style. She watches a wide variety of TV shows ranging from reality TV to scripted dramas. Some of her past and current favorite TV shows are Sex and the City, Charmed, The Good Wife, and Hart of Dixie.

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