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Grey's Anatomy - Season 10 - Will feature all '80s covers for rest of season

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And, according to Rhimes and music supervisor Alex Patsavas, the remainder of Grey's Anatomy's 10th season will exclusively feature only music from the '80s Covers project.

"Shonda had this idea back in the fall and we started to talk about songs she knew would make sense with the story," Patsavas tells The Hollywood Reporter. "We started with a couple of songs that she was interested in seeing if there were great modern interpretations for but at some point along the way she felt strongly that the way to tell the story in the second half of the season was to use modern interpretations of her favorite songs of the '80s and the songs she felt would tell the story the best."

"I called Alex Patsavas with what I worried was a bad idea: I wanted to see if we could find covers of '80s songs. Alex is why I have good taste in music. She creates the pool of music from which I choose songs to go on my shows. I didn't know if this '80s covers project was a good/tasteful idea or not but I knew that Alex would know," Rhimes tells THR. "Happily, Alex told me she loved the idea. She then asked me to make a list of songs I wanted to hear covered. I went off and wrote down every '80s song that I ever loved, and I made this very long list. Then Alex did what Alex does best -- she went out and found amazing bands that had covered these songs. She'd email me these ZIP files with like, five different artists each covering the same Whitney Houston song and I would go out of my mind with excitement. It's honestly become the most fun part of my job."

The '80s Covers project started with the second cover of "Eclipse" this season -- an intentional choice and way to tie-in the music with the first half of the season. ("Eclipse" was featured in episode 12, performed by Jill Andrews.)

"We started slowly, introducing maybe one song into an episode and built from there. Now my vision is complete -- the shows are now all '80 covers all the time," Rhimes says, pointing to what she called an "amazing" cover of Lauper's "Time After Time" performed by The Wind & The Wave this week and a "brilliant" version of Houston's "How Will I Know" by Sam Smith set to be featured in episode 16 on March 20.


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