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TNT - The Thrill of Drama 2014 - Various Shows - Promo

10 Feb 2014


  1. I miss Rizzoli and Isles, Franklin and Bash, and Falling Skies.

  2. Not a huge Falling Skies fan, Last Ship and Legends looks interesting. Altough Legends reminds me a bit of XIII. Can't wait for Franklin and Bash to return tough. Probably my favourite comedy....EVER

  3. Looking forward to Last Ship and Legends!

  4. Jorge Castro Salinas11 February 2014 at 00:07

    Anything with Sean Bean going on an endless rampage...I'm in.

  5. As soon as i read your comment on Legends and said XIII i was like damn he nailed it lol Also reminds me of Bourne Identity :).

    Falling Skies has gotten better.

    Last Ship is currently the HELIX on SyFy lol

  6. Similar to HELIX minus the arctic air and half the world is infected lol

  7. thanks :P
    Sounds and looks pretty similar and since there won't be a third season of XIII I don't mind that

    we'll see about Last Ship tough, the idea sounds fairly interesting

  8. I'm disappointed that there is no season 3. I mean season 2 finale gave so much to explore in season 3. Plus the author of the books has written alot and dnt know why they dont wanna continue the story of the books

  9. Sean Bean oh hell yes!

  10. "Do you think that I'm afraid to die? I've done it thousand times" Sean Bean.

  11. well the lead moved on to Betrayal, we'll see. Maybe spike will give it a third season once Betrayal is officially canned

  12. Even if Stuart Townsend was doing Betrayal its only 13 episodes same as XIII lol

  13. Haaaaaan!! Eric Dane ♥♥♥


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